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  • Season 8 Episode 9: The Abstinence

  • When George orders lunch from the Portuguese waitress in Portuguese he orders Elaine an "Ensalade Grande". Which in any language is a "Big Salad", a reference back to that 6th season episode "The Big Salad".

    Actually, "A Big Salad" in Portuguese is "uma salada grande", but he does say ensalade.

  • Season 8 Episode 8: The Chicken Roaster

  • Right after Jerry and Elaine leave to buy the hat, Kramer picks up the ice-cream container and a split-second later it's gone.

  • Jerry says that Bob Saccamano sells Russian hats in Battery Park but Kramer says that Bob always sits in a chair by a window saying "My Name is Bob" back in season two's "The Heart Attack".

  • When Kramer makes himself cereal, pours in tomato juice, and subsequently throws it out, the cereal box moves to different locations on the countertop in nearly every switch of camera angle.

    Additionally, after Kramer splats the tomatoe juice laden cereal on the wall, he attempts to clean it up (poorly of course). At the next scene cut - the wall is spotless.

  • When Jerry comes home and sees the red dot on his door, he figures out that it is coming from Kramers peep hole across the hall, so do we all know how peep holes work, the light would be spread out into a much larger dot, and also would be the same level as the peep hole on Kramers door, not as seen lower. Now they could have solved this goof, by airing the show after the reverse peephole episode.

  • Elaine hates real fur. She wouldn't have bought George that hat.

    Elaine has previously *claimed* to hate real fur, but in the episode where Puddy has a fur coat she says that she no longer has the energy to fight that fight.

  • Season 8 Episode 7: The Checks

  • After their meeting with the Japanese TV execs, George mentions the female exec in the same way he'd talked about Susan after their previous NBC meeting. Notice that the female Japanese exec seems to be wearing an outfit identical to the one Susan wore when they met in the season 4 episode "The Pitch".

  • When Jerry leaves to cash the checks he says "Konichiwa" to Kramer which actually means "how are you" in Japanese.

  • The Urban Sombrero makes a cameo in this episode.

  • Jerry tells the umbrella salesman on the street that he's doing 'the twirl' too quickly, as it'll disorient the customers. However, in the very next scene, when demonstrating the twirl for George, he twirls the umbrella far faster than the salesman had.

  • If you watch carefully, it's clear that Jerry's version of 'the twirl' is different from that of the umbrella salesmen. They twist the shaft with their fingers, whereas Jerry spins the handle with his whole hand.

  • Elaine should have known that it was "boogeyman" instead of "boogetyman." Especially since in "The Gymnast" she heard Kramer say, "You ever dream in 3-D? It's like the boogeyman is comin' right at you."

  • Season 8 Episode 6: The Fatigues

  • Kramer and Elaine say that they aren't Jewish but Michael Richards and Julia Louis - Dreyfus, who play them, are Jewish.

  • Although Kramer has immense trouble making Jewish delicacies in this episode, he had no problem making African delicacies back in "The Truth".

  • In recounting his story about the Korean war, Frank seems to say, "I was the best crook Uncle Sam ever saw" instead of "the best cook".

  • Jerry and Elaine are enjoying the food at the singles function, and Jerry asks, "Have you tried the Hamantashen?" Elaine responds, "I can't get off the kishkas." Although 'Hamantashen' are a Jewish food, they are small pastries that are unlikely to be eaten together with the other dishes, and certainly wouldn't be eaten with a knife and fork. Also, the name of the dish Elaine likes is called 'kishka' (without the 's').

  • Jerry claims not to like duck, but in "The Couch" he orders special ducks for him and Elaine at Poppies.

  • When Frank decides he's tired of Estelle's cooking he yells, "Give me that spatula!" He then grabs an egg, but no spatula.

  • Right under the huge banner reading "WELCOME JEWISH SINGLES", there are two crosses hung on the wall. Pretty funny.

  • George says that he put Risk Management Expert on his resume for the job with the Yankees. However, he gave them his resume when he was doing "the opposite" of everything in 5-22, and it's unlikely he would have lied. In fact, when he has the interview in that episode for the job, he is completely honest about all his other experience.

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