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  • Season 3 Episode 23: The Keys

  • This may sound strange but Murphy Brown theoretically can't be a TV show in the Seinfeld world. Let me explain. During its run, Seinfeld crossed over with Mad About You. Mad About You once crossed over with Friends. Friends once crossed over with Caroline in the City. Caroline in the City once crossed over with Frasier. Frasier was spun-off from Cheers. Cheers once crossed over with St. Elsewhere. St. Elsewhere once crossed over with The Bob Newhart Show. And the Bob Newhart Show once crossed over with Murphy Brown. It may be a long chain, but nevertheless these two shows technically exist in the same alternate reality, and therefore they shouldn't be able to watch themselves on TV. In fact the same is true for both George Wendt and Corbin Bernsen, if you follow the chain even further.

  • In the opening stand-up scene, there is a goof. At the far away shot, there is a microphone stand holding the microphone. Then, when it switches to a closer angle, the microphone stand is gone.

  • In the opening scene during his act, Jerry puts his hand over the microphone to make it sound like a pilot is talking. When the camera cuts away, the next shot shows him with his hand on his hip.

  • Kramer and Jerry are talking in his apartment early on in the episode. In one shot, Kramer has his arms out in the air. A second later in the next shot, he's clasping his hands together .

  • When Jerry says, "Listen tiny..." to Newman, the word "tiny" doesn't match up with the way Jerry's lips move. He could have said "buddy", or something of the sort, but they edited it out in the end.

  • Two things...The motorcycle rider tells Kramer about when he was in a coma but he comes out of it. Which is more evidence that Kramer knows it is possible to come out of a coma. And in the pothole George loses his keys and claims all of his keys say do not duplicate. How did he have a spare set now and not then.

  • Season 3 Episode 22: The Parking Space

  • Once again, George mentions he has a brother, even though later in the series, it is established several times that he's an only child. The same thing has hapenned to Jerry and Elaine, mentioning unexisting sisters.

  • When Jerry decides to get his car into a garage because the fight starts in two minutes, he leaves the car door ajar yet when we cut back to it an instant later the door is closed.

  • When Kramer hits his head on the blinds in Jerry's apartment, he raises his left hand to his head. In the shot right after that, his right arm is in the air, not the left one.

  • When George gets out of the car to see who steals his parking space, he opens the door and is about half way out of the car when it cuts to the next shot inside. In this shot, he's still sittng there with his whole body in the car.

  • There is a continuity error on a scene where they show George and Elaine exiting the car on a long shot, then they do it again on the close-up.

  • Season 3 Episode 21: The Letter

  • Goof: Early in the episode, George comes out of the bathroom and he and Jerry are debating whether or not they like the button fly on jeans. As Jerry tells George that a zipper fly is like "a mink trap down there," he is standing by the counter in the kitchen. When the camera angle changes, George is still buttoning his fly, but Jerry has somehow instantaneously picked up his jacket and is already walking back toward the kitchen.

  • This episode clearly shows that Jerry kept the letter his girlfriend sent him but in "The Pledge Drive", Jerry's relationship was ruined when he threw out her card.

  • In the painting Kramer is holding his hands, but when Nina is painting him Kramer has his hands on his knees.

  • When Jerry unlocks the door it opens by itself.

  • When Kramer yells "Hey Charlie, you better catch them here this ain't Philadelphia!" the image of the 3rd basemen making the play is not Charlie Hayes the former Phillies 3rd basemen who was later traded to the Yankees

  • In the scene at Yankee Stadium when the group(except for Jerry) is talking to Nina's dad, they jump to a couple shots of the baseball game. The first at-bat is of Brady Anderson of Baltimore and the second is of Billy Ripken. The pitcher's in the two shots are different. Against Anderson the Yankees' pitcher is wearing #21 and against Ripken the pitcher is wearing #41. The at-bats are supposed to be one right after the other.

  • Season 3 Episode 20: The Good Samaritan

  • When George and Jerry are sitting down on the couch, both with a magazine, Jerry flips the page of his magazine rather sharply. When he holds it up to read it, a piece of the page has actually been torn and can be seen hanging underneath. Jerry seems not to notice it.

  • This episode gives us the first look at George's apartment.

  • DC Super Heroes nods::
    -George has a poster of the Justice League of America above his bed.
    -Helen Slater ("Becky") was in the 1984 movie Supergirl, playing the title character.

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