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  • Season 2 Episode 12: The Busboy

  • According to George, the best public restroom near 65th St & 10th Ave is in Lincoln Center. In Manhattan, there is no such intersection as 65th & 10th. This is because at 59th St, 10th Ave becomes Amsterdam Ave.

  • While Jerry, George and Elaine are talking in the opening scene at the restaurant, we see Antonio the busboy walk out in the background and start setting the table behind them. When Elaine is talking we can see his hands just to the left of her adjusting something; then the camera immediately switches to George and he turns to look at the table. When he looks, Antonio is suddenly gone and the menu is already on fire, too impossibly quick for him to have set the menu and exit the scene. Obviously bad editing.

  • The week this episode originally aired, NBC aired a promo to announce the change in broadcast day.

    (Jerry and Julia are sitting on a couch.)
    Julia: The pilot was on Wednesday…
    Jerry: …then we were on Thursday…
    Julia: Yea…
    Jerry: …then we moved to Wednesday for the war…
    Julia: …uh huh…
    Jerry: …and then we moved back to Thursday for the peace.
    Julia: Oh. So….what's happening now?
    Jerry: One guess…
    (Jerry reaches over to grab the lamp beside him as the couch starts to move, and we see a moving man push it and them off camera.)

    Announcer: Seinfeld mooooves to Wednesday. Forever. Wednesdays on NBC.

    'Forever' would last until 2/4/93 when the show would move back to anchor NBC's Thursday night line-up for the rest of its run.

  • At the end of the episode Elaine, George, and Jerry are sitting in the coffee shop and the ketchup moves from inside by Jerry to the outside of the table when Elaine's to-go order is put on the table.

  • When George gives Antonio his business card he tells him that he is in real estate, but of course he quit that job in the episode 'The Revenge'. Of course this due to the shows being aired out of production order; still it comes across as confusing.

  • George starts his fascination(on the series) with bathrooms by telling Jerry he knows where the best bathrooms are located throughout New York City.

  • When the busboy enters Jerry's apartment at the end, the apartment number on Jerry's door is 3A....not the normal 5A.

  • I just watched the episode. Elaine is also in a different apartment. That's why Jerry WAS in 3A. Aparently after the second season they changed all of the sets.

  • There is no green 'Klein' bicycle in the hallway; there's a shelf there. Also, there was a gray couch in the opening scenes, and then later it was black with blue pillows.

  • Season 2 Episode 11: The Chinese Restaurant

  • The restaurant host, credited as "Bruce" is played by James Hong.  James Hong also played a waiter at a NYC Chinese Restaurant in the Season 6, Episode 8 (Edith Breaks Out) of All in the Family.

  • After Jerry bets Elaine $50 to eat food off a strangers table she tries offering them $25 speaking through her teeth with a smile on her face the whole time. Afterwards the group starts to ask each other what she said. If you listen you can make out Larry David (co-creator of the show and co-writer of this episode)'s voice.

  • Jerry, George and Elaine are not the only ones have trouble getting a table. Norman Brenner (Michael Richards' stand-in) can be seen sitting by the door waiting for a table when the gang enters; he is still waiting there when the gang walks out.

  • In describing the list of phone calls that will occur based on his seeing the woman from his uncle's office, Jerry's description of his family is quite inconsistent with what is seen in other episodes. Jerry says that the uncle he was supposed to visit is his mother's sister's husband. However, it is later seen that Jerry's mother only has one sibling, Uncle Leo. As well, Jerry mentions having a sister, who is never mentioned again in the series.

  • Season 2 Episode 10: The Baby Shower

  • At the end of the previous episode, Elaine and Jerry were still together; now, they're not.

  • CFH notes: The opening stand up bit in this episode by Jerry about "Men hunt and women nest" is used again in the actual show in an episode during Season 5 called "The Fire".

  • Season 2 Episode 9: The Deal

  • Goof: When Kramer comes into Jerry's apartment to give her the bench, he leaves the door open, as can be seen when he's talking to Jerry. However, after cutting to Jerry and back to Kramer, the door behind him is closed. Then, the camera cuts back to Jerry, and when it goes back to Kramer, the door is open again.

  • Goof: In the store, when George is suggesting gifts for Jerry to give Elaine, he picks up a picture frame and suggests getting it for her. George continues to hold the frame while they joke about putting someone else's picture in it, and the camera cuts to Jerry. When it cuts back to George, the frame is back on the counter. Seems it's a case of poor editting.

  • When Jerry and Elaine are in Elaine's apartment and he starts to button his shirt, he buttons the second button from the top.  The shot goes to Elaine and when it comes back to Jerry, the previously buttoned button is undone.

  • Season 2 Episode 8: The Heart Attack

  • George, while talking to the patient next to him in the hospital, says he has never been to the doctor all his life except to get his tonsils out when he was a kid. In the next scene, while at the holistic place, he tells Jerry he has been going to the hospital all his life.

  • Larry David (creator;executive producer;writer) plays the screaming B-movie actor on Jerry's TV at the beginning of the episode.

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