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  • Season 8 Episode 15: The Susie

  • George is talking on a cordless phone but the phone rings.
    Cordless phones beep.

  • Kramer complains about it getting dark early yet they spring forward. In springtime it gets dark later.

  • This isn't a goof anyway! They didn't do this by accident! That was the joke. The end is a repeat of The Foundation. Note Peterman telling Elaine that he wanted to start a foundation that she could run around her free time.

  • Kramer sets his watch to daylight saving time, but in a previous episode "The Hot Tub" he tells Jerry that he doesn't use clocks and he keeps mental track of time.

  • Season 8 Episode 14: The Van Buren Boys

  • When Kramer is running his "new" stories that he bought from Newman to Elaine and Jerry, he runs in and leaves the door open behind. When he goes to leave, the door is now closed and reopens it.

  • Season 8 Episode 13: The Comeback

  • When Kramer watches the end of his movie, he is sitting in his couch eating spaghetti. Behind him is a sign, that says "Elevator, forsigtig!". This is Danish, and means "Careful, Elevator!".

  • When Kramer tells Jerry he's set up a meeting with a lawyer, he refers to him at "Shelbig". Then, when he arrives late for his appointment, the secretary calls him "Shelbock". And finally, when Kramer goes to find him at his tennis lesson, he calls him "Shelback".

  • Vincent calls Elaine as soon as she finishes watching the first movie and asks her if she enjoyed the movie. Then, when Elaine rents "Weekend At Bernie's 2," he calls during the movie and asks if she's enjoying it. How does he always seem to know what point in the movie she's at?

  • In the scene which Jerry catches Milos at the tennis court and realizes his tennis abilities you can see a boom mic at the top of the screen.

  • After Kramer throws out Jerry's old racket a second time (and it lands in the trash can headfirst), Jerry protests and pulls it out of the garbage, holding the handle in one hand and the head in the other. From what we know about Jerry and cleanliness, why would he do that?

  • When Elaine gets caught by Vincent's mother with the little hoard of vodka, cigarettes, fireworks, etc, we see that she was very much out of character. She normally would break up with a guy if he smoked, yet she is providing cigarettes to a man she is trying to meet and start a relationship with.

  • In this episode Kramer tells Jerry that he "Never knew it was possible to come out of a coma". But in "The Suicide", an earlier episode, Kramer knows full well that it's possible and even explains to Jerry that if the victim doesn't come out of the coma in 24 hours it's a "land rush". His ignorance on comas is inconsistent with earlier episodes.

  • Season 8 Episode 12: The Money

  • Goof: When Elaine is paying for George's coffee you can see her reaching for her wallet but in the next second she's already holding the coffee.

  • Although Jerry says that Frank eats bacon and eggs for breakfast everyday; Frank is seen having an omelette in "The Fatigues" earlier this season.

  • Kramer tells Elaine that he can't share a bed with Emily because "she's got the 'jimmy legs'." However, in the opening scene where they are in bed together, Kramer is having trouble sleeping because Emily is on his side of the bed, and hitting him with her arms. We never see her kick him or even flail her legs. What's even stranger about this is that Kramer is surprised to learn that it's possible to have 'jimmy arms,' which appears to be a better description of Emily's affliction.

  • Morty hooks up his exercise machine to the knob of Kramer's front door. However, Kramer sees it turning from his bedroom and gets scared. How is that possible?

    Note: Kramer was sleeping on the couch because he left his room because he couldn't sleep with his girlfriend.

  • Jerry lies to his parents about performing at both Bally's and the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City. However, the Golden Nugget had been sold in 1986 and renamed. Surely a comedian who performs in AC would know there was no Golden Nugget and choose an open casino to avoid being caught in his lie.

  • When Morty has his exercise done on Kramer's door knob you can clearly see the door knob turning both ways, one after the other repetitively.. Although when we see this from Kramer's point of view it's clear that the door knob only turns one way.

  • A viewer notes that Frank says the he and Estelle have slept in separate beds for thirty years because of her Jimmy arms. However, in a previous episode, George claimed to have sex in his parent's bed. Did he push them together? How comfortable would that be?

  • When Morty is doing his exercises on Kramer's doorknob, in the first shot, Kramer's clock reads 5:30. When it cuts back to a frightened Kramer, it reads 5:26. Bad editing?

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