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  • Season 1 Episode 1: The Seinfeld Chronicles

  • Kramer was called "Kessler" because the real Kramer (Kenny Kramer, not Michael Richards) did not want his name to be in the show. After the pilot, Jerry said to Larry that the name had to be Kramer, because it just sounded funnier, so after a lot of work it finally became Kramer.

    The coffee shop in which Jerry and George are was not intended to be implied [by viewers] as "Monk's". It has been said that Monk's and Pete's are two totally different shops. That explains why we never see the waitress, Claire, again. (Taken from "Notes About Nothing")

    The character of Elaine was not cast as of this episode. After the pilot NBC said to Jerry and Larry that they could make four more episodes, but only if they bring in a female character into the cast.

  • Notice that when Jerry's door is open in this episode, there is no door or apartment for Kramer across the hall. It's just a wall with a Cuba picture.

  • Correction to the microphone wire goof, that cannot be a microphone because if it was he would have a big thing in the back of his pants like they do on talk shows. They use boom mics that go above the actors in tv sitcoms.

  • A note on the white lab, I don't think that's Jerry's dog because Kramer takes responsibility for it. When it goes into the bathroom, Kramer says, "Ah, he's getting a drink of water," as if it's his or he's watching it for somebody. Plus, Kramer is with the dog when it enters Jerry's apartment.

  • It was reported that this episode was the least/lowest watched (rating wise) episode in all of NBC's television history.

  • Response to Kramer: Chances are Jerry was making a joke, but when Jerry actually make that comment, Kramer becomes a little uneasy, as if Jerry believes that it's true, but Kramer knows otherwise.

  • This is the 1st episode, we might as well count the way the apartment looked and everything else as goofs. They were just experimenting to get the feel right.

  • In an early episode, George mentions that he has a brother. In later episodes, he mentions that he is an only child.

  • This is in addition to the one about Kramer not being out of the building for 10 years. The Pilot aired in 1989. This means that Kramer supposedly has not left the building since 1979. However, in episode 34 - The Boyfriend (1), Newman and Kramer tell Jerry and Elaine about the time Keith Hernandez spit on them after a Mets/Phillies game. When, you ask? June 14th, 1987.

  • In this episode, Jerry states that Kramer hasn't been out of the building in ten years. How would Jerry know that? According to the episode "The Betrayal", Jerry has only lived in this apartment building for 11 years and if Kramer hasn't left the building in ten years (from the time this episode was made), that means Kramer has lived there much longer than Jerry has, and Jerry REALLY has no proof of Kramer not being out of the building in ten years. Kramer could have simply TOLD Jerry that, but in all factuality, Jerry cannot prove this. (Pierce15)

  • [fou_original] In the first scene, pay attention to Jerry's shirt. Albeit consistently unbuttoned, the top part of his shirt subtly opens and closes between takes.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: The Stakeout

  • The song that Helen is humming as the Scrabble scene begins is "I Got Plenty o' Nuthin'" from George Gershwin's folk opera Porgy and Bess. It is appropriate that she is humming it since, as we learn, she indeed has "plenty o' nuthin'" as far as Scrabble tiles are concerned.

  • Monk's was nominated for the 2004 TV Land Award for Favorite Greasy Spoon, and, for the 2006 TV Land Award for Most Happening Greasy Spoon Or Hangout.

  • The show was nominated for the 2004 TV Land Award for Favorite Instrumental Theme Song.

  • First episode of Seinfeld to show a car scene.

  • Jerry tells his parents that he and Elaine didn't have the right physical chemistry. However, in "The Deal" they both agree that the sexual element of their relationship had been quite good. Also, in "The Mango," Jerry is shocked that Elaine had "faked" with him, citing "panting, breathing, moaning, and screaming" to question her claim. It seems from these two episodes that their physical chemistry was more than satisfactory.

  • When George suggests the name "Bert Harbinson," Jerry replies that it "sounds made up." In "The Reverse Peephole," Kramer says the same thing about "Joe Mayo," a real person.

  • The episode begins with Jerry and Elaine browsing through movies at the video store. As a joke, Jerry shows Elaine the box of an adult movie he took from a rack in the adult section. Elaine looks at it, and says that it would make a good gag gift for her friend Pamela's birthday. She then hangs onto it for the remainder of the scene, seemingly planning to buy it for her friend, and she brings a gift wrapped package, about the size of that videotape to Pamela's party. It seems odd that Elaine would be able to buy an x-rated video (or any video for that matter,) right off the shelf from a video store. The movies in video stores are typically for renting, and cannot be purchased simply because the customer wants it.

  • When Jerry comes home, his parents are lying on a bed, presumably a pull-out couch, in the middle of the living room, and Jerry makes a remark about finding his parents in his bed. He also says that he will be sleeping at Kramer's place. However, in later episodes, Jerry has his own bedroom. I deleted the part that says he never uses his sofa as a bed again because he does in "The Raincoats".

  • In the opening scene, two women walk past Jerry and Elaine in the video store.
    If you look closely you could see the two women stepping off the set.

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