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  • Season 8 Episode 22: The Summer of George

  • If you look at the awning outside Jerry's building; the building's name "The Shelley" has been painted over to hide the fact that it's filmed in California not New York City.

  • In this episode when Jerry is wearing just towels with his girlfriend, she asks him if he shaved his chest. Of course in the previous episode "Muffin Tops" we see that Jerry does shave his chest and gets really itchy from it, so he obviously didn't learn his lesson.

  • Jerry and George begin the episode talking about how the Yankees "fired" him; however, George was never fired. In the previous episode, "The Muffin Tops," George was "traded" by the Yankees to Tyler Chicken.

  • A partial scene is cut from the syndicated version of this episode. The scene with George in the invitation shop remains. However, in the originally aired version, the clerk, says something along the lines of "If I remember correctly..." and flips to the cheapest invitations in the binder. Not having to pay for them himself, in typical George fashion, George flips all the way to the front of the binder and picks the most expensive invitations.

  • in the scene where George is phoning Jerry to see whats happening, Kramer has his outer part of his suit closed but when Jerry's girlfriend gets there and Kramer leaves his suit is open

  • The doctor tells George that he will have trouble walking due to extreme inactivity...wasn't he just playing frolf, a very active game, that afternoon?

  • Season 8 Episode 21: The Muffin Tops

  • Elaine suggests to Mr. Lippman that he remove the exclamation point from the name of the store, "Top of the Muffin to You!" and he prefers it as it is. Curiously, in "The Sniffing Accountant," Elaine liberally added exclamation points to Jake Jarmel's book, and Lippman ordered her to remove them, claiming to hate exclamation points.

  • At the end of the episode where Newman is going to eat the muffin stumps, he removes the milk bottles out of his bag but never fills his glass. When he starts eating the muffins, his glass is somehow full.

  • Season 8 Episode 20: The Millennium

  • GOOF Although Jerry's argument regarding the true arrival of the new millenium being the year 2001 is understood and well-received by the viewing audience, there is an editorial goof in how he explains it to Newman. The revelation is that Newman has scheduled his party one year too early. Yet Jerry tells him, "...Which would make your party one year late...and thus, quite lame."

  • "Cinco De Mayo" is shown as a store from Peru. "Cinco de Mayo" is Spanish for "Fifth of May," a holiday in Mexico.

  • George and Wilhelm both sing lyrics to "Meet the Mets" that don't exist.

  • In syndication this episode is cut VERY bad. Bad to the point where I can't even watch it. Right after the scene when they are in Jerry's apartment and Kramer is pretending to talk to Newman and says you wanna talk to Jerry there is a scene right after that in which Jerry gives his girlfriend flowers then he then runs over to the speed-dial and he notices that he is now number 1 and he says "Number 1, Seinfeld you magnificent bastard". This scene is very important. The episode makes no sense without it. Without that scene we would have no idea why the stepmother is mad because she questions him about his number 1 spot but in the syndicated episode we never see him make it to number 1. Luckily for me I have the original episode with this scene but it's a shame to ruin such a funny episode to the point where it can't be enjoyed. (seoarrow)

  • When Elaine tries to leave the store in a huff, at the very beginning, she pushes on the door and it doesn't open, since it opens inwards. In most cities, fire codes prohibit businesses from having have exit doors that only open inwards.

  • Jerry takes his girlfriend out on a great date to try to move to the number 1 spot on her speed dial. When they return from the date Jerry immediately checks her speed dial and discovers he's moved up to the number 1. Surely his girlfriend would only have moved him to the number 1 spot after the date and not before.

  • Season 8 Episode 19: The Yada Yada

  • George is seen using a urinal at the start of this episode despite stating back in Season Two's "The Note" that he was a "Stall man".

  • When George goes to Jerry's apartment to tell the yada yada story about Marcy, he said "so listen, Marcy comes over…" however, Marcy didn't go over, they were at the coffee shop.

  • Elaine makes a joke about Raquel Welch, who appears a couple of episodes later.

  • The joke about the "yada-yada" being used in the wedding by the minister was a clever entertainment technique that is often used. To avoid a legal marriage between actors, they often skip the legally binding words often said in weddings. By skipping this, (because the minister had his wisdom teeth out) they successfully avoided the situation, and made it funny in the process.

  • When Jerry shares the "Pope and Raquel Welch" joke with Elaine, she laughs and repeats the punchline - "No, I said, 'hand me the buoys!'" But then when Jerry tells Father Curtis about the joke, he quotes the punchline as "Those aren't buoys!" He accidentally substituted in the punchline from Whatley's "Rabbi and the farmer's daughter" joke, but said buoys instead of matzoh balls.

  • When Jerry is in the confession booth talking with Father Curtis, George enters and says, "Jerry, I really need to talk to you!" As funny as that is, George actually didn't need to talk to Jerry so badly, as there is absolutely no follow-up to this scene.

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