Season 7 Episode 4

The Wink

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 1995 on NBC

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  • One of the most underrated episodes ever.

    The Wink is an episode that is one of my personal favorites but I believe that it doesn't get to much attention and is overlooked in the Seinfeld world. Whenever I try to think of the greatest episodes this one always seems to come to mind. That because of Jerry, George gets Morgan in trouble. Not only does George's wink to Wilhelm get Morgan in trouble but George's wink to Kramer which leads to Steinbrenner's birthday card being sold, which leads to Morgan not being able to sign the card. I also love the whole Paul O'Neill side story with Kramer.
  • The Wink is a terrific episode, i think

    Jerry is dating a girl who likes to eat lots of meat but the born - again healthy eater avoids telling her he'd rather not eat meat so he hides it in his jacket. But when Elaine borrows his jacket, she is stalked by a bunch of hungry dogs, so she is forced to sleep over at the Wake-Up Call guy's place, which causes him to sleep over. Meanwhile, George and Kramer sells an autographed New York Yankees-postcard to a little sick boy by mistake, and goes to the hospital to try and get it back again from him. George doesn't realise that if he doesn't get it back; his superior at the Yankees gets fired. Toward to end of the show; the plots and sub - plots took up so much time to resolve that there wasn't much time for the foursome to have one of their celebrated meaningless chats and although this is the case in this episode, very much so. The storylines are so wacky but enjoyable it's just as good as the "nothing" aspects.

    It's official that from the 7th season on; the episodes no longer stand on there own. There're too many references to past episodes, story arcs, recurring characters and in – jokes that watching the episodes chronologically is the only option but at least it's not as extreme as Friends. The humour comes thick and fast at the expense of Elaine and Kramer but Jerry's monologues and George's path of destruction just by winking is also killer. The show's view on the Yankees is a little contradictory in this episode; on one hand the management is very poor with the delivery of a Birthday card proving more important than a game while they actually dominate the game with Paul O'Neil hitting a home run and a triple. Paradox! The acting is solid and once again the guest stars are basically unknowns but inhabit their respective characters as if they were the Jennifer Aniston's and George Clooney's of TV. Praise goes to the kid who plays Bobby; great work for a minor. This is just a flat-out excellent episode of Seinfeld.