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  • Season 6 Episode 24: The Understudy

  • The actual J. Peterman Catalogue is based in Lexington, Kentucky and not New York City.

  • Goof: During the softball game, George knocks over Bette Midler, trying to score a run. The umpire yells "Safe!" but if you look closely, George never touches home plate.

  • Kramer doesn't ask for the cookie because the guy on the other line heard Bette ask for it. She's a singer...she projects her voice.

  • Bette sings a song in the hospital to Kramer that includes the line, "Rochelle, Rochelle." However, at the end of the episode, the announcer says that the part of Rochelle will be played by Genisse -- meaning that it was originally Bette's role. Why would the character of Rochelle sing a song that refers to herself in the third person?

  • Both Jerry and George are seen playing baseball with their rights hands, even though they're left handed.

  • When the K-man is holding Bette in his arms on the baseball field, he sings to Bette Midler "you are the wind beneath my wings" - his voice is clearly dubbed over. Maybe it didn't come out well in the original scene.

  • Season 6 Episode 23: The Face Painter

  • This is the second time George has dated a woman who is hard of hearing in one ear. The first time was in Season Four's "The Implant" (Megan Mullally).

  • The character name of Alec Berg is borrowed from a writer on many Seinfeld episodes.

  • In this episode George says that the only time he said "I love you" was to a dog. However, in episode 201 "The Ex-Girlfriend" he tells Jerry that he was forced to say "I love you" to Marlene.

  • During the hockey game, Puddy shouts "You stink, Messier" as two players crash into the boards right in front of him. The Rangers player is wearing jersey No. 13; Messier wears No. 11.

  • At the playoff game between the New York Rangers & the New Jersey Devils at Madison Square Garden. When the Devils score and (New Jersey Devils fan) Puddy goes wild. In the background you can hear a siren going off signaling a goal being scored. This was a "home" game for the Rangers and they would NEVER set the siren off when an opponent scores...especially during a playoff game!!

  • The Rangers and Devils didn't play at this time in 1995. They faced off in the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals, won 4-3 by the Rangers. But they didn't play in '95 playoffs.

  • Season 6 Episode 22: The Diplomat's Club

  • At the end of the episode the rich Texan took back the cheque because he thought Kramer hustled him. However, when Kramer chose to match up Ithaca vs. Boston the rich Texan immediately chose Ithaca.

  • Goof: On the news report about Jerry and Katie's car accident, the newscaster says that they crashed into a pool "early this morning". However, it was dark out, and based on the progression of the story, it was clearly evening.

  • Goof: When Earl finds out that it had been a friend of Kramer's who delayed the flight in Ithaca, he grabs back the checks and rips them up. However, just a moment earlier he had mentioned that they were traveler's checks, which are as good as cash.

  • In his attempts to prove to Mr Morgan that he had black friends, George tracks down characters from two previous episodes. He first tries to watch another rented movie with Joe Temple, with whom he watched the film Breakfast At Tiffany's in "The Couch". He then invites out Karl the exterminator from "The Doodle".

  • Season 6 Episode 21: The Fusilli Jerry

  • Technically, Puddy wasn't using Jerry's "move" at all. When confronted he tells Jerry that he'd been doing the move before he even met Jerry -- that all Jerry added was "the swirl". Jerry doesn't dispute that and adds that "the swirl" is the whole thing. If Puddy does a "pinch" at the end, then Jerry contributed nothing. It is of additional interest that Elaine couldn't have thought much of the move since as we learn in "The Mango" (Season 5) Elaine never had an orgasm while going with Jerry.

  • Earlier in the episode, Frank stops in to get his mail, and Estelle brags that Kramer made a pass at her. She tells him to take his mail and go home, implying that he is staying elsewhere. However, at the end of the episode, after Frank leaves the proctologist's office, George brings him back to the house, and Estelle starts raving about how worried she was that he hadn't come home yet.

    NOTE: When Frank arrives, Estelle says, "Where have you been, you were supposed to fix the stove!" In other words, he has not "come home", he is only there for that one purpose.

  • At the start of the episode, Jerry comments that David Puddy is his friend, and should have asked Jerry's permission before asking Elaine out. However, throughout the rest of the series there is no evidence that Jerry and Puddy are friends. It seems that they only know each other casually through Elaine.

  • At the end of the show, it seems that Kramer was right in assuming that the Assman was a proctologist. However, if he really were a proctologist, the license plate would also have an MD symbolon the left side.

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