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  • Season 9 Episode 9: The Apology

  • Peggy is presented as a germaphobe, but in reality she isn't -- she is merely concerned about catching something from Elaine because of Elaine's promiscuous lifestyle. For example, Peggy readily drinks water from the bottle that Walter has just drunk from, not the act of a germaphobe.

  • Jerry gives Kramer a steak from the fridge even though in "The Robbery" Jerry says he never carries meat in his fridge.

  • When Elaine laughs at George for telling the "you'll stretch the neck out" story, she says "You do have a big head." Apparently she would know, because in the previous season's "The Andrea Doria" episode, Elaine was told she had a big head by her ex-boyfriend, a cab driver and a man on a park bench.

  • When George is tricked into going to ragaholics anonymous, the actor playing the man at the podium speaking is David Dunard, you may also see him way back in Season 3 "The Parking Garage", he played the security guard who caught Jerry and George urinating in the parking lot. He also makes an appearance in the series finale, playing his security guard character again.

  • Viewer Kim Babij, noticed that in the scene where Melissa goes to get the jar of pickles... they didn't quite frame the shot properly because you can see the waistband of her skin-colored body-suit.

  • Mellisa's cleavage can be see in at least two scenes of this episode. However, for some reason (i don't know if this is a syndication thing or if it was like this when it first aired on NBC) when Mellisa takes Jerry's bike down, her cleavage is blurred out. Weird.

  • It seems a bit strange and contradicting that Puddy, a recovered germophobe, would work as a Mechanic with all the grease, dirt & oil...

  • Season 9 Episode 8: The Betrayal

  • Elaine tells Elaine that "Jugdish" is how to say Jerry in "Indian". However, there is no language called Indian. Furthermore, most languages do not have direct translations of English names.

    I think a lot people would call Hindi "Indian" when they're as drunk as Elaine was.

  • When Sue Ellen is pleased to see Elaine, Elaine cites the reasons why they "hate each other", namely that Sue Ellen doesn't wear a bra and is tall. Sue Ellen's previous appearances were in Season 7's "The Caddy" and "The Bottle Deposit (1)", and in Season 8's "The Abstinence". Although "The Caddy" deals with Sue Ellen's habit of not wearing a bra and how this infuriates Elaine, neither in that episode, nor in either of the other two, is there any references to Sue Ellen's height being a source of annoyance for Elaine.

  • At the end of the episode, upon just moving into his apartment, Jerry, having read his name on the mailbox, calls Kramer, "Kessler". This is a reference to the fact that Kramer's name was originally going to be Kessler, and that Jerry even calls him by that name in the pilot.

  • On the plane, George says that he and Jerry have been friends since the fourth grade; however, in "The Outing," they explain that they met in high school gym class. CORRECTION: Actually, in "The Outing," they explain to the NYU reporter that they met "in a gym locker room" (which plays into the theme of the episode) not a high school gym class. The meeting could easily have taken place in fourth grade, according to their description.

  • It doesn't make any sense that Newman would pick up a Vogue magazine just as he's sitting down to blow out his candles. EDIT: I think it does. He's about to blow out the candles to make a wish and his wish was to go out with the model in the cover. So eventually, he got his wish.

  • In the end we learn where George got the line "You can stuff your sorries in a sack, mister" that he's been using on Jerry throughout--Susan had used it on him two years earlier. But where did Susan learn it from? Perhaps she saw episode #98 of "The Odd Couple" where both Felix and Oscar use it on each other. (God, I hate when True Classic Television isn't given its proper credit!)

  • When Kramer tells George and Jerry that FDR had been giving him a dirty look, they ask if it was the stink-eye or crook-eye. These are references to Season 8's "The Van Buren Boys." In that episode Kramer tells that a guy at Lorenzo's Pizza was giving him the stink-eye, and that he had countered with the crook-eye.

  • We never learn the real reason Elaine was invited to the wedding.

  • On the plane to India, George and Nina are sitting next to each other and Elaine is sitting near them, but across the aisle. Jerry is sitting by himself elsewhere on the plane. If Elaine bought all four tickets, why are the seats scattered and not all together?
    Probably Elaine got an extra ticket for Jerry because he does not like to fly in the economy class.

  • It seems odd that Elaine would have bought four tickets to India without knowing if anyone else is going to come with her.

  • Viewer Tom Smith notes that when Elaine enters Jerry's apartment, indignant because of her late notice "nonvite / unvitation" to Sue Ellen Mischke's wedding, she wonders, "if Pinter Ranawat is related to that guy I dated, Peter Ranawat." Jerry replies, "Ah, it's probably like Smith over there." OVER WHERE?? Elaine hadn't yet mentioned that the wedding was in India.

    EDIT: We assume Jerry knew Ranawat was an Indian name. So he said over there, cause that's where he was India.

  • It could just be because Elaine's completely drunk, but she asks Jerry, "You know what 'Jerry' is in Indian?" There is no such language as Indian; she should have said
    "in Hindi."

  • I don't think the Mad About You episode necessarily contradicts the fact that Kramer moved into the building before Jerry. Paul and Kramer seemed friendly, and it's not unreasonable that they kept in touch, in which case Kramer would have to had mentioned Jerry at some point.

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