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  • Season 8 Episode 16: The Pothole

  • When Kramer brings home the highway signs, he shows Jerry how the kids changed the Speed sign from 65 to 165. The actual speed limit on the Henry Hudson is 50. That parkway also has 3 lanes instead of 4 (which Kramer reduces to 2). As an agressive driving New Yorker, I can assure you that NY drivers would never sit in traffic in 2 wide lanes!

    The highway that Kramer adopts is actually the Henry Burkhardt - not the Henry Hudson.

  • George states he doesn't have a spare set because it says "Do not Duplicate". Did the writers forget "The Keys"?

  • The MSDS symbol (red, blue, yellow, and white squares) on the paint thinner drum has a rating of 8 on the Flammability section (red square), however the maximum rating on an MSDS symbol is 4

  • Scott Clark notes: Kramer, beeming with pride, announces that he has adopted Mile 113 of the highway. Later, after he has 'widened the lanes,' the radio traffic reporter claims the problem occurs at Mile marker 114.

  • Well in this episode, when kramer widens the lanes on his highway, it shows elaine driving and she's driving normally. But in a previous episode when it shows her borrowing a car from her friend for the weekend while her friend was away(or something like that) she is shown to be a horrific driver. how all of a sudden did she get so good?

  • I really don't think the time or continuity is messed up in this episode. Instead I think Elaine is ordering the Chinese over and over again. She likes it so much she tells Jerry about it and then he comes over to the closet too.

  • I just saw this episode and the chronology of this episode is all out of whack. It seems like Elaine is trying to get the Chinese over, at least, a two day period. Then, in one scene, the delivery boy delivers the food to the apartment she has made out of the janitor's closet, yet in a few scenes later, Jerry visits her in the "closet" and asks "is the food here, yet?" and she says "No!" They obviously didn't check this episode for "continuity"!

  • I also think the "address" situation, where the Chinese food delivery is or isn't permitted is all off. They won't deliver to HER house, so she tries across the street. Yet, she orders the Chinese food from Jerry's apartment and then says she has to go "across the street" because her food is being delivered at 10!

  • Season 8 Episode 15: The Susie

  • When Kramer is telling Jerry and Elaine about the Knicks vs. Pacers game and mentions that he got into a fight with Reggie Miller, Elaine asks if Reggie Miller is Cheryl Miller's little brother. Then later, Elaine says "I didn't even know Cheryl Miller had a little brother." How would she assume that Reggie was Cheryl's little brother to start out with, Miller is a very popular surname in the United States.

  • At the end of the episode, Elaine can clearly be heard screaming "Suze", but for some reason the subtitles list it as "Susie".

  • In the scene where Peterman pulls up in his car at the funeral home, notice the illogical parking.

  • In this episode they cut back and forth between a daytime funeral and a "simultaneous" nighttime bar scene.

  • If George hung up the phone when he was on the line with Jerry and the other line clicked when he hung up both calls should have been lost but the phone still rang for his girlfriend

  • In regards to Kramer's watch, it's quite possible that after the hot tub incident he decided to use one. Think about it: he realized that he really couldn't rely on his "internal clock," so he got a watch instead. Simple enough.

  • Kramer clearly says that he doesn't use clocks, he tells time by the sun.

  • Kramer complains about it getting dark too early so he springs forward so that it will get dark later...not a goof that is exactly what he intended to do

  • Kramer never said he didn't use clocks he said he doesn't use alarm clocks.

  • Elaine screaming "Suse" and the camera from above is just like the end of "The Foundation" when George does this in the coffee shop and yells "Kahn".

  • Mike Moffit gets locked in Jerry's trunk and overhears Jerry and Elaine talking about Susie, and misinterprets their conversation to mean they plan to murder someone named Susie. Later Elaine tells Peterman that Susie took her own life. The next day Jerry and Elaine attend Susie's funeral and Mike is still in the trunk. Meaning he must have been in there for days.

  • When Elaine gets up from her chair to speak at Susie's funeral, she places her coat on the seat next to her (so it's two seats away from Jerry). But the next time the camera cuts back to the seats, the coat has jumped one seat, to Elaine's chair (right next to Jerry).

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