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  • Season 7 Episode 24: The Invitations

  • The first episode of the season included a scene of George on a pier, contemplating marriage. This closing episode of the season repeats this scene with Jerry. In both cases, they were shot on the Santa Monica Pier in California. (A 3rd scene was shot here, in The Voice.)

  • The footage of couples at the beach when Jerry is contemplating marriage is the same footage shown in episode 701, when George asks Susan to marry him.

  • Season 7 Episode 23: The Wait Out

  • Goof: Frankenstein

    When everyone is commenting on Kramer's jeans being too tight, he starts to walk away and Jerry says, "You're walking like Frankenstein".

    * Frankenstein was the scientist who created life out of various body parts, but he was one whole human himself; Frankenstein's Monster was the one who is known to walk stiffly.

  • You can hear Carey Elwes's real accent when he says the date of his anniversary to Elaine.

  • Beth's Ex's apartment # is 5A and the door opposite says 5B, is it a coincidince that their door numbers are the SAME as Jerry's and Kramer's??? I think not!

  • Watch George's light blue button down shirt when he shows up at Beth's (Debra Messing's) apartment. His shirt is messed up from fighting through Elaine and Jerry to get out of Jerry's apartment to tell Beth that he was just being "folksy" instead of being serious about her being able to do a lot better than David as a husband. His collar goes up and down during the scene and oscillates between being tucked and partially untucked on one side obviously indicating the scene was shot more than once.

  • When Kramer goes into Jerry's apartment the first time after his performance with Mickey you can see a production mic at the top of the screen pretty obviously.

  • Season 7 Episode 22: The Bottle Deposit (2)

  • This is the first episode to show one of the main characters using a cell phone in the series.

  • Jerry's car is WAY diffrent then other epiesodes
    in the other epiesodes Jerry's car is Black with a Beige interior and the stock saab 3 spoke wheels.

    in this epiesode his car is Midnight blue it had a black interior and diffrent wheels.

  • Most mail trucks have the steering wheel on the right, but this truck had the steering wheel on the left.

  • When Kramer and Newman are following Jerry's car, they pass by a certain patch of woods next to a graveyard type plot. It shows them driving on this same stretch of road several times throughout the chase.

  • When Kramer and Newman are following Jerry's car, Kramer has to throw out the bottles to lose weight, but as we see him open the back door and start to throw the sacks out, there are no bottles in them. Interesting because the episode is called "The Bottle Deposit."

    NOTE: During the collection process, we see a lot of bottles (many of them emptied by Newman). The reason they used only cans in this scene was so Michael Richards could throw the bags more easily.

  • Season 7 Episode 21: The Bottle Deposit (1)

  • Everybody Loves Raymond and Seinfeld are in a very long chain of crossovers, so their universes are the same; however, Brad Garrett's characters in both shows are different.

  • While the brand name of the soda can the woman sets down is labeled 'Diet Soda', the red and blue Pepsi symbol is clearly left untouched.

  • Jerry says "The Triple-A guy said I was this close to sucking a muffin down the carburetor." But his ar doesn't have a carburator, it has fuel injection.

  • George says the lyrics to the Petula Clark song wrong. He says "... where the neon lights are pretty", but actually the line goes "Where the neon SIGNS are pretty"

  • At the Auction, Elaine's paddle says 856 on the front but it says 858 on the back

  • Season 7 Episode 20: The Calzone

  • Strange that Jerry would consider a box of Cuban cigars an appropriate wedding present for George. In Season Four, when given a box of Cubans by Susan's father, George likes them so little, he gives them to Kramer.

  • Kramer says that he doesn't have a table but back in "The Good Samaritan", he says he falls and hits his head on the coffee table in his apartment.

  • We see Elaine smoking a cigar near the end of the episode. Yet throughout the series she consistently maintains that she HATES smoking.

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