Season 8 Episode 14

The Van Buren Boys

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 1997 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Kramer is running his "new" stories that he bought from Newman to Elaine and Jerry, he runs in and leaves the door open behind. When he goes to leave, the door is now closed and reopens it.

  • Quotes

    • Jerry: So you're denying him the scholarship just because he wants to be a city planner?
      George: I was betrayed! That kid was like a son to me. And if there's one person you should be able to hold down, it's your own flesh and blood. Like my father… my father's father before him.

    • George: Maybe she decided to celebrate her birthday the Monday after the weekend.
      Jerry: She's not Lincoln!

    • Jerry: There's a street gang named after President Martin Van Buren?
      Kramer: Oh yeah, and they're as mean as he was.

    • Jerry: (about the scholarship candidate) Is he smart?
      George: He knows how to read. And he knows that finishing a whole book doesn't mean anything.

    • George: I think we're all aware of the flaws and biases of standardized tests.
      Wick: These aren't standardized tests, these are his grades.

    • George: Every group has someone that they all make fun of… like us with Elaine.

    • Steven: That's not the sign.
      George: It was when I was banging!

    • J. Peterman: (to Elaine) And by the way, when you get to that chapter about my romantic escapades… feel free to toss yourself into the mix.

    • Jerry: I had a dream last night that a hamburger was eating me!

  • Notes

    • Jerry might think that every Twilight Zone episode has the plotline that 'a guy wakes up to find he's the same and every one else is different', but only two of the original TZ episodes really fit that description. 1) "A World of Difference" starring Howard Duff as businessman Arthur Curtis who suddenly finds everyone convinced that he's an actor playing the part of Arthur Curtis in a movie. 2) "Person or Persons Unknown" starring Richard Long as a man who indeed wakes up to find no one knows who he is.

    • The character Steven Koren is named after the Seinfeld writer with the same name.

  • Allusions

    • Kramer: (Holding up 8 fingers) That's their secret sign! See, Van Buren, he was the eighth president. They thought I was a former Van B. Boy.
      Not only that, but Martin Van Buren, a native of Kinderhook, New York, was nicknamed "Old Kinderhook," and a political organization of the time named themselves the OK Club after him. Some say this is the origin of the English expression "OK" meaning fine, good, all right. (Wallace et al., "Significa," E.P. Dutton, 1983.) And a common hand gesture for "OK" -- tips of index finger and thumb touching, the other three fingers extended -- becomes half of the Van B. Boys' gang sign.