Season 9 Episode 15

The Wizard

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 26, 1998 on NBC

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  • a depressing pattern of weak subplots at the end.

    During the last few years of Seinfeld an interesting pattern seemed to develop in many episodes. While maintaining the three story structure, many of the episodes featured two really good plots and one really, really horrible one (See "The Apology" with its two great plots: Hankey and the windbreaker and good naked/bad naked, but are we really expected to believe Kramer does not know how to take a shower? or how about the one that feautred Putty as a born again Christian? C'mon!) The subplot featuring George lying to Susan's parents and telling them about his fabulous house in the Hamptons just went nowhere. And to think that George knew that the Rosses "knew" he was lying just compounds the idiocy. There is no humor in watching George describe the absurd dimensions of his house or his two racehorces and it just dragged on and on. Likewise the political plot in the rest home was okay, but had been done before and Elaine and her "not sure of his ethnicity" boyfriend, provided some chuckles, which keeps this episode from being a total wash, but if this episode ever comes on TBS I can't reach for the remot fast enough!