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  • Season 8 Episode 12: The Money

  • When Morty has his exercise done on Kramer's door knob you can clearly see the door knob turning both ways, one after the other repetitively.. Although when we see this from Kramer's point of view it's clear that the door knob only turns one way.

  • A viewer notes that Frank says the he and Estelle have slept in separate beds for thirty years because of her Jimmy arms. However, in a previous episode, George claimed to have sex in his parent's bed. Did he push them together? How comfortable would that be?

  • When Morty is doing his exercises on Kramer's doorknob, in the first shot, Kramer's clock reads 5:30. When it cuts back to a frightened Kramer, it reads 5:26. Bad editing?

  • Season 8 Episode 11: The Little Jerry

  • At the beginning of the episode, the camera is pulled back just enough to reveal the actual name of the restaurant (Tom's Restaurant) where the gang always meet. Normally, it is just seen as Restaurant.

  • On the check Jerry bounces at the bodega, the amount is incorrectly spelled as "fourty dollars".

  • In the 2nd. scene,when Kramer leaves,he's still with the napkin on his neck.

  • If you look closely at the walls in the scene with the cock fight, you can find a poster advertising "Budcheladas." There is a beverage made with beer and tomato or clamato juice called "Michelada" that is customary around Mexico City, where people are not very used to drinking beer. The owner of the store (Marcelino) is Hispanic, so this would seem to be an a promotion of Budweiser beer aimed at some segment of the Hispanic population. (People in Northern Mexico drink more beer than people in the Central and Southern Mexican states, and the majority of the migration from Mexico to the U.S. comes from the Central and Southern regions of Mexico.)

  • At the cockfight, Elaine mentions to Jerry that it's 3:30am. However, while they're at the fight, Kurt stops by at George's place. What's he doing showing up in the middle of the night? Furthermore, when they show the outside of the building, it's clearly daytime.

  • At the cockfight, Elaine reveals that she's considering accepting Kurt's marriage proposal. However, she doesn't see Kurt again until the scene at the prison, in which she's already wearing the engagement ring. When did she accept the proposal?

  • Close to the start of the episode, when George is talking to Jerry about Celia, he is eating popcorn out of a bowl. While he is talking, he finishes eating and puts the bowl of popcorn in the FRIDGE. That's weird enough, but when Kramer comes in minutes later and starts filling the fridge with chicken feed for Little Jerry, he doesn't even notice it, even though he was looking for extra space in the fridge. Huh??? It looks like he is eating grapes out of the bowl, not popcorn.

  • Jerry says he is on his way UP to Kramer's apartment but we all know they live opposite each other.

  • Season 8 Episode 10: The Andrea Doria

  • When George recounts the unfortunate events of his life to the rental board, he tells them about real on-screen events from "The Subway" (season 3), "The Limo" (season 3), "The Hamptons" (season 5), "The Rye" (season 7), and "The Invitations" (season 7).

  • George reveals to be 34 even though he gave his age as 33 in "The Heart Attack" which was 6 years ago.

  • When George is telling the tenants committee the story of his life, he mentions "the water I had been swimming in was very cold, and when I dropped the towel… there had been… significant shrinkage". This is obviously a reference to "The Hamptons", in which Rachel (then Jerry's girlfriend) walked in on him naked. BUT as you may remember, he hadn't dropped the towel; he took off his swimming trunks! Oops! But then again, I'm sure (owing to the fact that George is a whopping liar) that he just built that story for effect and didn't put any effort into going into true details.

  • Elaine eats more bread before seeing her stabbed boyfriend. She also does this in the episode when she has more Juji Fruits before going to the hospital to see her boyfriend.

  • Kramer says that a doctor botched his vasectomy. In "The Chinese Woman," our friend Cosmo is concerned about preserving the Kramer name. If he was the last male Kramer, why would he go for a vasectomy? Kramer got a vasectomy for Pam in "The Soul Mate". If you remember, he walks out at the end of the episode and looks as though he is in considerable pain. As a result, Jerry and Newman run out of the surgery.

  • When George is in his new apartment at the beginning of the episode the door says it is apartment number 608. When the head of the tenant association comes down to talk to him she says that Mr. Eldridge from Apt. 8C is getting the aparment. I grew up in NYC apartment buildings and I have never heard of a building using two ways to number their apartments.

  • Season 8 Episode 9: The Abstinence

  • While George is watching Jeopardy and arranging a Rubik's cube, you clearly see the cube being fully jumbled. A minute later, without moving his arms during the conversation, George tosses Jerry a completed Rubik's Cube, an obvious editing hole.

  • We learn in this episode that smoking isn't allowed at Monk's even though we see a full ashtray there in "The Boyfriend" and George smokes a cigar there in "The Stock Tip".

    Further Info: The New York City Anti-Smoking ordinance was submitted in 1995 and this episode aired the following year therefore you couldn't smoke at the coffee shop anymore. The owner states to Kramer that it's illegal.

  • When Jerry asks George if he never plans to have sex again, George answers "There was a pretty good chance I was never going to have sex again anyway." But the whole conversation started because in the previous scene, Louise implied that she was more than willing.

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