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  • Season 1 Episode 5: The Stock Tip

  • In the beginning when George, Jerry, and Elaine are first talking at Monk's about the stock, George's drink fluctuates from cut to cut from half full to full.

  • At the end of the episode, George is smoking in the restaurant but in another episode, Kramer gets kicked out of the restaurant for smoking.

  • Yes, he may be "careful with money", but remember in "The Junior Mint", when he suddenly got 1900 dollars, he wanted to go down to the tracks and put it all on a horse. Jerry tells him to put it in the bank, and he says: "The bank?!?? This is found money! I want to parlay it! Make a big score!" And Jerry says: "Oh... you mean you want to lose it!"

  • At the coffee shop, Jerry and George agree that they will each put up $2500 for a total of $5000.

    George: C'mon, go for twenty-five hundred. We'll do it together. Come on, come on. We're in it together.
    Jerry: All right, twenty-five hundred.

    As the stock continues to fall, the following exchange takes place:

    Kramer: How much are you down altogether?
    Jerry: I don't know.. fifteen hundred dollars.

    and later...

    Vanessa: I said, the market fluctuates. Remember?
    Jerry: Look, Vanessa, of course the market fluctuates. Everybody knows that. I just got fluctuated out of four thousand dollars!

    How could Jerry have lost $4000 if he only put up $2500?

  • George smokes a cigar when he is telling Jerry about the profit he made in stocks. It has been established in the episodes, The Wallet and The Invitations, that George doesn't smoke and he gets "nauseous" when he smokes cigars.

  • Jerry makes mention of Kramer looking at a woman on the street from "10 floors up" while in Jerry's apartment. Don't they live on the fifth floor?

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Male Unbonding

  • For the majority of the series, Jerry's apartment number is 5A (and is shown at least once as 3A). This apartment number is indicated in black letters and numbers on the apartment door. However, in this episode, Jerry's apartment number is 411, indicated in gold-colored metal numbers next to the door. Something else, also gold-colored metal, is mounted on Jerry's door instead.

  • While George is at the bank stand with a glass vase full of pennies he says that "he'll have to roll 6000 pennies by himself". I'd estimate about 50,000 pennies in that vase.

  • In Jerry's kitchen there is no shelf dedicated to all of his cereal like there is in later episodes. There is just a space between the rest of the cupboards.

  • In the opening scene the hallway of Jerry's apartment building is different than the hallway in "The Kiss Hello" episode.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: The Robbery

  • Before leaving his apartment in Elaine's care, Jerry tells her that no meat should ever be kept in his fridge. However in the pilot episode, Kramer comes by to take meat for his sandwich and finds some in Jerry's fridge.

  • At the housewarming they are introduced to the waitress's new neighbor, as she walks away George mumbles "Nice meeting you" and shakes the waitress's hand instead of the neighbor's.

  • Jerry wants to sell Elaine his couch before she moves into his apartment. He tells her to "get it out of here" and "take it out the door". If she is moving in, the couch should not be going anywhere.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: The Stakeout

  • The song that Helen is humming as the Scrabble scene begins is "I Got Plenty o' Nuthin'" from George Gershwin's folk opera Porgy and Bess. It is appropriate that she is humming it since, as we learn, she indeed has "plenty o' nuthin'" as far as Scrabble tiles are concerned.

  • Monk's was nominated for the 2004 TV Land Award for Favorite Greasy Spoon, and, for the 2006 TV Land Award for Most Happening Greasy Spoon Or Hangout.

  • The show was nominated for the 2004 TV Land Award for Favorite Instrumental Theme Song.

  • First episode of Seinfeld to show a car scene.

  • Jerry tells his parents that he and Elaine didn't have the right physical chemistry. However, in "The Deal" they both agree that the sexual element of their relationship had been quite good. Also, in "The Mango," Jerry is shocked that Elaine had "faked" with him, citing "panting, breathing, moaning, and screaming" to question her claim. It seems from these two episodes that their physical chemistry was more than satisfactory.

  • When George suggests the name "Bert Harbinson," Jerry replies that it "sounds made up." In "The Reverse Peephole," Kramer says the same thing about "Joe Mayo," a real person.

  • The episode begins with Jerry and Elaine browsing through movies at the video store. As a joke, Jerry shows Elaine the box of an adult movie he took from a rack in the adult section. Elaine looks at it, and says that it would make a good gag gift for her friend Pamela's birthday. She then hangs onto it for the remainder of the scene, seemingly planning to buy it for her friend, and she brings a gift wrapped package, about the size of that videotape to Pamela's party. It seems odd that Elaine would be able to buy an x-rated video (or any video for that matter,) right off the shelf from a video store. The movies in video stores are typically for renting, and cannot be purchased simply because the customer wants it.

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