Season 9 Episode 2

The Voice

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 1997 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • George calls Jerry and tells him that Play Now had downgraded him to "some sort of a bunker". However, we later see that his office is on a higher floor.

    • Goof: George's boss tells George that he saw him carrying the 200 lbs motorized scooter with one hand. However, in the previous episode, "The Butter Shave," George runs carrying the scooter with both hands, and is clearly holding it with both hands when he runs into his boss.

    • When Jerry discovers that Elaine slept with Puddy, he tells her that that deems them back together. She denies it, but Jerry strengthens his case when Elaine reveals that they also went out for dinner together. Then, the next time Elaine sees Jerry, he asks for his money, and she says that she won't pay because she's breaking up with Puddy again. However, she should still have to pay him. The bet was that they'd get back together, not that they'd break up again immediately afterwards.

    • Jerry explains that he's throwing out his belt because it hit the side of a urinal as he unbuckled it. However, it isn't necessary to unbuckle one's belt when using a urinal.

    • The outside of Jerry's building is shown, and it's clearly nighttime, and then Jerry and Claire are shown going to sleep. But then, after Darren, and then Kramer enter Jerry's apartment during Jerry's fight with Claire, Darren yells to Kramer that the NYU dean is on the phone. Why would a university dean call a business office (Kramerica) so late at night?

    • When they're about to push the ball of oil out the window, Kramer makes a comment to Darren about how they're about to solve the world's energy problems. Seeing as how they're trying to develop a system to prevent maritime oil spills, shouldn't he say that they're about to solve a major environmental problem?

  • Quotes

    • Elaine: (referring to her latest run-in with Puddy) It's an isolated sexual incident. We are not back together!
      Jerry: Then what do you call it? People don't just bump into each other and have sex. This isn't Cinemax.

    • Jerry: There's Claire!
      George: And there's Kramer.
      Jerry: And there's the rubber ball... its going to fall right on top of her! Claire! CLAIRE! HELLO?! HELLOOOO?
      Claire: (Not looking up) I don't believe this! I'm not looking up if you're going to use that voice!
      Jerry: (As the rubber ball is dropped) This is going to be a shame...

    • Dean Jones: I've been reviewing Darren's internship journal. Doing laundry, mending chicken wire, high tea with a Mr. Newman?
      Kramer: Well, it all sounds pretty glamourous, but it's business as usual at Kramerica.

    • Kramer: You remember my corporation, Kramerica Industries?
      Jerry: Alright.
      Kramer: Well, apparently NYU is very enthusiastic about their students getting some real world corporate experience.
      Jerry: But you only provide fantasy world corporate experience.

    • Jerry: Breaking up is like knocking over a Coke machine. You can't do it in one push. You gotta rock it back and forth a few times, and then it goes over.

    • George: (on phone after breaking into office) Hello Marjorie, George Costanza. How are you sweetheart? Listen, can you give Mr. Thomassoulo a message for me? If he needs me, tell him: "I'M IN MY OFFICE!!!"

    • Darren: Mr. Seinfeld went to the restroom, at which point Mr. Costanza scooped ice out of Mr. Seinfeld's drink with his bare hands, using it to wash up. (Jerry stops drinking mid-sip) Then Mr. Costanza remarked to me, "This never happened." (Jerry spits out water).

    • Kramer: I come up with these things, I know they're gold but nothing happens. You know why?
      Jerry: No resources, no skill, no talent, no ability, no brains, no...
      Kramer: No, no time! It's all these menial tasks. Laundry, grocery shopping, coming in here and talking to you. You have any idea how much time I waste in this apartment?
      Jerry: I can ballpark it.

    • George: You broke up with her? Why?
      Jerry: So we could do the voice. La-la-la. What's the matter?
      George: I think I'm getting tired of it. I mean is that all it does? "Hello? La-la-la?"
      Jerry: No, it can do anything. It can be Spanish. ¡Hola! Hellooooo!

    • Jerry: (to George) So, basically, you can withstand anything except actual work.

    • Mr. Thomassoulo: George, I think it would be better if we went our separate ways.
      George: I don't understand.
      Mr. Thomassoulo: We don't like you; we want you to leave.
      George: That's clearer.

    • Claire: Jerry! Hi!
      Jerry: Hellloooooooooooo!

    • Jerry: I put a six hour tape in. That should cover the experiment, the arrest, and most of your trial.

    • George: Oh, you might want to stick around Jerry. Mr. Thomassoulo picked the wrong man - to hire because he was fake handicapped.

    • All: Helloooooooo!!

    • Kramer: Whew. You know Darren, if you would have told me twenty-five years ago that some day I'd be standing here about to solve the world's energy problems, I would've said you're crazy. Now let's push this giant ball of oil out the window.

    • Dean Jones: It seems to me that Kramerica Industries is little more than a solitary man in a messy apartment, which may or may not contain a chicken!
      Kramer: And with Darren's help, we'll get that chicken!

  • Notes

    • Jerry is seen throwing away his belt because it touched the side of a urinal. This is the second consecutive episode Jerry is seen throwing out an article of clothing because it touched something in a public restroom. In the previous episode ''The Butter Shave'', he is seen tossing his shoelace because it touched the men's room floor.

    • In "The Engagement," George sits at the beach watching the happy couples and daydreams about being part of one with Susan. He then runs off to propose to her, making the birds scatter. Then, in "The Invitations," Jerry has a very similar scene, considering proposing to Jeanie, which he then does. In this episode, this same scene is repeated and parodied, as this time, Jerry daydreams about doing "the voice," and runs off to choose it over Claire.

    • Kramerica Industries was first mentioned in Season 1's "Male Unbonding", in conjunction with Kramer's pizza idea.

  • Allusions

    • George: (to Jerry) They really want me out of here. They've downgraded me to some sort of a bunker. I'm like Hitler's last days down here.

      This is a reference to Adolf Hitler the leader of the German Nazi party from 1933-1945. As the Allies closed in on Hitler at the end of World War II, he spent his last days hiding out in a bunker, where he eventually committed suicide.

    • The dean at Darin's University is named Dean "Jones". Dean Jones is a veteran actor whose first film appearance was in 1956's "Somebody Up There Likes Me". He has appeared in many Disney movies, including the original 1968 film "The Love Bug".

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