Season 8 Episode 19

The Yada Yada

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 24, 1997 on NBC

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  • Funny episode.

    This was a funny and great episode, but not the best. I mean all these episodes are so funny and so is this one, but this wasn't the best. I liked it, though. Jerry gets suspicious at his dentist that he only converted to Judisciam to make jokes. Elaine tells things to the adopt a kid person so that her friends a married couple can adopt a baby. This was probably the best one for me, I think. George's story was ok, funny, and the whole yada yada thing was good. Kramer's and Mickey's story was funny, and the whole thing was funny to. Well, good episode.
  • Great writing, not executed very well though.

    I must say that the writers for this episode knew what they were doing and had a pretty decent plot. Although, it wasn't executed very well on screen. For whatever reason it just seems like this episode lacks something, it seems like other episodes that I think highly of have something that stands out from the rest and this episode didn't have that for me. The yada, yada writing didn't impress me much and to be honest with you, I don't even find it funny or even mildly amusing. Everything seemed weak in this episode, even the side story of Kramer and Mickey.
  • 819

    This episode did have a lot of potential but unfortunately, it kind of fell flat on it's face. I've seen better episodes of this show, and I just wasn't feeling "it" while watching the episode. The story lines didn't really tie in in any way.

    The 'yada yada' thing did have it's potential but it became very tired by the end of the episode. The Jewish/Dentist thing was pretty funny, especially the final scene which pretty much made the entire episode. It was also great to see Bryan Cranston on Seinfeld.

    The Kramer/small people thing, I really didn't find funny. The story line failed to tie in with anything else and plainly: it just wasn't a great story line to begin with. Fair episode of Seinfeld.