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  • Season 8 Episode 19: The Yada Yada

  • This episode was hammered by editors for syndication purposes. One of the funniest exchanges that was cut:

    Tim: You have no idea what my people have been through.
    Jerry: The Jews or the Dentists?
    Tim: The dentists! Did you know that we have the highest suicide rate of any profession?
    Jerry: Is that why it's so hard to get an appointment?

  • It's very odd that Beth breaks up with Arnie becasue she thinks he's having an affair with Elaine, and afterwards at the wedding when she actually sees Elaines she doesn't mention it at all?!?

  • Season 8 Episode 18: The Nap

  • When George is under the desk talking to Jerry, Steinbrenner can be heard in the background rambling on about random stuff.

  • Hiding under a table is the standard for an EARTHQUAKE not a bomb! However given how Steinbrenner has previously been portrayed it is quite believable that he would make this mistake

  • Viewer Dusan Vlahovic notes: Why when Jerry gets back in the apartment at the end of the episode, says "back to normal"? the drawers used to have glass on, and this drawer doesn't have.

  • As Elaine's back goes out, she falls over with a loud sound effect of collapsing on the floor. However, if you look at the right side of the screen, her hand is still holding onto the edge of the mattress to break her fall.

  • In the scene where George and Jerry are discussing the fitted hats after Conrad puts in the new cupboard, the camera pans out and some set lights can be seen in the high background.

  • George wakes from his nap underneath his desk and stores a copy of People Magazine with Mel Gibson on the cover in a compartment under the desk modified by "Connie". Later when Steinbrenner enters George's office and hears ticking, the copy of People Magazine w/Mel Gibson is on top of the desk.

  • Season 8 Episode 17: The English Patient

  • This is the first Florida - based episode where Jack Klompus doesn't appear.

  • George says to Danielle that she really only had to give him Neil's number, and didn't have to take him out. She then invites him to stay the night and he says he can't; he wants to be home in case Neil calls. Neil doesn't know who George is, nor does he have his number. As George just said, Danielle just gave Neil's number to him, and not the other way around.

  • After Jerry puts down the weights and Izzy says, "Step aside string bean", Jerry rolls the weight back so that Izzy can get to the larger one. Izzy didn't say that he was going to lift the larger one, so why would Jerry move it back?

  • When Elaine and Mr. Peterman enter the theatre, different people are in the seats to those who are around them a few scenes later.

  • Season 8 Episode 16: The Pothole

  • There are many problems with the storyline of Jenna putting "something" in the toilet without telling Jerry:
    1) When Jerry helps Kramer take the road signs back to his apartment, Jenna shuts the door so doesn't know what she put in the toilet. However, there is only about a 5 second difference from when she shuts the door and opens it again. Therefore, it doesn't seem likely she would have the time to put something in the toilet and then quickly open the door again as if everything was normal.
    2) If she did do it that quickly, its definitely impossible that she would of had the time to take something so big and so far away such as the SOFA CUSHION, put it in the toilet, put back and open the door within 5 seconds!
    3) Wouldn't Jerry notice that something was notably wet when put back to its normal place?
    4) There are many certain things in Jerry's apartment that Jerry threw out that would either not fit in the toilet, or were too far away and things that Jenna wouldn't have had time to put in the toilet, such as the couch cushions or the dishes. Jerry should have known better.

  • A bunch of the road signs that Kramer had at Jerry's apartment, such as 'yield' and 'one way' aren't really appropriate for a highway.

  • When Elaine calls from Jerry's apartment to order the food, she gives the fake apartment number, but never gives the building address.

  • If, as Elaine claims, the lock is broken, and all that needs to be done to get into the building across the street to to jiggle the knob, why did she have so much trouble when she originally tried to meet the delivery guy outside?

  • Kramer's car is right next to the spilled paint thinner and would most likely be engulfed as Newman went by.

  • When the street construction guys show up to help George get his key chain out of the pavement, there is a construction worker standing behind the crew leader to the right. As the scene changes and the crew leader is talking to George about what it's going to take to get his keys dug up, the worker changes from behind him to the right to behind him to the left.

  • When Elaine wants to borrow Jerry's car to haul away the trash, he hands her his keys. Her hand changes position from accepting the keys to facing more downward when the next shot is shown.

  • Notice when Kramer walks in on Jerry and his girlfriend to get the yield sign. While Jerry is making Kramer leave, and gathers the signs, the position of the open trench sign Kramer is carrying and the one way sign Jerry is carrying change positions as the scene goes from inside Jerry's apartment to the hall.

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