Season 5 Episode 17

The Wife

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 1994 on NBC

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  • The shower isn't the bathroom.

    Another very good epsiode of "Seinfeld" has Jerry and Pre-Friends Countney Cox petending to be married, just to get a discount on dry cleaning. Cox is appealing in her guest role. she's a beautiful woman. Meanwhile George uses the shower as a bathroom and Elaine's boyfriend wants George to be thrown out of here. I gave lots of 10, but today I give it a 9.5. that's the cloest to a 10 that I ever come today. The reason is Kramer showed up at his girlfriend's place all burned up. It might be seen funny back in 1996, but in the light of Michael richard's recent racial out bust at "the Joke Factory," there nothing funny about that scene today.
  • Wife.

    In this episode of Seinfeld episode titled The Wife Jerry’s girlfriend poses as his wife so she can get a free dry cleaning discount for life after jerry returns an old watch to the owner of the store this is a great storyline episode for Jerry and I thought it was very funny but the way it ended was nothing new as that has been done to many times and I also like the way his parents acted when they think he is getting married the is a great classic jerry’s parents sense the George storyline is not really that great of one the way he acts is funny and makes the story work the Kramer story is ok not great but ok the Elaine story is better but is pretty much basic that is all I have to say the end
  • good

    This episode is about Jerry and his girlfriend (Courtney Cox) getting a dry cleaning discount after finding a watch in his clothes that belongs to the dry cleaner's owner. Word quickly spreads that he is married, after his Uncle Leo sees them together at the dry cleaners. Meanwhile, Elaine gets mixed signals from a guy that she likes who spots George urinating in the showers. Also, Kramer tries to impress his new girlfriend's parents (It doesn't end well). Eventually Kramer wants Jerry to use his discount for him, and he does once. Jerry uses his discount for a new woman, and eventually breaks up with his girlfriend. Good episode
  • Jerry has a "wife"... For a discount...

    Someone makes a mistake and Jeryy gets a discount for him and his family and, since he´s very honest, he takes advantage of it! Oh, and Kramer too.

    George is insane. He is so ridiculous he has to "go" in the shower and gets into a fight with Elaine. And Elaine as always, she never succeeds in seducing a man she likes. She has a thing for losers though. Her argument with George is so funny, but I think Elaine had a point.

    The scene when Meryl and Jerry break up is very funny and a kind of a parody of real and painful break ups. But I guess it´s like that with every situation in Seinfeld.

  • Courtney Cox guest stars!

    The subplot was more interesting, but I'd like to talk about the honorary guest star, Courtney Cox! As Meryl, this plot is hilarious, Jerry pretends to have a wife for a discount! I love how the act like an actual married couple, it's hysterical! The whole thing with the can opener, syrup, how there on the bed & go as far way from each other, very well acting from Courtney! The subplot was amazing. The health fitness club, George urinates in the public shower! While Elaine wants to know if this guy likes her keeps getting mixed signals. I love how George & Elaine's plot merge, hilarious! The C plot, Kramer goes in a tanning bad & becomes dark & it looks like he just did it to impress the girlfriend's father which is very insulting. A very complex plot to a great episode!
  • For richer or poorer - delicates or permanent press....

    ...."Seinfeld" Season 5 episode "The Wife" features one of my favorite Jerry-centered storylines of the entire series: Jerry and his girlfriend (played by Courtney Cox in a pre-"Friends" era) pretend that they are married so that they can both get a discount on dry-cleaning. Naturally, as their pretend marriage progresses, they show all the signs of a failing married couple. Really funny stuff here.

    George and Elaine's connected storyline is less-than-great: a man Elaine is interested in but who is showing conflicting signs of reciprocating affection catches George peeing in the shower. This storyline is pretty funny and is indicative of the envelope-pushing nature of the series but does not give much of a payoff in the end. But Kramer's storyline saves the rest of the episode as he cannot get a good night's sleep (which provides Michael Richards plenty of material for hilarious physical Kramer stunts) and overdoes things in the tanning bed before meeting his African American girlfriend's parents.