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  • Season 3 Episode 23: The Keys

  • This may sound strange but Murphy Brown theoretically can't be a TV show in the Seinfeld world. Let me explain. During its run, Seinfeld crossed over with Mad About You. Mad About You once crossed over with Friends. Friends once crossed over with Caroline in the City. Caroline in the City once crossed over with Frasier. Frasier was spun-off from Cheers. Cheers once crossed over with St. Elsewhere. St. Elsewhere once crossed over with The Bob Newhart Show. And the Bob Newhart Show once crossed over with Murphy Brown. It may be a long chain, but nevertheless these two shows technically exist in the same alternate reality, and therefore they shouldn't be able to watch themselves on TV. In fact the same is true for both George Wendt and Corbin Bernsen, if you follow the chain even further.

  • In the opening stand-up scene, there is a goof. At the far away shot, there is a microphone stand holding the microphone. Then, when it switches to a closer angle, the microphone stand is gone.

  • In the opening scene during his act, Jerry puts his hand over the microphone to make it sound like a pilot is talking. When the camera cuts away, the next shot shows him with his hand on his hip.

  • Kramer and Jerry are talking in his apartment early on in the episode. In one shot, Kramer has his arms out in the air. A second later in the next shot, he's clasping his hands together .

  • When Jerry says, "Listen tiny..." to Newman, the word "tiny" doesn't match up with the way Jerry's lips move. He could have said "buddy", or something of the sort, but they edited it out in the end.

  • Season 4 Episode 1: The Trip (1)

  • According to many crossovers, the universes of Cheers and Seinfeld are the same; however, George Wendt plays himself. Plus, Cheers is mentioned as a show seen by the characters of Seinfeld.

  • Ann Talman, Michael Richards' then girlfriend, is the woman bouncing next to him in the exercise video scene.

  • When Kramer is done on the phone in the hallway of the hotel, he talks to the old lady. When she starts talking Kramer puts his right hand in his pocket, but later when she talks about the dead baby, his hand is on his side.

  • Season 4 Episode 2: The Trip (2)

  • In the prison scene Kramer says he met Fred Savage "today" and also mentions that he'll be released in a "couple of hours", "by noon." Since this sets the scene at approximately 10 am, it's impossible for Kramer to have met Fred Savage on the very same day because their encounter was before Chelsea's murder and since she was killed the police couldn't have possibly discovered the body, started the investigation, found a suspect, launched a warrant and made the arrest all on the same morning.

  • The car thief in this episode (Clint Howard) is actually Ron Howard's brother. Their father Rance Howard also makes two appearances in the series, in the episodes "The Glasses" and "The Bottle Deposit (2)."

  • If you look carefully at the crowd gathered outside of Kramer's LA apartment when the police come to arrest him, you will see Larry David on the far right edge of the screen.

  • As mentioned above, the payphone they use is indeed located on Ventura Place, not Ventura Blvd. The payphone is located only about half a block from the bicycle shop where they make the arrest, and in fact you can see that store's building in the background during the payphone scene. Ventura Place is a short block-long side street just outside the CBS Studio where they filmed Seinfeld in Studio City, CA. Ventura Blvd is just over on the next block but they probably did not want to film any scenes there since it is a very busy street that is the main west-east corridor in southern San Fernando Valley (mentioned in the Tom Petty song "Free Fallin"...move west down ventura boulevard).

  • With regard to the gauge, which defines the thickness of the gun barrel, an eleven-gauge would be thicker, but it would not necessarily be a larger gun.

  • When Jerry and George are talking about "twelve gauges" (shotguns) in the back of the squad car, George says, "It makes the eleven gauge look like a cap pistol." The eleven gauge--if it existed--would actually be bigger than the twelve gauge. This is either a goof or George really doesn't know what he's talking about.

  • You have to REALLY pay attention for this geographical gaffe, but it's fun when finally recognized. When Jerry and George are on the pay phone with 911, Jerry learns his exact location from the address printed on the phone and tells the operator that they're at "12145 Ventura Boulevard." After they're picked up by "the black & white" sent for them by 911, they cruise for quite a while before coming to the car thief (Clint Howard) in the middle of a "519" right in front of a store called "Bicycle Shack." After the thief is cuffed and thrown in the back of the police car with George and Jerry, they cut to an exterior shot of the car they're in driving past the aforementioned "Bicycle Shack," located, in reality, at 12059 Ventura PLACE, Studio City, CA. . . a mere block from the pay phone where the exterior scene originated. Perhaps producers were only permitted to use that small stretch of public street for filming?

  • Season 4 Episode 3: The Pitch

  • In this episode, one of the NBC execs says he really liked a bit by Jerry about a parakeet flying into a mirror. The episode "The Dog" closes with Jerry actually doing this bit over the credits.

  • The expiration date on the milk in Jerry's fridge was September 3rd. If we're thinking in real-time (since this episode aired on September 16th), the milk would have been one day shy of two weeks old.

  • If you look closely after Kramer calls Newman "Mojambo", you can see Jerry laughing, then trying to get to keep a straight face.

  • Continuity goof: When Jerry and George are in the waiting room before their first NBC meeting, we see in the large shot that Jerry has one leg propped up on his thigh but in the next medium shot his legs are both uncrossed.

  • The posters on the wall of the studio's reception area are all promotional posters for NBC series for the 1992/1993 season.

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