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  • Season 9 Episode 12: The Reverse Peephole

  • Throughout the episode there are a few times where George mentions he keeps all the receipts he gets, and that's why his wallet is so fat. But when he, Jerry and Elaine are sitting in the coffee shop, and the waitress brings him his change and a receipt, he clearly and deliberately empties the change into his wallet, but leaves the receipt on the change-dish. oops...

  • In the original broadcast, Jerry asks George why he has Irish money in his wallet. Yet in the repeat Jerry wonders why he has a free coupon from an Exxon.

  • Season 9 Episode 11: The Dealership

  • The $0.75 cent remark may not have been a mistake, George may have been vying for another quarter.

  • When George complains to the manager about the mechanic that stole his Twix bar, he says that he wants his $0.75 back; however, when George looks to see what number the twix bar is, the price says $0.50.

  • George shares an anecdote about how his father once ended up buying a Le Car. However, he repeatedly pronounces the French word, le as les (pronounced lay). Although they both mean "the", les is plural.

  • Jerry calls Elaine frantically to tell her to get back together with Puddy. She asks, "Who is this?" and Jerry bangs the receiver against the base of the phone. Elaine threatens to "hang this phone up right now" and after hanging up, Jerry messes up his hair in frustration. This is very similar to multiple phone calls in earlier episodes, only George is usually the frantic one and Jerry cool and sarcastic.

  • George claims that the mechanic has a short name and tries repeatedly to remember it. However, the only name tag the mechanic has says 'Saab', the name of the car manufacturer.

  • Regarding the Candy Lineup:

    1) After the mechanic allegedly buys a Twix and gets George's along with it, George returns to find out that there are none left. If that's the case, how did George get more Twix bars, let alone enough to set up an entire 'lineup' of Twix?

    2) How do a bunch of customers get into what Puddy describes as the employees only copy room to eat the candy bars?

  • Early in the episode George asks for money from Jerry to buy a snack from the machine, and says that because he's there to help Jerry, Jerry should pay for his snack. However, he never says that he doesn't have his own money, and when Jerry's dollar doesn't work, he should be able to use his own.

  • It could just be that Rick (the guy driving around with Kramer) was a little out of his mind, but when he tried to fill up the car with gas, the engine was running. Not a wise move.

  • Early the episode, the mechanic is wearing a blue jumpsuit with no name tag. Later, he appears with a Saab patch sewn to the jumpsuit in place of a name tag. Later still, the patch has vanished again.

  • Season 9 Episode 10: The Strike

  • (introducing himself to Gwen)
    Jerry: Hi. I'm Jerry. You might not know it to look at me, but I can run really...really fast.

    This most likely is a reference to Season 6 episode "The Race".

  • "Festivus: The Holiday for the Rest of Us" is the name of a book by Allen Salkin about the celebration of Festivus in the real world.

  • Jerry says that Gwen always looks good when sitting in the back booth at the coffee shop, and that he'll try to always sit there with her. However, the two subsequent times that they eat there, they sit in the booth directly behind the cash register.

  • At the Festivus meal, Mr Kruger recognizes Kramer as Dr Van Nostren. This is a clever reference to "The Slicer," when Kramer, in his butcher coat, poses as a dermatologist doing a cancer screening, to help George get a picture of Kruger with his shirt off.

  • Frank said that for Festivus, everyone tells how the people at the table have disappointed them. However, at the end, Frank is the only one who does this, and they go on to the feats of strength.

    NOTE: Actually, he says that you gather your family around you and tell them all the ways they have disappointed you -- in other words, it is only the head of the family that has this privilege.

  • When Elaine is at the betting place where she has her standard fake phone number, a sign on the glass window says "No Spoken Bets Allowed." However, once she gives the guys Kramer's number, she places a verbal bet at Belmont, without any paperwork!

    The sign says "No Verbal Bets Allowed." but any one who's ever been to the track or an OTB knows that the only way to bet is to verbally say what horse you want to bet on unless you use an automated machine which wasn't available at that OTB.

  • When Elaine looks at Kramer's original H&H bagel business card that he claimed was from 10 years ago when he worked there, the card says "Cosmo Kramer" bagel technician. If the card was printed 10 years earlier, why would it have his first name on it, which he never used and kept secret from everyone until two years earlier.

  • At the end when Kruger calls Kramer "van Nostrand". Kramer agrees quietly, but when Frank announces the feets of strength, he says the one wrestling him is "Mister Kramer," but why didn't Kruger seem suspicious.

  • Season 9 Episode 9: The Apology

  • At the end of the episode it says that Michael Fishman played Gregg, and while Michael was in the episode, you never heard his name, he was only in one scene asking for ice cream

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