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  • Season 9 Episode 22: The Clip Show (2) (a.k.a....

  • When Jerry was doing the intro, there were laugh tracks. However, in the intro of the first part of the episode, there weren't laugh tracks.

  • During a sequence of the characters doing some dance moves set to the Michael Jackson song "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough," there is a shot of George, Elaine, and Jerry doing the swim move down a hallway. This is not a clip from any episode, but rather an outtake from the final episode that aired directly after the clipshow on NBC. The three characters are clearly wearing the same clothes as in the finale and are on one of the finale sets in the jail. In the background, you can see Michael Richards walking around.

  • In the version of "Good Riddance(time of your life)" used in this episode, its tempo is higher than the normal version of the original song. Meaning that the song used in this is a bit faster than the normal version found on the album, Nimrod. I compared both of the myself, and found that the Seinfeld "Good Riddance" turns out to be at least 19 or 20 seconds faster than the original.

  • Season 9 Episode 20: The Puerto Rican Day

  • You may recognize the actor who played 'Maroon Golf,' he was in the episode "The Engagement" in Season 7, he and Jerry were actually chatting when they were leaving the movie theatre.

  • Jerry uses the Kal Varnson in this episode, he used this name before in the episode "The Boyfriend (1)", he answers as Kal Varnson to pretend to be working for George's "pretend" Vandelay Industries.

  • As Elaine leaves the car in the beginning, Jerry says "You can't just leave the group!" to which Elaine replies "I've been trying to leave this group for ten years." In some syndications, this line is cut, and after Jerry says the line, she immediately says "Vaya con dios!"

  • After George gets his sunglasses, Jerry raises the potential of the laser beam to go in through the side of the glasses, saying, "Wouldn't it just bounce back and forth between the cornea and the mirror?" There is no mirror on the inside of sunglasses; if there was, people would not be able to see out through them!

  • Wouldn't a sparkler cause a flag to smolder instead of bursting it into an open flame?

  • Anyone notice that in syndication they cut out the whole subplot about Elaine's "sunday weekend windown routine"? There is only one reference to it when they are going under the bleachers, and it seems oddly out of place.

  • They say a joke isn't funny if you have to explain it. But the "con dios" reply was hilarious if you understand Kramer's wacky, not a renaissance-man type humor. I was roaring when I heard the joke. "Vaya con dios!" Kramer wrinkles his nose "Con dios? That was rude" Get it? He thinks it means something that it doesn't. That's the joke. It has nothing to do with the writers thinking no one will understand spanish. Quite the opposite, they think the viewers WILL understand that phrase.

  • I love Seinfeld, but the first scene, with the four driving down the freeway, was not incredibly well done. The major flaw occurs when Jerry cuts off Maroon Golf, and the group continues to stare at him to the right of Jerry's car. If they cut the man off, he should now be behind them. Not too realistic.

  • Season 9 Episode 19: The Maid

  • When Jerry and Elaine are playing the game "Battleship," Elaine call's a "hit," and Jerry puts a white peg on his board -- the peg should be red for a "hit."

  • This is the second episode in a row where George makes reference to eating an ostrich burger.

  • Just before storming out of Jerry's apartment, George says, "Say goodbye to Koko," and Jerry responds, "Goodbye Koko." Then Kramer enters and also appears to say, "Goodbye Koko." However, the voice dubbed in for this line is clearly not Michael Richards's.

  • Season 9 Episode 18: The Frogger

  • When Elaine is talking to Jerry about her missing her 4 o'clock sugar rush, the telephone cord switches from being under her arm to over.

  • When Jerry is talking to Elaine about thinking of breaking up with his girlfriend, Elaine is eating a cookie saying is the 4 o´clock dosis or whatever. Then Jerry says he will call his girlfriend to break up and Elaine tells him that those days are over and that he should go over to her place and break up with her in person. He says he´s afraid of the killer and Elaine says is still daylight.
    When Jerry finishes breaking up with his girlfriend he asks "what time is it?" and she says "9". He then asks "We´ve been breaking up for 10 hours?". If so, he would´ve had to be there since 11 am, but it was around 4 pm when Elaine told him to go, so it´s inaccurate.

  • When Slippery Pete, Shlomo, and Kramer are standing outside playing Frogger, the sign behind them says "Mario's Pizza"; however, earlier in the episode, when George and Jerry went in for their last slice, the sign outside read "Fine Roses Pizza".

  • Though George's Frogger high score is stated to be 860,000 points, the verified world record as of 2005, 7 years after this episode aired, was actually still less than 600,000 points.

  • When Jerry and George walk into the pizza place you can see the stores across the street when the door is open. If you look closely you see that the sign on the cleaners is backwards, like you are looking at it in a mirror.

  • When Elaine calls Jerry from her office, we can hear her co-workers singing "Happy Birthday" in the background. A few minutes later Peterman catches Elaine in his office saying it was a "get-well party."

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