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  • Season 5 Episode 22: The Opposite

  • When the players add up the money they won or lost during poker, the totals were 1- Won 50, 2- Lost 32, 3- Won 37, 4- Lost 15, Jerry - Broke Even

    Well when you add 50, negative 32, 37, negative 15, and even, you get a total of 40 dollars. So someone must have mis-counted their total winnings/losing's then, considering all totals should equal to 0, where instead it equals 40.

    The second man says lost 72 not 32. It evened out.

  • Working Title: "The Even Steven".

  • In this episode, Jerry becomes "Even Steven."

  • If the 20 bucks George finds are really Jerry's (the ones Elaine through out the window), as we're expected to believe, it's a bit peculiar that George comes in about ten seconds after Elaine threw them out the window, as the way to Jerry's apartment usually takes much longer than that, as we see in many episodes after someone buzzes Jerry.

  • Kramer prefaces his ski slope response with an aside to the audience: "This is actually a true story", signaling to those who know better that it isn't. Rather than a goof, it's a great bit of in-house humour.

  • Kramer tells Regis Philbin that he came up with the idea for his coffee table book while skiing. However, in The Cigar Store Indian, he appears to get the idea in George's parents' home after Jerry stains their coffee table.

  • Season 5 Episode 21: The Hamptons

  • The song during the montage of Kramer at the beach is "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" by The Beach Boys.

  • This is the only episode of Season 5 that doesn't show Jerry's apartment or the coffee shop.

  • It seems odd that there is no reference in the entire episode to the couple's first child.

  • When the hosts say that it's time to come see the baby, Kramer implies that he'll be coming along with Jerry and Elaine. However, he instead goes for a swim and only later sees the baby.

  • Season 5 Episode 20: The Fire

  • Jerry's jokes are about men and women watching TV. They were also the opening act for the season 2 episode "The Baby Shower".

  • An almost running gag of this episode was Jerry saying "Baby", which is George's catchphrase. What wasn't noticed, was that at one point, he said "It's gold, baby". "It's gold" is Kenny Bania's catchphrase.

  • When George is sitting in the back of the ambulance after fleeing the fire, the children yell at him for leaving them behind. However, you can see that several of the children are smiling.

  • Annoyed that Toby got the promotion because of her pinkie-toe, Elaine rants about how stupid and useless the pinkie-toe is. However, only a few episodes earlier, in "The Conversion," Elaine tells her podiatrist boyfriend how much she loves feet and the pinkie-toe in particular.

  • The character Ronnie (played by Dom Irrera) wears a Boston Bruins jersey with the name "Irrera" written on the back.

  • When Jerry gives George the magazine with his review inside, we see Jerry flip through the magazine and land on a page with a black background, with the left page facing up. However, in the next shot, he hands the magazine to George with a white sheet facing up on the left side of the magazine, and in the shot after, George is miraculously reading on the right page of the magazine without flipping the magazine over!

  • Jerry asks George if he knocked over Robin when he was knocking down everyone, trying to get out of the apartment. George claims that he did knock her down...but when George runs out the door, you can clearly see Robin run in from the bottom right corner of the screen in a red sweatshirt, showing that she never was knocked down by George.

  • Season 5 Episode 19: The Raincoats (2)

  • When Jerry and his girlfriend are kissing in the cinema, there's another couple eating popcorn next to them, but during Schindler's List popcorn was not sold in american cinemas, due to a specific request of the film's director Steven Spielberg.

  • When George is talking to Rudy about the buying the cloths back, in one scene they're face to face, and then in a split second George has to walk over to the counter and hand money over the counter to Rudy.

  • Season 5 Episode 17: The Wife

  • Goof: If Kramer wore goggles on the tanning bed there should be a clear tan line around his eyes but there isn't.

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