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  • Season 4 Episode 24: The Pilot (2)

  • The wallet Jerry found in his couch, was the one Morty lost in "The Wallet: Part 1".

  • Just before the pilot airs, Kramer enters Jerry's apartment singing and dancing, and then says that he was successful in fixing his bowel problem. However, as we learn in Part 1, the pilot aired a week after the filming, and Kramer took his "big e" treatment the same night as the filming. As such, it doesn't make much sense that Kramer would be so excited a week later, and presumably Jerry, George, and Elaine would have found out sooner to when it actually happened.

  • In the original broadcast, the scene immediately before the pilot begins filming, in which TV George frantically tells Jerry he can't remember any of his lines, is longer. He begs Jerry to help him and to give him his first line, which Jerry tells him is, "New sneakers?" This part of the scene is cut from syndication.

  • During the airing of the pilot they show the Drake and the Drakette watching on a little tv (clever because they had the big screen picked up). In an earlier episode (the handicapped spot). The Drake and Allison(the drakette)broke up. Did they get back together?

  • In the episode "The Bubble Boy" the father says the boy is in the bubble with the remote. But in this episode the remote is outside the bubble and he fights over it with his parents.

    Note: Susan broke the bubble when the Bubble Boy was choking George so anything could have been taken in or out of the new bubble.

  • Season 4 Episode 23: The Pilot (1)

  • During the auditions, the lines are taken from the past episodes "The Pony Remark", "The Deal", "The Note" and "The Boyfriend: Part 1".

  • Russell tells Elaine that NBC will be doing a pilot with "a bright, young comedian, Jerry Seinfeld," and Elaine pretends that she's "heard of him." However, there is a character in the pilot based on, and even named after Elaine. How is it that Russell, the president of NBC, doesn't know that Elaine knows Jerry personally?

  • Russell explains the premise of the show to Elaine, as being "about nothing," and describes the show by asking what she had done that day, and replying, "There's a show...that's a show." This conversation is almost identical George's original pitch to Russell and the other executives in "The Pitch."

  • In this episode when Jerry and Elaine are at the coffeshop, we learn that it is under new management. In a previous episode 4x17 'The Outing' we saw Lawrence Mandley play the manager. Now he is replaced by the new manager Al Ruscio. But in a subsequent episode called 'The Wife', Lawrence Mandley is suddenly the manager again and continues to be for at least 2 more future episodes. So what happened, did he get the store back?

  • Season 4 Episode 22: The Handicap Spot

  • Frank's car was a 1978-1980 model Mercury Monarch.

  • While at his parents's house, George sits on the couch and reads Glamour, the magazine that got him in trouble in "The Contest".

  • The line "You know? A lot of these scratches will buff right out" (said by Jerry) was completely improvised.

  • When the gang is coming back from the store they walk a long distance, but if they parked in a handicap spot they wouldn't have to walk that far.

  • Although for almost the entire episode, as well as in future episodes, he is referred to only as "The Drake", the first time he is mentioned, The Drake's first name is given. It's "Scott".

  • Season 4 Episode 21: The Smelly Car

  • Kramer makes a reference to New York Yankees owner George Steinbenner in a rant about how many players Steinbenner has traded over the years. One of the players he references is Fred McGriff who was traded on December 9, 1982 to the Toronto Blue Jays by the New York Yankees. McGriff would go on to have a steller 19-year career and hit 493 HRs and he never played for the Yankees.

  • Elaine asks Jerry what it means when a man says he has to "get up early", however, she knew all about it earlier this season in "The Virgin", where she wises up Marla about men suddenly becoming "farmers" (having to get up early after having had sex).

  • George says that Susan told him that her girlfriend had never been with a man. However, George and Susan's conversation was quite short, and never touched on the subject of Susan's girlfriend.

  • Season 4 Episode 20: The Junior Mint

  • When Elaine talks about her friend's condition in the hospital, she says "prognosis negative", which was the name of a movie she and Jerry wanted to go see in "The Dog".

  • Jerry says that the mint bounced off a "respirator thing" and into the patient and we do hear the sounds of a respirator during the surgery but when it shows the patient, it's obvious that he's not on one.

  • This episode aired out of production order. Consequently, while Jerry is seen in this episode playing with his yo-yo, two episodes later, in "The Handicap Spot", Jerry mentions to George that he is considering getting a yo-yo.

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