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  • Season 9 Episode 18: The Frogger

  • In the episode, it is mentioned that Mario's Pizza was Jerry and George's old high-school hangout.
    George says that nobody's beaten him in ten years, when he sees the high-score still stands. In the episode "The Andrea Doria", George mentions he is 34. Which means the high score was achieved by him when he was 24. A bit old for high-school, isn't it?

  • If George had the highest score ever on that machine, how come he did not have any of the other top scores on the list. His initials "GLC" appears once in the top scores screen. Surely if he finished 1st he would have tried before hand and failed but would have at least made the other top spots.

  • When Jerry and George are watching the kid playing Frogger in Mario's, they cut to the game screen. . . where you can clearly see that the high score matches the current score of the kid playing: 7200 -- Georges score was 860,000. This wasn't posted on the screen until Jerry and George witness the score roster.

  • There are no versions of the old "Frogger" arcade game that kept initials. They only kept the Top 5 high scores and no initials.

  • Season 9 Episode 17: The Bookstore

  • Two commercials featuring Seinfeld alumni ran during the original showing of this episode. First, an ad for the movie "My Giant" features a scene with Estelle Harris as Billy Crystal's character's Aunt Rose; and second, an ad for the Seville STS with Patrick Warburton as a motorcycle riding policeman pulling over someone's car so he can admire it.

  • This episode marks the second appearance of Rebecca DeMornay, the worker at the homeless shelter. In this episode, she refuses to take George's book that was flagged for being in the bathroom.

    She also appeared in "The Muffin Tops" (season 8, episode 21) and was upset with Elaine for donating only the muffin stumps to the homeless.

  • Goof: In one of the opening scenes that features Kramer doing a series of random things in Jerry's apartment, Kramer has attached a hose to the kitchen sink and is apparently putting out a fire in one of the back rooms. As he pulls on the hose, the sink is clearly moving and is not attached to the counter.

  • Interestingly; Zach is addicted to drugs and Peterman just tells Elaine to help him get off it but when he thought Elaine was an addict back in "The Shower Head", he is furious and comes close to firing her.

  • Kramer said that he once met a horse named Rusty. He did meet one in "The Rye".

  • This is the only episode in which we see one of Jerry's bicycles get any use -- Kramer rides it around Jerry's apartment in the opening scenes. Normally these bicycles are just decorative, hanging beside Jerry's washroom entrance.

  • The music playing when Peterman wows the crowd with his dancing is the exact same song to which Elaine danced using the "little kicks" the previous year, in the episode of the same name.

  • Being forced to buy the book, and unable to return it or even donate it, George decides to steal another book and return that one, in order to even things up. This is very similar to Season 3's "The Stranded." In that episode, George claims that the cashier at a drugstore shortchanged him by $10, and attempts to shoplift Jerry's cold medicine in order to settle the score.

  • Jerry says that Elaine is going to the "annual" Peterman party - the one where she danced last year. However, in "The Little Kicks," when Elaine was running the company, she explained that she had simply decided to throw a party to reward her employees. Peterman might have liked the idea and kept it, but this was only the first time having this party under Peterman's management.

  • When Newman careens down the hill in the rickshaw, he's actually rolling down Bunker Hill in downtown Los Angeles. You can see the One Wilshire building in the background for a few frames, after he collides with Zach.

  • Season 9 Episode 16: The Burning

  • Although Puddy is revealed to be religious in this episode; back in "The Face Painter" he not only threatened a priest but painted the devil on his face.

  • At the start of the episode, when Elaine pulls away from the curb in Puddy's car, Puddy disappears from the background. This is because stock footage was used for the scene out the car's back window, as opposed to shooting new footage including Puddy.

  • In this episode, Elaine says, "That's about right," in reference to Kramer's fake ailment. In Episode 73, The Masseuse, Jerry says the same thing in reference to Elaine.

  • When Elaine is asking Puddy if he's religious, he has his hands on the couch; however, in the next shot his arms are at his sides.

  • The picture in Puddy's apartment of the large-haired women is the same one used in Elaine's apartment in "The Voice".

  • Very early in this episode where George,Elaine and Jerry are talking,you can see whenever they have a shot of Jerry he has mustard and ketchup right by him,but when it goes to George he doesn't have it in front of him.And then when Elaine enters they have a longer veiw of the table and you can't see the mustard and ketchup next to Jerry.Mabye this is just the camera angeling,but I'm pretty sure they messed up.

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