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  • Season 9 Episode 8: The Betrayal

  • In the scene where Elaine enters the apartment with the "unvitation/non-vite," Kramer (already freaked out by the idea that FDR might wish him dead) makes a noise as the opening door almost hits him. The shot then cuts to Elaine -- Kramer is no longer behind her, but he couldn't have left the room that quickly.

  • On a side note: Paul Buchman's Uncle Arnold on Mad About You (Citizen Buchman) was played by none other than Len Lesser, aka Uncle Leo. Does this make Jerry and Paul related somehow? haha.

  • This episodes establishes that Kramer already lived across the hall when Jerry moved in, but on "Mad About You", Kramer was subletting from Paul, and asked "if that guy Jerry still lived across the hall who was trying to make it as a comedian". This implies that Jerry had moved in before Kramer since he was already living there when Paul lived in Kramer's apartment.

  • Syndication edit: The ending where Jerry and Kramer first meet is edited to remove Jerry accidentally calling Kramer "Kessler".

  • Season 9 Episode 7: The Slicer

  • Before Elaine is awakened by her neighbor's alarm, she has a dream where she's in bed with Jerry, George and Kramer. This scene is edited from the syndicated version.

  • Goof: When Elaine thinks it's her alarm clock buzzing, we see it's 3:30 but seconds later when she screams, the clock shows 3:29 !!!

  • Nitpick: Kramer estimates that the space under Elaine's neighbor's door is about half a millimeter. In actual fact, it's at least a full centimeter - 20 times as much as Kramer suggests.

  • Elaine and Kramer blew the electric circuit attached to her neighbor's apartment using a paperclip in the outlet in the hall. However, later in the episode, when they go back to feed the cat, they use Kramer's slicer. But because they'd blown the circuit, they technically shouldn't have anywhere to plug it in.
    When they try to blow the circuit the light goes out in the hallway, so the power must have been out for the whole building. Obviously, the power was restored before they used the slicer in the hallway.

  • Elaine says that woman whose apartment smells like potatoes went out of town and left her alarm on. However, later, when Kramer pulls off Elaine's doorknob, he accidentally opens the neighbor's door across the hall. He exclaims "That's a lot of potatoes!" and then a man's voice screams back. Apparently, Elaine was mistaken about which apartment was responsible for the potato smell.

  • George says the "boom-box incident" occurred in 1989, back when he still had hair. But, the episode "Good News, Bad News" was from 1989 and George was STILL bald!

    In 1989 George was bald, plus he was rather slim, Kruger states that George was a pear shaped loser then.

  • The door that Kramer slides the meat through for the cat looked like it was about 2 inches off the ground. In that case, it was pointless to bring the slicer. They could have just bought some regular lunch meat.

  • In the episode, the characters say Dr. "Sederedes", not Seredes, as it is shown on this page.

  • Season 9 Episode 6: The Merv Griffin Show

  • When Elaine gives the Tic Tacs to her co-worker, every time he walks around, you hear a rattling sound; however, the first time she gives it to him and he walks to the door there is no sound.

  • When Kramer "takes a break" to warn Jerry about his questionable content, the music he plays is the theme music for the pilot of "Jerry" from season 4, episode 24 (The Pilot - Part 2).

  • Kramer plays his pre-recorded theme music as George enters, and eventually, a voice comes on and says "Turn music off". This is the second time this joke has been used. A similar instruction was recorded on the tape of banjo music Kramer used for his "Peterman Reality Tour" in Season 8's "The Muffin Tops".

  • an entire scene cut from syndication: Kramer asks Jerry about the fact that he didn't have a G.I. Joe when he was younger... in the syndication, it cuts right to a scene of all of them just sitting; the real scene involves Jerry saying 'yeah I had an Army Pete; he'd welt up when it'd rain'; Kramer then replies '...and we all know how painful that can be!'.

  • Not really a goof, but in the scene where all four of our heroes are featured in Kramer's apartment 'on set', George has just joined them and is telling them how he ran into a flock of pigeons, Kramer says "OK let's take a break!" and proceeds to scoff down some chips and Diet Coke. To watch him do this as the others watch on is absolutely hilarious and I think he burps slightly. At this point, watch George very closely as Jason Alexander can't hold back the laughter anymore! It's quick, but it's there!

  • Season 9 Episode 5: The Junk Mail

  • Jerry asked Kramer for the keys to his van, Kramer tells him he gave the keys to Frank so he could get rid of George's stuff. Yet George is seen driving the van with his cousin in it. Frank comes on the van and says that Kramer parked the car in the woods to avoid paying for parking. How did George get the keys? And why would Kramer park the van in the woods if he already gave the keys to Frank?

  • When Kramer finally convinces Jerry to take out an ad to sell the van, he sits at the table and fishes out a pen and some paper. At this point, there isn't anything on the table. But when the shot changes, there is a piece of paper on the table that wasn't there before.

  • Jerry spots Elaine's boyfriend, The Wiz, on an old taped commercial, stops the tape, then shows the commercial to Elaine, from the beginning, without rewinding the tape.

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