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Sell This House

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Tanya Memme hosts this how-to reality show that helps homeowners stage their too-long-on-the-market homes for sale. Prospective buyers are taped by hidden cameras during an open house, and their comments provide the basis for changes in redecorating and staging the house. After the transformation, which is designed by Roger Hazard, the prospective buyers return to comment on the changes.

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AIRED ON 7/25/2009

Season 7 : Episode 6

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    Feels like a lot of ANAMOSITY-IN-THE-AIR and a bunch of DRUMMED-UP to say the very LEAST! I am so sorry to say it, because I LOVE home improvement shows! But, EXTREME HOME MAKE-OVER HOME EDITION puts you guys to shame so bad it's laughable!

    So, in stead of stepping it up in the vision & quality department, the show's directors or writer's or producer's obviously decided it was best to drown the audience in the horror of controversy and bickering and obviously fake and phony DRAMA QUEEN behavior! Which, neither broadens the interest or excitement and certainly not our respect for any of the crew or home owners.

    I hate it. The ONLY "EXTREME" level of anything being brought on to the show very OBVIOUS LOW-BUDGET drama and fighting is DISRUPTIVE and INCOHESIVE. And, it really gives the impression that the HOME OWNERS opinions are unimportant and their idea of style or desires for their own home, are totally not respected or given a second thought!

    On one particular episode I watched "San Antonio Texas" house gets a new kitchen, in which they actually did get much more, it seemed, they added SO MUCH PINK to the house, it was really unbelievable! Maybe, the families wife demanded it, but that fact was not made clear to the viewer. And, the finished product was an eye sore and puke-able! (Is that even a word? NO! But, that house wasn't handled by a REAL Design Team, either!)

    Anyway, I am just so disturbed and disgruntled by the show's episode, that I may never watch again! And, Home Make-over was a show I would DVR and watch on week nights and weekends and ANYTIME! I just found it that satisfying and enjoyable! But, I HATE your show.

    I may watch a few more episodes to critique them and to give it a chance for SHOW IMPROVEMENT, forget Home Improvement!

    Last but not least, the way they inform the home owners of the deflated VALUE of their homes, again feels like very unnecessarily treatment. There really has to be a more diplomatic and positively motivating way to go about that process.

    The whole show at this point, is just WRONG and needs a COMPLETE OVERHAUL itself!

    Good luck with that! I guarantee the show will be cancelled in no time. It seems "SELL THIS HOUSE" writer's and producer's need much, much more than a make-over, THEMSELVES! In fact, SOMEONE, should prescribe an ENIMA and a BATTERING RAM to the maker's headquarters, themselves!

    You need a wake-up call! And, I'm 1000% positive, you will have just NO TIME!

    I'm very sorry for my harsh comment. But, someone had to say it. And, I have no gain for saying what I have. In fact, I would lose, because I LOVE home improvement shows!

    Take good care & GOOD LUCK!


    Tina Chastain

  • Keep Sell this House

    I want the production company to know that we want them to keep Sell This House. This is one of the better design shows. And there aren't many design shows left. I hope that we can somehow get through to the producers that they really need to keep the original Sell this House, half-hour staging show. It's so much nicer than the new Extreme. And please put it back on Saturday mornings. We miss it so much!moreless
  • Sale This House Extreme

    My husband and I have been watching the show and we were a little disappointed that Roger left. We have been fans of Sale This House. We enjoy the show but at times wish they would not try to be so goofy and just stick to the renovations. There are a couple things about the show that I wouldn't mind if they changed. The first one is to stop with the video of people walking through the house. They already know they will be remolding the house so to me there is no reason to watch what people say. Second is the designer Daniel Kucan, I wish they had more then one designer for the show. Kucan seems to be stuck in the 50's and 60's style. Although this style maybe the latest thing out there it doesn't always fit the house and is a real let down to see the same style in each home. Including and open kitchen floor plan. It's almost like you already know what they will do before they do it. The home owners express the same as they watch their house go back to the fifties. Although they claim to like it when the remodel is done, I don't buy it. It's one thing to put in fifty style furniture but cabinets, light fixtures and colors are not always easy to changes and that alone could stop someone from buying the home. My husband and I like Tanya she had always made us laugh and we really enjoyed how Roger and Tanya got along in each show. On Extreme I feel like Tanya has been pushed to the side a little and I wonder if that is the way she wanted it? I think Tanya has a lot of great ideals and learned a lot from Roger that can be used in the shows. We also like Charlie, his humor is good but don't see a need for the drama. After reading this I'm sure it sounds like I hate the show but that's is not the case at all. My husband and I enjoy watching the makeovers and if some of my suggestions were to be used the show would be even better!! :)moreless
  • help me! watching Extreme sell this house..

    I am watching the show, and I am getting ready to get up and sleep in my car! I understand that it's important to have a bathroom on the first floor. I am currently in a hospital bed and I do have 1 bath, and it's on the first floor. So I am stranded on my first floor 24/7! And I'm going crazy! I don't have a means to fix this house, so I could just get back, the costs that I'm paying taxes on! I am watching the crew rip into cabinets and destroy tiling and other things that I would give anything to have at all:(

    I inherited the house from my parents. I am currently paying the mortgage, I inherited with the house! I am in a hospital bed currently downstairs and I don't think I've been upstairs, or in the basement in over a year.

    I am just unable to do anything to get the house looking livable, neither physically or financially,not to mention emotionally. I have asked for help from everyone I know, and including the Salvation Army,etc..

    I have a hard time getting up out of my bed, mainly because I don't have anything to do in my house. I am pretty much living on one floor. So I can walk 10ft, to the bathroom, or the kitchen( was add on she'd). So I can barely stretch my legs.

    I'm really depressed that I have no choice but to stay here, or I am homeless. So I am paying for the house and I only use the bed, and bathroom.

    **Personal: When I watch the show, and I always do(its ok to dream)? I usually get very depressed,because I am watching ppl rip out , tear down, and demo things that I would be so grateful for.. I'm going to die in this spot, in this house that I was born in, and I don't even want to stay here. I am pretty sure you are never going to get this message. But I am feeling better, just sending you a note on your page and I would be a seriously grateful viewer/ I bet that you never imagined that you might be able to save a I am pretty sure that I'm not going to be able to live like this too much longer, and I wonder if you have ever been to Philadelphia, in the hood! But next to the new casino,SUGAR HOUSE, PROPERTY HERE IS WANTED!!

    Maggie Razzi


  • Sell This House Extreme

    I used to look forward to Sell This House on Saturday mornings with Tanya and Roger. All of a sudden they have this big mouth and very annoying carpenter and phony "Oh no!" moments. It seems that they are following so many "reality" shows that are anything but real. I cannot even stand to watch it. It lacks the charm that it had before.
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