Season 7 Episode 19

The Wig Master

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 1996 on NBC

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  • George suffers when Susan's chatty houseguest stays over, while Elaine ane Jerry both have trouble with a clothing salesman. Kramer uses a new parking lot, and finds out parking isn't the only activity the lot offers while wearing an unfortunate outfit.

    This is one of the best episodes in the spectacular seventh season of Seinfeld, with all the important ingredients for a great episode: friend trouble, relationship trouble - both getting in and getting out - and just general difficulty in society.

    George is again regretting his decision to marry Susan after one of her friends comes for an extended stay. While many episodes in the seventh season have plotlines involving George's unhappiness with Susan, but it never gets old, possibly because the writers find a different reason for him to regret his decision for every episode, like Susan's inability to understand George's idea to extend the bathroom stalls to the floor ("The Postponement") or his utter horror when Susan moves her doll collection into his apartment, which contains a doll that looks exactly like his mother ("The Doll"). Also, Susan-George episodes are interspersed with George-work episodes - after a few relationship storylines involving George, he has a conflict at work, like in "The Calzone" or "The Bottle Deposit."

    In "The Wig Master," George also struggles with the new parking lot he's chosen when he finds a condom in his car, and a "working lady" hanging around the lot. He tries to get a refund, but the parking lot attendants refuse, and instead offer him a Jiffy Park t-shirt.

    While George mourns his freedom and fights with the parking attendants, Jerry buys a crested blazer after a pushy pony-tailed salesman and Elaine back him into it. Jerry despises the man, especially after he asks Elaine out without consulting Jerry about the status of their relationship, and attempts to return the jacket for a truly Seinfeld reason - spite. "I don't care for the salesman who sold it to me," Jerry informs the store clerk. However, an item cannot be returned because of spite, and the store clerk won't let Jerry return it, even though he says he doesn't like the actual blazer. Anyone who has ever experienced a snotty salesman and return trouble can relate to Jerry - he honestly doesn't like the jacket, but feels bad because the salesman spent so much time showing it to him and Elaine insists it is truly beautiful. I believe this is how awful prom and wedding dresses come to be worn.

    Elaine is promised a discount by her new salesman beau, but it seems the American-made dress she wants is still being shipped over. From Milan. By boat. The friends debate whether Elaine is being tricked into thinking she will get a discount when the salesman has no intention of truly giving it to her. The entire episode you knwo there will be no discount, as does Jerry, but Elaine can't help holding out hope. You would think, with her awful track record with men, she would realize when she is being "worked".

    Kramer becomes friends with George's houseguest, who happens to be the wig master for the touring company with "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." He promises Kramer a chance to wear the dream coat, which Kramer compliments with a Himalayan Walking Stick (a J. Peterman exclusive!) and a dapper hat. However, after finding a prostitute in his car, Kramer is caught by the police at the exact moment he pulls the prostitute out, and the jon has already scampered off. Kramer is arrested and booked as a pimp, despite his desperate objections.

    This is one of my favorite Kramer episodes, despite its slightly outlandish Kramer storline. His cries of protest, "I'm not a pimp!!" will forever be a Seinfeld classic quote.