Season 9 Episode 2

The Voice

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 1997 on NBC

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  • Little known fact Jerry hits home the hard subject of cancer in this episode. After his girlfriend who believes he is naturally "smooth" finds a lump, Jerry gets a mammogram Once again a show about nothing hitting the hard subjects with just enough humor

    The gang start using a fun, booming, jovial voice, but when Jerry's girlfriend learns that the voice is supposed to represent her stomach, she makes Jerry choose between her and the voice. Elaine bumps into David Puddy, which leads them to get back together. However, despite her best efforts to stay apart from him, every time they break up, they end up sleeping together. Kramer decides that he wastes too much time, and therefore gets an intern from NYU. Meanwhile, now that George's boss knows he isn't handicapped, the two engage in a battle of wits over whether George keeps working at Play Now
  • Helloooo! Hah, funny episode.

    I liked this episode. Jerry has to choose between a voice that his girlfriend's stomach makes and his girlfriend herself. In the end, his girlfriend get splattered with oil, so the voice lives on! Elaine keeps losing bets to Jerry because she thinks she can stay away from Puddy. Not. In the end she tries to stay with, but he breaks up with her. George's office, learning that he's not really handicapped, gives him the bad treatment and he still goes on... until the oil incident happenened, and the company gets sued and goes bankrupt by Jerry's girlfriend. Then Kramer tries to make "Kramerica" with an intern named Darrenm, but he gets sentenced away forever. So, niice episode.
  • Jerry cant decide between the voice or his girlfriend. Meanwhile, hes winning multiple bets with Elaine who cant stay away from puddy. Kramer starts kramerica and uses georges building to test a ball of oil. Due to George and and his boss being in a fight

    This episode has it all. An exciting event happening with all 4 characters. You couldnt ask for more. This is by far my favorite episode. It has so many classic moments. Jerry laughing while collecting money from Elaine. Jerry running on the dock with the flock of pidgeons flying away. The ball of oil falling on Jerrys girlfriend. George sneaking his way into his office and calling it a \"bunker\" Kramer having his intern schedule a lunch with Jerry, only to have Elaine join...Kramer not know, and yell at his intern within a matter of seconds. Halarious
  • It was a cool episode!

    George begins to fight against Play Now realizing that they have a one year contract, and instead of resigning he keeps coming everyday to work, while his boss tries to kick him out. Meanwhile, Jerry begins to use a strange voice about his girlfriend because of her stomach when Jerry tells her about it, she makes him choose between the voice and her and he ends up with the voice, but later he finds out that is not as funny as he thought. Also, Jerry begins to get rich thanks to Elaine that keeps giving him money and money for returning with her boyfriend, and Kramer brings up a student from university that ends up in jail because of throwing an oil bomb over Claire.
  • Hilarious!

    This is classic Seinfeld. Although the idea that Kramer could get a business school student as a work experience intern stretches believability by more than a tad, the jokes and performances in The Voice are sufficiently in sync enough to make this a more than memorable episode.

    The title of the episode refers to the fact that Jerry has to pick between going out with a beautiful woman and doing an impression of her stomach to amuse his friends, a plotline that seems more typical of older episodes of Seinfeld than later ones, but is all the more welcome for it.

    It is George who gets all the best lines though, none of which I shall give away. Go and watch this episode, it is superb.