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  • Season 9 Episode 15: The Wizard

  • Jerry says that he hasn't seen Kramer work in "a long while" but he had a job at a bagel shop just a few episodes ago in "The Strike".

  • When Elaine is talking to George and Jerry about Darryl possibly being black, her purse switches from being on her shoulder to not being visible at all.

  • George quickly makes up names for his fake horses. One is named "Prickly Pete". Just a few episodes later in "The Frogger", George is introduced to Kramer's nemesis "Slippery Pete".

  • Morty uses the Wizard to calculate a tip in the restauraunt, which at 12.4%, means a "$4.36666" tip. There is no value of a meal which, at that rate, yields that size tip: the meal would have cost between $35.21 and $35.22.

  • If you watch Mr. Ross closely at Monks after Elaine leaves you can clearly see him having his hands behind his back one second and the VERY next shot shows him immediately having his hands in his pockets.

  • Season 9 Episode 14: The Strongbox

  • Kramer mentions that one of the items he plans to store in the strongbox is his Tony award. This is a reference to the episode "The Summer of George" (season 8, episode 22), when Kramer was mistakenly awarded a Tony.

  • At the end of the episode during the Castle Rock logo Kramer can be heard to say "Really one for the books."

  • It's very unlikely that Glenn's welfare case worker would be unaware that he is married, yet she seems unphased when Elaine makes it obvious that she is dating Glenn, and the case worker makes no mention to Elaine that he's married.

  • It seems unlikely that Kramer would be invited to the Friar's Club roast that Jerry is going to, yet, for some reason, he's also wearing a tuxedo.

  • Jerry and Kramer are wearing tuxedos to go to the Friar's Club function, and George says that it's going to be a busy night. In the next scene, when George is at Monk's with Alison, his comments reveal that he's already been out with both of them. However, when Maura comes in, she comments that George asked her to meet him there for lunch, implying that it's only the afternoon. Then, when Jerry and Kramer go to the pet cemetery it's clearly night. There is obviously a bit of a continuity problem here.

  • When Elaine is in the sidewalk talking to Jerry, he has the living room window wide open and he is leaning over the frame to speak to Elaine. In future scenes we see the front of the building with the windows covered by mosquito shades.

  • When Kramer is somewhat attacked by the parrot outside in the hall, he rushes back in to Jerry's Apartment and slams the door but it seems to re-open and close again. Also when Phil closes the door sometimes in this episode it looks like the 5E is going to fall off.

  • Season 9 Episode 13: The Cartoon

  • When Kramer first tells Jerry that "it's time for silence" George inexplicably yells, "Silence…yes!" This exclamation seems completely out of place, especially considering that it garners absolutely no reaction from either of Jerry or Kramer, and that immediately following making the comment, George begins to listen intently to the conversation.

  • The order of the last scenes is different in syndication. In the original, the epilogue has Jerry and George at Monk's. He has already run out of Janet's apartment and George says, "We...must never ever speak of this again.." That scene has been excised. The aforementioned scene that has Janet and George in her apartment where he sees her with her hair cut, now appears as the epilogue (and frankly is a better ending). In the original it appeared BEFORE the last scene in Jerry's apartment with Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer watching the Sally special on cable.

  • In "The Doll", Sally is a "big executive for FedEx", why/when/how would she become a struggling actress/comic?

  • i noticed this .when jerry and kramer are talking and kramer says one of us should leave ...just before that ..the bottom side of the refrigerator is open and like a couple seconds later it's closed ....

  • Sally tells Kramer in the coffee shop that she had just been recognized for her show; didn't Newman recognize to her when she was in the coffee shop earlier with Jerry?

  • Kramer takes only 16 seconds to shave off his moustache.

  • Season 9 Episode 12: The Reverse Peephole

  • During the original broadcast of this episode, one of the commercials featured Jason Alexander advertising the, then new, Intel Pentium II processor.

  • In this episode, whenever we're shown the inside of Kramer's apartment via the peephole looking in, there's what appears to be a living room immediately in front of the door. However, when Kramer opens the door a wall is in its place, contradicting what the peephole reveals.

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