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Episode Guide

    • Seattle, WA - Candace & Mark Ives
      Seattle, WA - Candace & Mark Ives
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Candace and Mark Ives were having trouble selling their house in Seattle because the living room was dark and cluttered, the bookshelves and tables were crammed with figurines and pictures, the kitchen looked dated, and the master bedroom had red walls, giving it a closed-in feeling. Candace was eight months pregnant, and the couple wants to move to Minnesota to be closer to family once the baby is born.moreless
    • Altadena, CA - Frances & Gordon Stong
      Potential homebuyers do not find the retro look of Frances and Gordon Stong's home in Altadena, California, appealing. Roger tears down the patio monkey cage and rearranges the furniture to bring the house into the 21st century.
    • Santa Monica, CA - Tanya Memme
      Santa Monica, CA - Tanya Memme
      Season 6 - Episode 16
      Tanya Memme is getting married, but is having trouble selling her house in Santa Monica. Roger Hazard knows just what to do. This special episode features Tanya's family and friends as well as her fiancé.
    • Tucson, AZ - Les, Gordon & Juan
      Tucson, AZ - Les, Gordon & Juan
      Season 5 - Episode 30
      Les, Gordon and Juan have so much stuff cluttering up their home that potential homebuyers are too distracted to see what a beautiful house they actually have. Roger is able to help them pack their belongings and showcase the house so it can be sold.
    • Los Angeles, CA - Carolyn
      Los Angeles, CA - Carolyn
      Season 4 - Episode 26
      Carolyn's spacious home in Los Angeles was too large for one person to manage, so she decided to sell it and buy a smaller place. There was no interest from prospective buyers, so Roger uses some simple staging and fresh paint as well as the addition of new shelves in the master suite, with some assistance from Chad, to help make Carolyn's house more inviting.moreless
    • Edmunds, WA - Linda & Jose
      Edmunds, WA - Linda & Jose
      Season 4 - Episode 25
      Linda and Jose are finding it difficult to find a buyer for their large five-bedroom home located in a popular suburb of Seattle. They had been living in the house for nearly 30 years and need to downsize because their children have moved out. Roger, Tanya and design assistant Chad update the house, pack up the collectibles, add new paint, and rearrange the furniture.moreless
    • Philadelphia, PA - Dmitry
      Philadelphia, PA - Dmitry
      Season 5 - Episode 19
      Roger and Tanya help Dmitry turn his cold and uninviting condo, including the huge mirror in the living room, into a home that is different from every other house on the block so it will appeal to homebuyers.
    • Mercer Island, WA - Teresa & Reed Collingwood
      The Collingwood family had lived at their large Mercer Island home for 12 years. It was in a desirable secluded neighborhood just over the bridge from Seattle. Homes in this neighborhood normally sold within two weeks on the market, but for some reason this house with its stylish living room, lush backyard and large deck had been on the market for over a year and a half. Roger Hazard was ready to step up to the challenge. He made Rob clear out the spare room he'd been crashing in. He took some extra furniture for the downstairs, and toned down the room's blue carpet with a strong gray drop cloth used as a linen. After a few furniture adjustments to each room, the place was ready for action.moreless
    • Salt Lake City, UT - Faeth & Scott
      Season 4 - Episode 13
      Located in the Sugarhill District, Faeth's little cottage near downtown Salt Lake City needs to be updated so she can sell it and marry Scott. Roger and Tanya declutter her overcrowded dining room, deal with the unfinished kitchen, and remove the black furniture from the living room.
    • Broomfield, CO - Brenda & Jeremy
      Season 6 - Episode 8
      Roger helps newlyweds Brenda and Jeremy bring their boring house, that is stuck in the eighties, to the present day.
    • Nashville, TN - Christy & Drew
      Season 5 - Episode 17
      Christy and Drew have been trying to sell their house for quite while and have already bought their next house. Roger Hazard determines the colors of the rooms are turning buyers away as well as the appearance of their kitchen, which is decorated like their favorite restaurant.
    • San Diego, CA - Michelle & Kenny Wynn
      Michelle and Kenny are trying to sell their house in San Diego that has plastic on the furniture and burn marks on the ceiling. Roger's plans include rearranging the entire house, swapping furniture in every room, and highlighting the house's best features.

    • Louisville, KY - Todd & Joanna Sheehan
      Newlyweds Todd and Joanna want to move out of Todd's bachelor pad and into a larger house, no one is interested. Roger tears down wallpaper and adds new pieces of furniture to give new life to their tired three-bedroom, two-bath house.
    • Vashon Island, WA - Marnie Jones
      Season 6 - Episode 11
      After 15 years of running a bed & breakfast that had been an historic church in Vashon Island, Washington, Marnie Jones has decided to sell her home. Potential home buyers think her house still looks too much like a church, so Roger's challenge is to change their minds.
    • Austin, TX
      Austin, TX
      Season 7 - Episode 6

      Roger Hazard stages a home in Austin, which is located near a park and a university.

    • Coconut Grove, FL - Lisa & Cesar Verde
      After seven years and the birth of a son, Lisa and Cesar Verde had outgrown their cozy home in a fantastic neighborhood with a gorgeous front-yard jungle and beautiful hardwood floors. This tropical charmer had it all - all but a buyer. After an open house to hear what potential home buyers had to say, Lisa and Cesar found out how Tanya and Roger planned to address issues that seemed to be driving people away, such as getting rid of the clutter and brightening up the house with a fresh coat of paint.moreless
    • Seattle, WA - Katie Heiser & Doug Sowers
      Katie Heiser and Doug Sowers were having a slight problem selling their Georgetown home. It was a charming rambler in a quiet neighborhood with hardwood floors, just minutes from Downtown Seattle. They'd already moved out, bought a home in West Seattle, and without the furniture no one was able to visualize anything in their old house. The lack of furniture and bad floors convinced everyone this place was a huge fixer-upper. Roger Hazard was ready to work his magic. By using some masking tape and painting the floor the same color as the walls, Roger was able to conceal the trashed hardwood floors. Cardboard furniture was creatively used to help people visualize where they could put their own furniture, and makeshift bookshelves also drew attention to the high ceilings in the living room.moreless
    • New York, NY - Derrick Hussey & Anastasia Daniel
      Derrick and Anastasia's two-bedroom condo in the heart of New York City on Madison Avenue wasn't selling. With a huge amount of space and beautiful hardwood floors, it was a great deal at $610,000. So what was the problem? Derrick attended the open house alone to see what potential buyers thought.moreless
    • Philadelphia, PA - Shelia Robinson
      Season 5 - Episode 18
      Shelia lives in what was once the swankiest neighborhood in Philadelphia, but a lack of time and money have caused her house to fall into disrepair. Roger Hazard wants investors to see the amazing architecture, but the clutter and dirt as well as the cat urine are turning buyers away.
    • Seattle, WA - Christopher & Jennifer Taylor
      Chris and Jen bought their condo five years before they added two daughters to the family. Their place had two bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, a prime location, and amazing views and asking price so Tanya and Roger helped them find out what was wrong. The problem seemed to be lots of clutter, a cat-odor problem, and rooms that served too many purposes.moreless
    • Kihei, Maui - Vicki Lynn Vallis
      Kihei, Maui - Vicki Lynn Vallis
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Vicki Lynn Vallis had lived in her Kihei home for three years, but she wanted to move back to the mainland to be closer to her family in Tahoe. Although her home had been on the market for six months, she had not received an offer she could accept. Vicki had so much stuff in the house that no one could visualize living there. Roger eliminated everything in the house that wasn't essential, which meant removing furniture, neutralizing the decor, bringing the million-dollar view of Hawaii into the living room, and putting away most of Vicki's clothes. But convincing Vicki to part with her belongings was a job in itself. In the master bathroom, the real-live jungle outside wasn't visible for the jungle inside.moreless
    • New York City, NY - Joe & Daria Zawadzki
      Joe and Daria Zawadzki were ready to start a family and needed a bigger home. Their apartment had been on the market for four months, but there had been no offers. Their 973-foot loft apartment with 20-foot ceilings was near Lincoln Center. So what was the problem? They didn't know how to keep their house clean! After an open house, where some potential homebuyers' thoughts weren't so nice, designer Roger Hazard helped the couple clear the clutter and transform the apartment.moreless
    • Austin, TX - Kate Joly & Sam Jones
      Austin, TX - Kate Joly & Sam Jones
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      Kate and Sam had lived in their small Austin home for four years. They were expecting a baby, so it was time to move on. The house was in a quiet neighborhood, centrally located not far from the University of Texas. Perfect, right? Except for the three enormous, smelly cats, furniture reminiscent of an old dorm room, and a fish tank that hadn't seen any signs of life for a long time. Fortunately, Roger was ready to turn their place around. First, all of the cat hair and clutter had to go! Computer equipment can make a room look ugly to potential homebuyers, so Tanya asked Sam to hide it for awhile. Then it was time to spruce up the walls with some more exciting colors. A grass rug and some inexpensive white window treatments, and a little bit of furniture swapping made this place look great.moreless
    • Linwood, WA - Tom & Dedra
      Linwood, WA - Tom & Dedra
      Season 5 - Episode 6
      After seeing their own attempts at staging their home for sale, Tom and Dedra learn they have turned their house in Linwood, Washington, from warm and cozy to cold and uninviting. Roger's solution might be considered the weirdest feature ever used.
    • Burbank, CA - Dennis & Gina
      Season 5 - Episode 5
      Although it's the biggest house on the block, Dennis and Gina haven't been able to sell their house in Burbank, California. Roger sees too much shabby and not enough chic, so he creates a plan that utilizes the furniture the couple already owns.
    • Sacramento, CA - Mike Byron
      Season 5 - Episode 6
      Mike Byron wants to sell his condo in Sacramento, but the tropical colors that remind him of Bali are turning away potential buyers.
    • Louisville, KY - Tracey Purifoy & John Moneypenny
      Roger and Tanya travel to Louisville, Kentucky, to help Tracey and John renovate their three-bedroom home with hardwood floors and get the house ready to sell.
    • 9/29/07
      Bryan and Tiffany Stites have had their house located in a Seattle suburb on the market for months without receiving any offers. By using stylizing rather than staging, Roger is able to turn a very dull house into a hip and trendy bungalow that will attract buyers in one of the biggest transformations ever.moreless
    • Tacoma, WA - Marci Howells
      Tacoma, WA - Marci Howells
      Season 4 - Episode 16
      Marci Howells asks Roger and Tanya for their help in updating her three-bedroom home with a sunroom in Tacoma, Washington.
    • Bridgeport, CT - Elaine Lezniak
      Bridgeport, CT - Elaine Lezniak
      Season 5 - Episode 9
      Elaine Lezniak's multi-family colonial style house in a historic neighborhood has plenty of New England charm, but some of the unusual design elements are turning away buyers. Roger Hazard restores the house to its original look and gives it a coordinated design theme.
    • 11/13/07
      Roger Hazard and Tanya Memme help Norina and Anthony Santana depersonalize and add style to their Connecticut home so they will be able to sell it.
    • Charlotte, NC - Nancy & Wayland
      Season 4 - Episode 15
      Nancy and Wayland want to downsize into a new home after their wedding, but need to sell their three-bedroom rambler outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Roger and Tanya help them pack up storage boxes filled with canned goods in the kitchen and stow away their many collectibles. Roger painted the walls with updated colors and added bright lighting so the house would appeal to younger homeowners. Roger's sister, Tracy, who lives in Charlotte, and assistant, Toby, show up to give the team a hand with the painting.moreless
    • Sacramento, CA - Dusty & Joannie
      Season 5 - Episode 7
      The plum and cranberry colors in Dusty and Joannie's house have made selling their houe difficult if not impossible. Roger addresses the unusual paint situation in the bedroom and living room, and makes the patio more appealing to potential homebuyers.
    • Burbank, CA - Matt Ross
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      Roger and Tanya have their work cut out for them as they convert bachelor Matt Ross' dirty and outdated home in Burbank, California, by redefining nearly every room in the house. Roger selects bright orange paint for the kitchen walls.
    • Las Vegas, NV - Barrow Family
      Las Vegas, NV - Barrow Family
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      The Barrow family is trying to sell their huge house just minutes from the Las Vegas strip, but the house is described as average. Roger and Tanya make over the fireplace, create a spa in the master bath, and turn the patio into a desert oasis.
    • Buffalo, NY - Jackie Mullen
      Buffalo, NY - Jackie Mullen
      Season 4 - Episode 20
      Jackie Mullen wants to sell the home that her parents built in the 1950s because it is too big for one person to maintain. The house, located in Orchard Park, has a big kitchen, large yard, and a mother-in-law apartment upstairs. Potential buyers think the place looks too old and dated. Tanya's father joins Roger Hazard, who stages the house by removing the black lacquer furniture and fake flowers in the bedroom, restaging the sunroom, and painting several rooms.moreless
    • Peoria, AZ - Johnny McDowell
      Season 4 - Episode 27
      Johnny wants to sell his three-bedroom townhome that potential homebuyers think looks like a bachelor pad. Tanya and Johnny's sister change the decor to one that will appeal to women and make the house more appealing to families. With the help of Johnny's sister Michelle, Roger restages with additional furniture and updates the rooms with minor painting.moreless
    • Tukwila, WA - Dave & Jackie
      Tukwila, WA - Dave & Jackie
      Season 4 - Episode 29
      Dave and Jackie were having problems selling their four-bedroom home near Seattle, Washington. The open house guests thought the house was too dull. So Roger and Tanya declutter and add splashes of color to make the dullest house in town the most desirable to potential buyers.
    • Dallas, TX - Beverly Good
      Dallas, TX - Beverly Good
      Season 4 - Episode 22
      Beverly Good's three-bedroom house in Dallas has a formal dining room, large family room, and a great background. After hearing the feedback from open house guests, Roger declutters, restages and creates an updated look so potential homebuyers will be interested.
    • Watauga, TX - Rita & Chris
      Season 4 - Episode 21
      Roger and Tanya help Rita and her son, Chris, renovate the three-bedroom, two-bath home in which they have lived for 12 years so the house will appeal to potential buyers. Staging involves tearing down Rita's "wallpaper" wall and painting over the unusual wall design in the dining room.
    • Coon Rapids, MN - Craig Ramundt
      Season 4 - Episode 23
      Roger and Tanya add distinctive touches to Craig Ramundt's three-bedroom house with very little furniture that resembles every other house in the neighborhood to make it more appealing to potential buyers.
    • Everett, WA - Jason & Cory Stark
      Everett, WA - Jason & Cory Stark
      Season 4 - Episode 30
      The Stark family's older, three-bedroom rambler in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle hadn't drawn the attention of any potential buyers since it had been on the market. Roger and Tanya updated the house with new paint, eliminated heavy furniture, replaced the broken mirror in the master bathroom, and returned the kitchen cabinets to their original white to give them a more modern look.moreless
    • Phoenix, AZ - Michael & Cozette
      Phoenix, AZ - Michael & Cozette
      Season 4 - Episode 28
      Michael and Cozette want to move to Portland to start a family, but need to sell their two-bedroom townhouse in Phoenix townhouse that has a spiral staircase, exposed beams and two fireplaces. Roger works his magic to transform the place so it will attract buyers and finally sell.
    • Burnsville, MN - Ryan & Julie Crafton
      Roger and Tanya help Ryan and Julie Crafton prepare their three-bedroom tri-level house for sale by updating the living room to make it look less like a garage sale, changing the green bathroom with the frog decor, and repainting the master bedroom.
    • Hayward, CA - Angel
      Hayward, CA - Angel
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      Roger and Tanya accept the challenge of updating a huge five-bedroom house in a new development with a huge backyard near Oakland, California. First they remove the pool table from the living room and add a couch and chairs. Then they tone down the bright orange walls and neutralize the leopard decor in Angel's mother's room.moreless
    • San Francisco, CA – Claire Urdahl
      Claire wants to sell her home filled with 50 years of family memories in San Francisco, but potential buyers think the house is too outdated. Roger and Tanya intend to paint over growth charts, remove the bar, and bring Claire’s house into the 21st century.
    • Honolulu, HI - Agnes & Ray Guerrero
      Agnes and Ray have a penthouse overlooking Diamond that has received no interest from potential buyers. The hidden camera reveals the house is dull and boring, and is too cluttered. Roger and Tanya brighten the house with fresh paint, downsize the furniture, and open up the lanai to reveal the view.moreless
    • Honolulu, HI - Vanessa
      Honolulu, HI - Vanessa
      Season 4 - Episode 31
      Vanessa had been trying to sell her modern four-bedroom house in Honolulu with a downstairs apartment for four months, but there was no interest from potential homebuyers. Roger removed the oversized furniture and her son Isaiah's fish tanks from the living room and kitchen, and eliminated the boxes of clutter stashed all over the house to make the house more appealing.moreless
    • Buffalo, NY - Shani & Mark Hunt
      Season 4 - Episode 19
      Shani and Mark Hunt need help selling their three-bedroom home near Niagara Falls that has hardwood floors, a fireplace and porch. Roger Hazard stages the house to make it more appealing to potential buyers by pulling apart shutters, removing carpets, painting, and upholstering.
    • Las Vegas, NV
      Season 5 - Episode 2
      Roger and Tanya stage a very messy townhouse in an unbelievably boring development that is very difficult to sell, especially with all the other for-sale signs in the same development.
    • 12/1/07
      Roger uses calm paint colors to tone down the stylized look of a home in Pasadena, California, as well as storing an art collection to make the house more appealing to potential homebuyers.
    • San Diego, CA - Phil Edwards
      Season 5 - Episode 12
      Roger and Tanya help Phil Edwards change his beach house in San Diego from boring to hip and stylish so the million-dollar price tag won't turn away potential homebuyers.
    • Port Washington, NY - Brian & Diane
      The house Brian and Diane are trying to sell is too colorful for potential buyers, so Roger tones down the outlandish paint scheme and removes the wallpaper from the ceiling.
    • Boulder, CO - Ric & Gayle
      Season 6 - Episode 7
      Ric and Gayle want to move to Kentucky, but no one is interested in buying their house in Boulder, Colorado. Roger Hazard assesses their situation, and removes excess furniture from the living room and updates the rainbow-colored walls with a more neutral paint scheme that will appeal to potential buyers.
    • Derry, NH – Mike & Danielle
      Season 6 - Episode 6
      After becoming engaged, Mike and Danielle decided to begin their new life together in a larger home. Roger discovers their current house is called "man cave" with good reason - it resembles a bar rather than a place where a family might live. His plans include neutralizing the entire house with warm beige paint and relocating Mike's pool table that currently resides in the middle of living room.moreless
    • Manchester, NH – Dongus Family
      Manchester, NH – Dongus Family
      Season 6 - Episode 5
      Roger Hazard has his work cut out for him as he neutralizes a house that has been overly decorated by a family of Greek ancestry. He tones down gold accents, removes large furniture, relocates a giant chandelier, and repaints three rooms.
    • Saco, ME - Leslie & Patrick Otto
      Season 6 - Episode 4
      Roger restages Leslie and Patrick Otto's loft in a converted shoe factory so it can be sold. The loft is the smallest of three that are for sale, so Roger removes furniture and artwork so it will appear to be larger. He also improvises a formal dining table with a large piece of plywood, and fabricates window treatments, a table cloth and a bed skirt from rolls of burlap.moreless
    • Ocean Park, ME - JoEllen
      Season 6 - Episode 3
      Roger uses clever staging and paint to make JoEllen's small beach house appear larger so she can sell it and buy her dream bungalow in Ocean Park, Maine.
    • Amityville, NY - Jean & Rocky
      Season 6 - Episode 10
      Jean & Rocky's house is filled with baskets and they believe the decor adds charm. However, potential buyers think it's bizarre. Roger Hazard adds modern sophistication to Jean's country taste and brings wood paneling back into style.
    • Lawson, MO - Robby Stark
      Lawson, MO - Robby Stark
      Season 6 - Episode 14
      Deer heads and grape-colored wallpaper are turning potential buyers away, so it's Roger to the rescue to restage this country-chic house so Robby Stark's house can be sold.
    • Seattle, WA - Gary Lanz
      Season 6 - Episode 12
      John Lennon impersonator, Gary Lanz, has been trying to sell his small house for months. Roger Hazard has a plan to update the kitchen, which resembles a middle school cafeteria, and show potential buyers the functionality of a small house to first-time purchasers.
    • Keaau, HI - John & Davelyn
      Keaau, HI - John & Davelyn
      Season 7 - Episode 3
      John and Davelyn's home in Keaau, Hawaii, isn't big enough for their four growing boys. Roger Hazard clears out the country clutter and uses the colors in the carpet to display the the house so it will pique the interest of potential buyers.
    • Gretna, LA
      Gretna, LA
      Season 7 - Episode 2
      A family of four in Gretna, Louisiana, is ready to upgrade to a larger home, but potential buyers aren't interested in their current house.
    • Yonkers, NY - Ray Buglione
      Yonkers, NY - Ray Buglione
      Season 7 - Episode 4
      Roger and Tanya help Ray Buglione and his family in Yonkers, New York, prepare their home so it can be sold and they can move back to Brooklyn. Roger removes most of the big furniture from the small house, making it appear larger, and paints the living room, dining room and master bedroom with rich, earthy browns paint.moreless
    • Captain Cook, HI - Scott & Debbie
      Captain Cook, HI - Scott & Debbie
      Season 7 - Episode 1
      Scott and Debbie's home is located on five acres of land with a gorgeous view of the ocean in Captain Cook, Hawaii. They are unable to find buyers because the house is in need of many repairs. Roger Hazard's transformation included a using few gallons of white paint, some tropical fabric, and flowers.moreless
    • Culver City, CA - Jerry & Deena March
      The March family has outgrown their small bungalow in Culver City, California, and they want to buy a larger house. It's Roger's task to remove the clutter, which makes the house seem even smaller, and add two new colors so potential buyers will see the home's charm rather than the size.moreless
    • Liberty, MO - Heather O'Brien
      Season 6 - Episode 13
      Heather O'Brien and her two sons purchased a new home so they could fix it up, but her old house is in such bad shape she can't list photographs of the house online. Roger Hazard's design plan deals with splotchy walls, giant sectional sofa, and the old navy blue counter tops.moreless
    • Cheyenne, WY - Bill Tormey
      Season 6 - Episode 2
      Roger Hazard helps Bill Tormey neutralize the colors in his house, which is a tribute to his military career, and remodel the spare bathroom so buyers can see the potential in his split-level home.
    • Pine Bluffs, WY - Jon & Ashley
      Season 6 - Episode 1
      Roger Hazard and the Pine Bluffs High School Agriculture Club help Jon and Ashley turn their house on a horse ranch, complete with rodeo memorabilia, into a chic home that is more appealing to potential buyers.
    • Fort Lauderdale, FL - Nicole
      Fort Lauderdale, FL - Nicole
      Season 5 - Episode 20
      Nicole and her husband need to find a larger house after starting their new family that is close to better schools. Roger's idea is to create an orange Florida room to take the house from average to outstanding.
    • Fort Lauderdale, FL - Kevin
      Season 5 - Episode 19
      Kevin would like to sell his home in Fort Lauderdale, but he had decorated it to his own tastes with stuffed birds, frogs and small animals everywhere. Roger must convince him the clutter must be removed if the house is to be sold.
    • Kirkland, WA - Zach & Secunda Rogers
      In the pilot episode, professional designer Roger Hazard helped Zach and Secunda Rogers, whose house in a very desirable Seattle suburb had been on the market for months with no offers to buy. After an open house to hear what potential purchasers thought, Roger recommended painting, moving furniture, and putting new bed linens in the master bedroom to attract buyers.moreless
    • Nashville, TN - David & Shannon
      Season 5 - Episode 16
      David and Shannon's home lacks culture, style or sophistication, although David is an opera singer. The house is very small and the mother-in-law suite is very outdated. Roger's plan is to make the living room look larger with better furniture placement and orange paint on the walls.
    • Atlanta, GA - Kim & Ernie
      Season 5 - Episode 15
      Roger and Tanya give a house in Atlanta, George, a more contemporary appearance so it will attract buyers.
    • Marietta, GA - Paul Rippy
      Season 5 - Episode 14
      Roger Hazard and Tanya Memme take on the challenge of preparing a sparsely furnished home for sale in Marietta, Georgia, in which the walls are painted black.
    • Palm Springs, CA - Tim & Andy
      Season 5 - Episode 21
      Roger Hazard comes to the aid of Tim and Andy, who had been using their home in Palm Springs as a B&B for several years. They had decided to sell the house, but it needed new paint and removal of the antiques and clutter.
    • Palm Springs, CA - Maria & Joe
      Palm Springs, CA - Maria & Joe
      Season 5 - Episode 22
      Maria and Joe want to sell their house that is located on a private golf course community, but no one is interested in the subdued white and beige colors.
    • Long Beach, CA - Michael & Rick
      Long Beach, CA - Michael & Rick
      Season 5 - Episode 23
      Michael and Rick are trying to sell their three-bedroom condo that has high ceilings and a huge patio, but no one is interested in the southwest décor or the ugly wall paper.
    • Tucson, AZ - Cathleen
      Tucson, AZ - Cathleen
      Season 5 - Episode 29
      Roger helps Cathleen stage her home in the desert so it will attract potential buyers, who can't see beyond the clutter and multiple paint colors in the bathroom.
    • Wilmington, NC - Cheryl
      Season 5 - Episode 28
      Cheryl's home in Wilmington, North Carolina, is filled with antiques, but they distract potential buyers from seeing the architectural details, such as the beautiful hardwood floors and wainscoting.
    • Wrightsville Beach, NC - Greg & Amy
      Roger Hazard stages Greg and Amy's home in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, by painting three rooms and removing overgrown plants from the solarium.
    • Miami Beach, FL - Randall
      Miami Beach, FL - Randall
      Season 5 - Episode 26
      Although dated, Randall's condo in Miami Beach has charm and is located near the Historical Art Deco District. With new construction as competition, Roger Hazard's plan is to preserve the charm, but appeal to a buyer with more modern tastes by using accessories and color.
    • Miami, FL - Joel & Dana
      Season 5 - Episode 25
      Joel and Dana have just gotten married and need a larger house so they can start their family. They don't understand why no one is interested in buying their condo until the hidden camera reveals buyers aren't attracted to their hot tub, the cluttered patio, or the dorm-room style of the master bedroom.moreless
    • Orange County, CA - Gigi
      Season 5 - Episode 24
      Gigi's house in Orange County is so crammed with furniture that the only thing potential buyers can see is how cramped and crowded it is. The second floor is outdated and looks different than the downstairs. Roger's plan is to bring the two floors together with paint and different furniture arrangement.moreless
    • 8/20/06
      After living in their home for 10 years, the Pilot family purchased a new house and need to sell their old house, which is filled with antiques. Roger and Tanya move over half the furniture to storage and use paint to add some color to the entry.
    • Salt Lake City, UT - Todd & Heidi
      Salt Lake City, UT - Todd & Heidi
      Season 4 - Episode 12
      Todd and Heidi plan to be married and combine their two families into one. They need to sell Todd's tri-level house and buy a new one that will accommodate a family with eight children. Prospective buyers see an outdated house with a small kitchen, wood-paneled walls, and poor lighting. Using fresh paint and new lighting, Roger and Tanya help the couple update their home.moreless
    • 6/25/06
      Phoebe and Margaret's country home in a Savannah, Georgia, suburb lacked color and personality, and needed new wallpaper. Roger and Tanya helped them store their personal items, paint rooms, and make the place look less like grandmother's house. Tanya also showed everyone how to make a bed to hotel standards.
    • Haiku, HI - Mark & Nancy Townsend
      Haiku, HI - Mark & Nancy Townsend
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      Mark and Nancy Townsend had lived in their house for 15 years in the beautiful rain forest just off the North Shore of Maui. With so much going for it, you'd think someone would want to snatch up this piece of paradise. But one look at the downstairs ohana and it was obvious out why this place wasn't moving. The rental unit was inhabited by two surfers for whom housekeeping was not a top priority. The carpets were filthy, the kitchen hadn't been cleaned in ages, and the bedrooms were a disaster. Roger's new surf theme kept the place true to its roots and, instead of turning people away, the new ohana invited them to stay.moreless
    • Los Angeles, CA - Chastity Bono
      Los Angeles, CA - Chastity Bono
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      Chastity Bono lived in Los Angeles for much of her life and had called West Hollywood home for eight years. But she was upgrading from her modest two-bedroom home to a place with a little more space, and she needed to sell her old house. L.A. homebuyers are very discriminating and many want a modern, hip look that this charming bungalow lacked. And without any furniture, the place seemed like a shapeless box. Roger Hazard redefined the space in Chastity's home to create a new, modern look. Tanya's mother appeared to give a hand and Chastity reveals her mother, Cher, is a fan of the show.moreless
    • Gretna, LA - Dominica Adorno
      Gretna, LA - Dominica Adorno
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Dominica Adorno had lived in her three-bedroom house for 15 years, and she and her children were ready for a change. Although her house had a great layout and a huge yard, and was located across the river from New Orleans, the house lacked interest from buyers. Tanya removed the burglar bars from the windows to let in much-needed light, the old-fashioned kitchen was painted and updated, and the house was turned into a showcase.moreless
    • Santa Monica, CA - Greg Heller
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      Greg's tenants were moving out of his Santa Monica home, so he thought it was time to sell. The place was a little run down, but property values in the area regularly ran into the low millions, so it was not surprising that, even with a dark interior and some pet odor issues, this place was priced at $850,000. But potential homeowners weren't going to bite unless there was a carrot at the end of the stick. The living room was dark and cramped with outdated furniture, and the master bedroom was overflowing with furniture. Roger had a plan to give the living room a fresh new tropical-beach feel. By removing the bulky furniture, the space was opened up. He removed the smelly old carpet, decluttered the boys' bedroom, and added some new bunk beds to spruce up this room.moreless
    • Auburn, WA - Roger & Mary
      Auburn, WA - Roger & Mary
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      Roger, Mary and teenage daughter Jennifer had called their place home for five years. Their 43-year-old house was located on a quiet, dead-end street in Auburn - about a half-hour south of Seattle - with a beautifully landscaped yard and great decks. Roger and Mary found out why the house wouldn't move while viewing hidden-camera footage of an open house. Roger Hazard's plans included updating the kitchen floor and cabinetry, cleaning the dirty stovetop, and modernizing the master bedroom.moreless
    • Los Angeles, CA - Steve & Susan Wasser
      Steve and Susan Wasser, their son Chris and two dogs lived in a charming Spanish style villa just minutes from the heart of Hollywood. They were hankering to live closer to the beach, but first, they had to find a buyer. In the hot L.A. market, their home should have been a cinch to sell, but that wasn't the case. The open house revealed their growling dogs weren't giving potential buyers a warm welcome, the dark and cavernous living room was turning buyers away, Chris' bedroom smelled bad. Roger and Tanya tackled old wallpaper, re-invented Chris' room, painted, replaced pleather drapes, and the list went on and on.moreless
    • Tacoma, WA - Sandy & Gary Sample
      Tacoma, WA - Sandy & Gary Sample
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      At the open house, Sandy and Gary Sample learn the shag carpet, Sandy's collectibles, and 31 years of clutter had prevented them from selling their house. Tanya and Roger address these issues to bring the Sample's house into the 21st century.
    • Los Angeles, CA - Roy Berry, Sr.
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      Roy had lived in his classic Victorian in the historic West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles for 25 years. But his four-bedroom house was really more than this bachelor needed, and he was ready to downsize. Roger Hazard's first order of business was to clear out all the excess clutter from the various rooms. He had a bold plan to transform the dull pink rooms and make the beautiful architectural details stand out. Tanya convinced Roy to actually use his chairs remove the plastic that had covered them for years. Removing the carpet to expose the beautiful hardwoods was a multiple-person chore, which resulted in a near-wardrobe malfunction for Tanya. With a little effort, Roger showed a classic home can undergo a 21st century facelift and still remain true to its roots.moreless
    • Los Angeles, CA - Arnauld & Marie-Laure Filancia
      The house had hardwood floors, a large yard, a patio - the perfect family home - but for some reason, the place hadn't attracted any buyers. The Filancias had lived here for just over a year, but they were being transferred to Finland for work, so they had to find a buyer, and soon. However, the living room stood in as the dining room and the dining room had become a home office. Roger devised a plan to declutter the office so it could be painted and turned back into a dining room. In the living room, Roger and Tanya cleared out the clutter and borrowed some furniture from the family room to return it to its original state. The fireplace had a case of the blahs, so they installed an entire mantel.moreless
    • Cathedral City, CA - Reina Delgadillo & Deborah Deechan
      Set in the desert oasis town of Cathedral City, California, with a pool out back, and lots of living space, Reina and Debbie's place should have been a quick sell, but instead the house had been lingering on the market. In the den, the faux finish on the walls looked like smoke, so Tanya and Roger replaced the tired browns with a cheerful new shade of green. They then returned the living room to its original purpose by removing the pool table and creating a comfortable seating area. Quick staging work in the bedroom and some accessorizing throughout the house turned the house into a classy retreat.moreless
    • Charleston, SC - Todd &Tracy Archambault
      A nice brick home on a quiet corner lot should be an easy sell, but Todd and Tracy hadn't received a single offer in the five months the house had been on the market. They were building a larger home to accommodate their growing family, but they needed to find a buyer for this one. Tanya showed Todd and Tracy what open house guests really thought of their home. First, it was time to bring a little more sparkle to the sunroom by repainting the brick wall white and taking up the carpet, then recutting the shades to fit the windows. Hanging baskets were added to the fence in the yard. Roger's goal in the kitchen was to bring some cheerfulness to the room and tie it in to the adjacent dining room and living rooms, which he painted the same color.moreless
    • Summerville, SC - Sallie Ramos
      Summerville, SC - Sallie Ramos
      Season 3 - Episode 13
      Sallie's home has a big backyard with a swimming pool, over 2,700 square feet of living space and lots of charm. Other homes in the neighborhood often sold in less than two weeks, so why couldn't she find a buyer? Well, for starters, it could have been the 25-year-old wallpaper in the entryway. Then there was the matter of the two stoves in the kitchen, and lots of unused space that just didn't bring buyers in. Tanya and Roger modernized the kitchen, repainted the cabinets and, with a few clever tricks, Roger Hazard updated the hardware. Then he removed the extra stove. Next it was time to spruce up some old furniture around the house.moreless
    • Austin, TX - Nancy Anderson
      Austin, TX - Nancy Anderson
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      Nancy had two boys and a wedding coming up. She needed a bigger house for her growing family, but first she needed to sell the house she had. It had a comfortable living area with beautiful windows and three spacious bedrooms, but Nancy's home had been showing for over three months without an offer. Despite the space, open house guests felt trapped by the clutter in Nancy's dining room and the dark color of the walls. The living room was stuffed with furniture, blocking access to the bookshelves and the backyard. It also sported a bright orange Texas Longhorns color scheme! Roger decided the orange walls in the living room would be painted over and everything would be removed that was not a basic essential.moreless
    • Key West, FL- Ron Menezes & Frank Notarianni
      Ron and Frank had called Key West their home for eight years, but they were ready for a change of pace and wanted to move to Miami. Before they could do that, they needed to sell their two-bedroom home. The house had cathedral ceilings and French doors that led to a deck where with a backyard mini-pool. But the house had been on the market for over two months. The hidden cameras revealed the clutter, artwork, and too much furniture left open-house guests feeling crowded out. Roger livened up the living room by removing half of the furniture and replacing the TV with an antique desk. A few more tricks up Roger's sleeve helped make this house much more buyer-friendly.moreless
    • Conway, AR - Michael Meachum & Kaleena Gilbert
      Michael and Kaleena's home near Little Rock, Arkansas, had been on the market for six months without an offer. This brick home had a big backyard, three bedrooms, two baths, and a two-car garage. Roger determined the house needed some spackle, paint, stereo wire and wallpaper removal, new lighting fixtures, furniture rearrangement, decluttering and a good cleaning to get them an offer in less than a week.moreless
    • Key West, FL - Mimi & Ernie Oskey
      Key West, FL - Mimi & Ernie Oskey
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      Mimi and Ernie Oskey had lived on Cudjoe Key for 12 years. These avid boaters and fishermen loved the relaxed lifestyle the island life represented, but with son Austin getting bigger everyday, they needed more space. Their house had bright sunny rooms, a wrap-around deck, and its own private canal with a straight shot to Cudjoe Bay. But four months on the market, and they hadn't gotten a bite. After an an open house, the Oskeys learned what people really thought. Austin's room was toned down with a lighter color of walls and less furniture. Roger decided the "margarita green" walls of the living room had to go. Roger had an ingenuous idea using trash cans.moreless
    • Palm Springs, CA - Michael Trefun & Tom Mendel
      Tom and Michael had been living in their Palm Springs four-bedroom home for 21 years, and decided the house was too big. It had a tropical backyard complete with a pool that was perfect for entertaining. The house had a spacious living room and bedrooms, plus an updated kitchen and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains - a perfect family home. So why had their house been on the market for five months without an offer? It was time for Roger to get serious with Tom and Michael about sacrificing some of their treasured belongings to storage and the built-ins to the garage so that they could finally sell their house. In the den, the tragic faux finish on the walls had to go.moreless
    • Coral Gables, FL - Pam Gonzalez
      Coral Gables, FL - Pam Gonzalez
      Season 1 - Episode 24
      Pam's house had Mexican terra cotta floors, a sun porch, and a water feature out back, all shaded by tropical Miami palms. The open house revealed potential buyers' thoughts. First, there was the clutter and the paint some people thought looked like mold and there was an odd smell in the house. Pam and her daughter Marcela, who had come home from college to help her mother move, listened to the comments, then learned what Roger Hazard had planned for them.moreless
    • Granada Hills, CA - Jim & Donna Jackson
      Just miles from Hollywood, this spacious ranch house with four bedrooms and 2-1/2 bathrooms was perfect for raising a family. So why were Jim and Donna Jackson having such a hard time selling their house? Maybe the bright green carpet, reminiscent of a golf course, and the master bath that had a "grimy" feel? Roger Hazard's plan was to draw attention away from the carpet and make people forget the house was built nearly 30 years ago.moreless
    • Chicago, IL - Carol Francis & Melissa Hill
      Carol and her husband were moving to Florida, but after a year of having their Chicago home on and off the market, they still didn't have an offer. That's why Carol, with the help of daughter Melissa, needed to do something to the house. A chopped-up floor plan and a dated kitchen appeared to be the two biggest issues. Roger Hazard decided to tackle the multi-purpose kitchen and living room.
    • Alpharetta, GA - Doug & Patty Skinner
      Big rooms, cathedral ceilings, and beautiful decks overlooking a wooded backyard combined to make Doug and Patty Skinner's 4-bedroom house appealing, but it was still on the market after three months. And it was priced below other homes in the desirable area north of Atlanta. The problem was it just felt old. Roger Hazard decided to highlight its architectural elements - French doors and a sun porch - while neutralizing other things such as the mauve carpeting and flowery wallpaper.moreless
    • Atlanta, GA - Sherry & Preston Hays
      Sherry and Preston spent their weekends in North Carolina and wanted to sell their house and get a condo in Atlanta for the work week. But they were having trouble - their home had been on the market for two months. After a secretly taped open house, the Hays found out how our Roger Hazard planned to address issues that were driving potential buyers away, such as a carpet with a serious problem with pet odors.moreless
    • Sugar Land, TX - Paul & Laura Jacobs
      The Jacobs needed to sell their house in Sugar Land, Texas. Located 20 minutes from Houston, Paul and Laura's home had four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a breakfast area, and a big backyard. So what was the problem? After an open house to hear what potential buyers have to say, the Jacobs found out how Roger Hazard planned to address the issues.moreless
    • Houston, TX - David & Jane Steadman
      The Steadmans are trying to sell their house so they could move back to Canada, but weren't getting offers. The four-bedroom, three-bathroom home backed up to a park and was close to all Houston had to offer. So what was the problem? Roger and Tanya held an open house to get an idea of what potential homebuyers were thinking. After David and Jane listened to the comments, Roger revealed his plan to address the issues that had been revealed.moreless
    • Yorktown Heights, NY - Joe & Lisa Pagilaro
      Joe and Lisa were relocating to Missouri for Lisa's promotion. After their home had been on the market for two months, the few offers they had received were less than attractive. The house was a 1,500 square foot split-level house in a quiet New York City suburb with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and had a pond in back. It seemed perfect for a young, growing family. Roger Hazard had a plan to make the "country" cool.moreless
    • Kirkland, WA - Tasha & Jeff O'Day
      Kirkland, WA - Tasha & Jeff O'Day
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      With two active boys, Tasha and Jeff O'Day had outgrown their house in Kirkland, Washington, and needed to sell it and move to a larger place. To find out why the house isn't selling, an open house with hidden cameras was held to get an idea of what potential homebuyers thought about it. At the suggestion of designer Roger Hazard, Tasha and Jeff put in drapes, painted the fireplace, added small touches like cookies and plants to brighten up the kitchen, and then tackled the problem of the huge mirror in the master suite.moreless
    • North Barrington, IL - Chris & Kathy Brady
      With their children finally out of the house, Chris and Kathy wanted to move to a smaller home. Their five-bedroom house with cathedral ceilings, formal dining room, and spacious kitchen was just 30 miles northwest of Chicago. Why was it still on the market? Kathy and Chris listened to comments from potential buyers secretly taped at an open house. Then Roger Hazard determined what was driving people away, mainly the flowered wallpaper in the master bedroom and blue tiles as well as their daughter Jenny's cluttered bedroom.moreless
    • Saratoga, CA - Tom & Judi Crosley
      Saratoga, CA - Tom & Judi Crosley
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      After 20 years, Tom and Judi Crosley wanted to leave their four-bedroom Bay Area home to move to Arizona. Comparable homes were selling for around $1 million, so why wasn't theirs selling? Tom and Judi listened to what potential homebuyers had to say then learned what Roger Hazard had planned. Roger spruced up a bedroom that smelled like smoke and exposed its hardwood floor, cleaned carpets, and painted the bathroom.moreless
    • Los Gatos, CA - Russ Hoffman & Heather Sorensen
      Russ Hoffman wanted to move from his home of 33 years into a smaller house. With a spacious living room and vaulted ceilings, why wasn't this four-bedroom, two-bathroom house selling? Russ and daughter Heather Sorensen listened to open house comments, then found out what designer Roger Hazard thought. Roger played up the house's architectural strong points, removed most of the artwork that crowded the walls, got rid of the shag carpeting, and removed a huge chandelier to provide a great view of the backyard.moreless
    • Van Nuys, CA - Laura Nelson & Collene Swanson
      A big house full of country charm on a huge lot on a quiet dead-end street was what Laura and Collene had called home for nearly 12 years. But they wanted to move to northern California where they would have more room for their pets. Potential homeowners were being turned away by the wrinkled carpet in the living room, very low ceilings, pet odors, and a teal kitchen. Roger Hazard was able to address these issues that had been driving people away.moreless
    • Kaneohe, Oahu, HI - Brian & Suzanne Parnell
      For the past 11 years, Brian and Suzy had lived in their 3,600-square-foot home with a bay and mountain view, six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and it was in Hawaii. Why had it been on the market for three months? The Parnells had so much stuff that this huge house felt cluttered! After an open house, Roger Hazard unfolded his basic plan.moreless
    • Honolulu, HI - Sean & Kyong Chang
      Honolulu, HI - Sean & Kyong Chang
      Season 1 - Episode 20
      Located on the island of Oahu, Sean and Kyong Chang's home defined paradise with a tropical pool and patio, vaulted ceiling, and breathtaking ocean view. So what was the problem? The huge TV, too many tables, odd furniture, and the fireplace (an unusual feature in Hawaii). After an open house to hear potential buyers' opinions, the Changs learned how Roger Hazard planned to address issues that were driving people away - and he taught the first-time painters some tricks of the trade.moreless
    • Scottsdale, AZ - Pam Hoffman
      Scottsdale, AZ - Pam Hoffman
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      Pam Hoffman's house boasted a newly remodeled kitchen and family room and a huge backyard with a swimming pool in a picture perfect Scottsdale neighborhood. So why wasn't it moving? After an open house to hear what potential buyers thought, Pam and her daughters Caitlin, Elli, & Jordann found out Roger Hazard planned to make the back of the house match the front.moreless
    • Scottsdale, AZ - John & Martha Cornely
      After five months on the market, nobody seemed interested in John and Martha Cornely's home. With five bedrooms, nearly an acre of land, and a spectacular mountain view, one would think this would have been an easy sell. So what was wrong? Maybe bad use of a good space? After an open house, Roger Hazard revealed his plan for great things. And he made the Cornelys part with some things that cluttered their house - things they don't really want to see removed.moreless
    • Manhattan, NY - Nicole & Dan Robinson
      Located on Manhattan's much-sought-after Upper East Side, Dan and Nicole's apartment was a find. Despite the fact that it didn't have a view, this one-bedroom got lots of light and had a decent amount of closet space - a rare commodity in New York. But it had a dated kitchen that seemed to be a real issue. Plus Dan liked modern and Nicole preferred antiques - and they were scattered throughout the apartment. Dan wasn't sure about some of Roger Hazard's planned fixes, but he approved when they were finished.moreless
    • Bellevue, WA - Dennis & Becky Mefford
      Dennis and Becky Nefford had raised three kids in this house. Located minutes from Seattle, their 3-bedroom rambler, nestled in a quiet neighborhood and surrounded by evergreen trees, wasn't moving after three months on the market. After hearing what potential buyers have to say about the gold carpet and fish wallpaper in one of the bathrooms at an open house, Roger Hazard devised a plan to turn the negatives into positives.moreless
    • Boston, MA - Trudy Laslie
      Boston, MA - Trudy Laslie
      Season 2 - Episode 20
      Trudy Laslie wanted to sell her house so she could move closer to her sisters. She'd lived in her quaint colonial home since it was built 15 years earlier. Unfortunately, her house had been on the market for two months without any potential buyers. Although Trudy's house had the square footage, it didn't show that way. She had a lot of clutter and her personal taste was all her own. Roger determined the house needed some major decluttering, removal of outdated wallpaper and frilly curtains, lots of fresh paint, replacement of the artificial foliage with fresh fruit accents, and a new slipcover to attract buyer interest.moreless
    • Hoboken, NJ - William & Nancy Harkins
      Siblings Nancy and Bill had decided it was time to stop rooming together in the condo they'd bought four years ago. The condo had four bedrooms with hardwood floors throughout and a large roof deck with great views. Roger defined the kitchen and living room with bold fall colors that make the area pop. A rented kitchen island created more workspace. Roger staged a dining area near the window to give the room a little more functionality.moreless
    • Belgrade, MT - Sarah Blacher
      Belgrade, MT - Sarah Blacher
      Season 3 - Episode 17
      Sarah's house had a large living room, hardwood floors, and was surrounded by Montana's incredible natural beauty near Bozeman, Montana. So why couldn't she sell her two-bedroom townhouse? For starters, the place was a huge mess. The dining room had been neglected, and both the living room and bedroom were filled with clutter. Sarah learned from the hidden camera footage that buyers did not like her color scheme, her housekeeping style, or the missing knobs on her kitchen cabinets. The house was cleaned and painted to brighten things up. To add more curb appeal, weeds were removed from the front yard and replaced with bedding plants.moreless
    • New York City, NY - Lou Giacalone
      New York City, NY - Lou Giacalone
      Season 3 - Episode 16
      Lou Giacalone's 900-square-foot, one-bedroom West Village apartment in Manhattan had high ceilings, beautiful bay windows, great location. Buyers want only the best in this pricey neighborhood, and they just couldn't get past the clutter and crazy colors to see what this great place had to offer. And with a $950,000 asking price, this place had to shine before anyone's going to take the risk. Roger and Tanya removed all the clutter and painted the hallway a brighter color to highlight the artwork, and they brought out the best in the high ceiling with classic bronze tones. Tanya attempted to organize Lou's art collection.moreless
    • Brooklyn, NY - Gerry Campbell
      Brooklyn, NY - Gerry Campbell
      Season 3 - Episode 15
      Gerry Campbell and his two children lived in a classic three-story, six bedroom home near New York City. All those rooms were hard to maintain, so it was time to downsize. Open house guests were turned off by the clutter in the entry, which seemed to be a closet and a computer room. The living room suffered from neglect and was dark and dreary. The kitchen was full of junk there was a big water stain in the ceiling from a previous leak. Roger had everyone remove the clutter in the entry and painted it. Then they tackled the living room and painted it a similar, but lighter color, to maintain continuity. The excess furniture was stored in the garage. In the kitchen, clutter and bric-a-brac was removed and a professional painter was hired to repair the water stain.moreless
    • 4/16/06
      Arthur and J.C.'s place had been on the market way for too long. Their beautiful and classic bungalow featured lovely hardwood floors and a huge living room. However, their personal style tended toward a heavy, Roman theme, and their home was so full of collectibles from their travels there was hardly room for open house guests to turn around. Their solution was to move to a larger home with more space to accommodate their passion for art, but first they had to find a buyer for the current house. Roger discovered the den was really a hidden bedroom, a fact that would please space-conscious buyers, but he needed to find a creative way to draw attention to this overlooked detail.moreless
    • Boston, MA - Rob Downing
      Boston, MA - Rob Downing
      Season 2 - Episode 19
      Rob had lived in his classic South Boston brownstone condo for four years, but he wanted to move to New York to be closer to his sweetheart. The place had a beautiful backyard garden, a bright, sunny living room with high ceilings, and lots of space, yet it had been on the market for four months. Tanya Memme held an open house and Rob learned what people really thought of his home. Then they began moving furniture and painting. Roger's injured knee was keeping him down, so his design assistant Megan stepped in to carry out his orders.moreless
    • Wilmington, NC - Tyler Daum
      Wilmington, NC - Tyler Daum
      Season 2 - Episode 18
      Tyler loved his old Craftsman, located in the heart of one of Wilmington's historic neighborhoods. But he was willing to trade it all for life in an RV, which would give him more flexibility for his career in the film industry. But first, he had to find a buyer. And considering his home has been on the market for over five years, that was not going to be easy.moreless
    • Seattle, WA - Jonathan Franklin
      Seattle, WA - Jonathan Franklin
      Season 2 - Episode 17
      Jonathan had lived in his South Seattle farmhouse for nine years. He was building a new home and was ready to sell. But no one seemed interested in the place, and it had been on the market for six months. What was the problem? The colors Jonathan had chosen for the interior were loud and eclectic. The garden out front had languished in the hottest summer in recorded history, and an uncovered heating duct drew attention to itself in the dining room. Roger Hazard's plan improved this home's marketability.moreless
    • Virginia City, MT - Rose Mason
      Virginia City, MT - Rose Mason
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      Rose had been living in her house in rural Montana for a long time, and most of her children had moved to the city. She planned on joining them, but first she had to sell her house. With shag carpet and a bar in the living room, her place looked like it was frozen in time and, unfortunately, the time was the 1970s. Roger Hazard's plan was to update the house, but still leave the rustic charm. The shag carpet that covered hardwood floors was the first thing to go and the faux brick on the walls was painted a lighter color. The master bedroom needed to be neutralized, so Roger painted the walls and built-in cabinets Antique White. With a lifetime of memories it was hard for Rose to let go, but ultimately these changes were what it was going to take to get this place sold.moreless
    • Oregon City, OR - Donald & Jenny McGregor
      Don and Jenny hadlived in their rustic three-bedroom ranch style home near Portland, Oregon for almost 15 years. They had four dogs, a love of motorcycles, and big dreams to own a horse ranch of their own. But first, they needed to interest a buyer in their current home. It was located on a quiet cul-de-sac, had a large backyard, and had great amenities such as a fireplace, and it was priced just right for the neighborhood, but it was looking just a little bit dog-eared. Could this explain why it had been on the market for an entire year? Tanya Memme guided them through the tough process of learning what people really thought of their place. Then, it was time for Roger Hazard to the rescue! His first prescription: bring some light into this cave! The ugly old curtains in the living room were history. Simple white window treatments gave the room an airier feel, and they peeled up all the dog rugs and did some steam-cleaning to unveil a fresh, odor-free carpet underneath.moreless
    • Carlton, OR - Sarah & Jeff Martin
      Carlton, OR - Sarah & Jeff Martin
      Season 3 - Episode 20
      Sarah and Jeff had been living in the tiny town of Carlton, Oregon, for five years. They wanted a bigger house for Jeff's home business, but before they could move, they needed to sell their current home. The entry to a home makes the first impression to homebuyers, but this one was scaring open house guests away with its unkempt deck, pet odor and stained walls. The living room was disorganized and dark, and the bedroom reminded people of being under the sea with its blue-green walls. Roger to the rescue! They revitalized the entry by removing unnecessary items, replacing the old seating with a handmade bench, giving it a scrub down, and eliminating the odor. In the living room, they brought in light by moving the couch away from the window, and Roger tied the room together with pillows and candles that matched the carpet. The bedroom was painted, and furniture was removed to open up the room.moreless
    • San Diego, CA - Michelle & Josh Mason
      Josh and Michelle's two-bedroom condo, with hardwood floors and a swimming pool, was located just a few minutes from downtown San Diego. They needed more room for themselves, their dog, and their new baby. Roger repaired the screen door, then got rid of an unused fish task and the pet odor. The walls were painted blue and a sandy color in a beach theme, and the extra furniture was removed to add more space.moreless
    • Savannah, GA - Billie Hall
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      Billie had raised her family in three-bedroom home with a huge yard. Now that the kids had left, she wanted to downsize, but the house wasn't easy to sell. The inside of the house resembled a flea market. There was too much stuff in every room, and the house appeared to be stuck in another decade. And then there was the pet odor. So it was time to pack up the knickknacks and pull up the old carpets. Although the hardwoods underneath were stained, they would impress homebuyers who might think twice about shag carpeting because a hardwood floor can be refinished. Roger chose fresh, neutral tones for the paint to replace the outdated colors.moreless
    • Miami, FL - Ema & Ingrid Forgeron
      Miami, FL - Ema & Ingrid Forgeron
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      Ema and Ingrid Forgeron wanted to sell their house in Miami because Hurricane Wilma had hit and business in their beauty supply store had slowed. Roger and Tanya helped them clean, declutter and update so buyers could see the potential in their home.
    • 5/21/06
      Dave Alstrand was a retired firefighter who loved to play pool and his wife Nancy loved her dog and birds. They had designed their custom home in the hills to live out their retirement, but realized it was just big for two people. When they decided to sell the place, they learned all the personalized features that meant so much to them when they built the place was a liability in selling it. Roger quickly banished Dave's beloved billiards table and created a comfortable TV room in its place. Roger added fresh paint to the other rooms and turned the living room into a combination dining and sitting area.moreless
    • Denver, CO - Peggy & Dave Upton
      Denver, CO - Peggy & Dave Upton
      Season 2 - Episode 14
      Located in a quiet neighborhood near the heart of Denver, Peggy and Dave Upton's house had a great backyard with lots of space for outdoor parties and kids to play. The Uptons had lived there with son Jason for 16 years, but as retirement approached, they wanted to move closer to family in California. It was time to sell the house and head west, but they had no buyers. The problem? The pink walls in the living room, which assaulted the eye and clashed with the comfortable furniture. In the kitchen, outdated wallpaper and cabinets dated the room. A cold and uninviting office had taken over the master bedroom. But designer Roger Hazard was inspired and his plan transformed the Upton home from bleak to chic.moreless
    • Amesbury, MA - Chris Fleuriel & Merrill Kaitz
      A large and historic Victorian-style home in a quiet Massachusetts neighborhood. It had just about everything a person could want, but the commute to Boston was just too far, so it was time for Chris and Merrill to move closer in. This charmer had been on the market for over two months, with little interest from potential buyers. What was the problem? The weird wallpaper in the living room, the cat smell, or the dirty carpets? Or perhaps the bright orange walls in the entry. First, Roger and Tanya decluttered the entire house, removed books, toys, and excess furniture from all the rooms. They pulled up the dirty beige carpet to reveal perfect hardwood floors. The wallpaper in the living room was painted over with a suede-textured color called Classic Coffee. The inside of this home now matched the classic feel of the historic exterior.moreless
    • Boston, MA - Angela Victoria O'Neill
      Angela Victoria's classic three-bedroom town home was nestled in quaint Brookline, a family friendly area on the outskirts of Boston. She'd lived here for 30 years, but she dreamed of buying a little place by the ocean. First she needed to sell her current place. While the architecture was stunning, all the clutter and darkness were turning open house guests away. Years of accumulated stuff made the place seem cramped. People were also turned off by the old and dingy paint on the walls. Angela Victoria had so much stuff; the first order of business was to hire some movers to clear this place out. Then it was on to painting, and Roger chose variations on lavender as the unifying theme. And by using a few choice pieces of furniture and some tasteful accessories, Angela Victoria's house was finally ready to sell.moreless
    • Seattle, WA - Juan & Mary Hernandez
      Juan and Mary had lived in Seattle's bustling Roosevelt neighborhood for 17 years. Looking forward to retirement, they were trading in their classic brick bungalow for a rambler just outside the city. Fortunately for them, many first-time homebuyers were snatching up properties in their coveted neighborhood. Roger Hazard was able to bridge the generation gap and make their home attractive to the younger set.moreless
    • Arvada, CO - Cindy Tomasi
      Arvada, CO - Cindy Tomasi
      Season 2 - Episode 15
      A beautiful garden, four bedrooms, a huge rec room - this perfect family home was in a friendly community just a few minutes from Denver. Cindy and her teenage daughter Darcy had lived there for 12 years, but Darcy was headed to college and there was no need for all the space. What was the problem? Cindy and Darcy watched the open house to see what buyers really thought of their home. Roger Hazard's basic plan was to transform the tired, outdated house into a bright, sunny cottage by removing excess furniture, cleaning the place top to bottom, opening up the kitchen by creating a new eating area, decluttering and painting the bedroom, and trimming the patio foliage.moreless
    • 3/12/06
      Joe and Tiffany and their two young children lived on a quiet cul-de-sac in a quiet neighborhood just outside of Sacramento. But their three-bedroom home was becoming too crowded for the growing family, so it was time to upgrade. The open-house guests quickly pronounced Joe and Tiffany's house to be over-cluttered and dark. The dining room had been taken over by craft supplies and exercise equipment. Roger Hazard stepped in to turn the place around. Clutter was banished and the dark accent wall in the living room was painted a cheerful light green. The dining room was returned to its original purpose and the bedroom was brightened up with window treatments.moreless
    • Gig Harbor, WA - Linda Berry
      Gig Harbor, WA - Linda Berry
      Season 1 - Episode 26
      With lots of windows, recessed ceilings, and three gas fireplaces, Linda's house was located in Puget Sound. An hour outside Seattle, Gig Harbor is one of America's most picturesque small cities. Linda and her sons had lived in this 3,750-square-foot house for 11 years and were ready for a change, but couldn't unload their place. It was time for the hidden-camera open house to see how potential buyers felt about Linda's pink living room - walls, carpet, and couches - and what Roger Hazard thought about pink in general.moreless
    • Memphis, TN - Lionel & Latrice
      Memphis, TN - Lionel & Latrice
      Season 2 - Episode 26
      Lionel, Latrice and their three children had lived in their three-bedroom Memphis home for five years. They were hoping to move to a bigger place that would accommodate their growing family. Homes in their neighborhood usually sold within three months, but not theirs. After Lionel and Latrice watched the open house and discovered what people disliked about their home, it was time to start cleaning, decluttering, and painting. Tanya helped to transform the dark house into a brighter, cheerier home. The place went from drab and dark to neutral and sunny, and Roger had a few quick tips that changed the way people saw the house.moreless
    • Memphis, TN - Geri Maxwell
      Memphis, TN - Geri Maxwell
      Season 2 - Episode 25
      Geri Maxwell's storybook home featured large rooms, a generous yard and had easy access to the golf course. She'd lived there 13 years, but wanted to downsize. Unfortunately, the house had been on the market for four months with no takers. The hidden cameras revealed her penchant for pastel colors and her fondness for fake trees had resulted in a style that was all her own. The transformation started with painting the dining room, living room, hall, and stairs. Roger's had a plan for rearranging the living room into an inviting place to relax and entertain.moreless
    • Tulsa, OK - Nicki Unertl
      Tulsa, OK - Nicki Unertl
      Season 2 - Episode 24
      Nicki, Laurie, and Laurie's two kids had lived in their three-bedroom Tulsa home for six years. They wanted to move to the country, so they needed to get their place ready to sell. Homes in the neighborhood usually sold within eight days, but not theirs. Nicki's preference for dark colors was reflected in the living room, dining room, and kids' rooms, and the whole house needed to be brightened up. Ashley's room was a magenta nightmare, and John's room had a mural with a baseball theme. In addition, the kitchen was outdated, and the carpet smelled like cats. Roger and Tayna were able to change the house from drab and dark to warm and inviting.moreless
    • Tulsa, OK - Bob & Donna Hohulski
      Tulsa, OK - Bob & Donna Hohulski
      Season 2 - Episode 23
      Bob and Donna's brick house had a large backyard and a great kitchen, but their perfect family home had been on the market for three months without an offer. In order to move to a larger home in the country, they had to reverse this trend. The hidden cameras revealed the dark paneling in the den, the dirty carpet in the living room, and the overcrowded dining room were turning people away.moreless
    • Hoboken, NJ - Joe & Helen Bergstein
      Joe and Helen Bergstein had lived in their three-family house in Hoboken for 20 years. It was time for a change, so they needed to get their place ready to sell. Their garden-level unit featured a backyard with Hoboken's biggest grapevine and a charming country kitchen, but no offers had been received. When Joe and Helen watched the open house, they discovered what potential buyers hated about their home. So they started cleaning, decluttering, and painting with the help of a group of real estate agents. Helen was surprised when she discovered something hidden behind an old cabinet. In the backyard, Roger had a surprise for everyone and Tanya learned how to operate a pressure washer.moreless
    • 3/19/06
      Frank and Kimberly Blackburn had lived in their three-bedroom rambler on the outskirts of Sacramento for 10 years, but they were moving out of the area to be closer to the rest of their family. Buyers were grabbing up other homes in the neighborhood, but their home was suffering from a case of the blahs and couldn't attract a buyer who appreciated its spare design. Roger had a plan to break up the vast living room space and use warm colors to make it cozy. He gave the dining room a café-like feel and banished the jungle theme in the bedroom in favor of something a little more romantic.moreless
    • New Orleans, LA - David & Valencia Luke
      David and Valencia Luke had lived in their house since they were newlyweds. But with a growing family, they needed more room. Located in a great neighborhood, their charming bungalow had beautiful hardwood floors and a huge backyard. At an open house, the hidden cameras found out why the home was still on the market. Roger restaged the living room and created a dining area, and highlighted the sunroom by making it a breakfast area complete with cedar table and chairs.moreless
    • Sherwood, AR - Kathy Raines
      Sherwood, AR - Kathy Raines
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Kathy Raines' custom-built home - with a spacious living room, lots of wooden porches, and a great pond - was located in the middle of a safe and quiet neighborhood in one of Arkansas' best small towns. After six months on the market, it was selling. Could the problem be that Kathy's office was being used as a bird sanctuary or everyone didn't share Kathy's taste? Kathy and her friend listened to open-house comments, then found out what magic Roger Hazard had planned.moreless
    • Madison, WI - Kit McCaffrey & Spencer Wood
      An historic home with great curb appeal, beautiful aged woodwork, and craftsman detail, in a popular neighborhood just minutes from downtown - the house had everything a homebuyer could want. So why wouldn't anyone buy it? Kit and Spence had lived in their home for eight years, and now that Spencer had finished his PhD, they were relocating to Colorado for his work. After listening to comments from the hidden-camera open house, Roger Hazard came to the rescue with plans for the sunroom.moreless
    • Madison, WI - Janet & Steve Buechner
      For six years, Janet and Steve Buechner and their son had lived in a quiet and affordable neighborhood along with four cats. The large house with bay windows created a sunny living room, but it had been on the market for eight weeks. This house built in 1968 looked every minute of its age, so Roger brought it into the present with some paint. He also updated window treatments and lighting fixtures, and he made covers for the futon and chairs. He also added a bamboo runner in the kitchen to cover up outdated countertops, removed excess furniture throughout the house, cleared out the clutter, and got rid of the bedroom rug to expose the beautiful hardwood floors.moreless
    • Severn, MD - Phyllis Travis Doggett
      This A-frame custom-built home owned by Phyllis Doggett and her daughter, Ashley, featured a large wooded lot, a pool, large rooms in an open floor plan, a finished basement, a high-ceilinged living room with a beautiful fireplace and a spiral staircase leading to a office loft. Roger and Tanya removed excess furniture, photographs and knick-knacks, painted the walls, repaired a hole in the kitchen linoleum, and repositioned the furniture to give this 1970s house a whole new look for only $140.moreless
    • Baltimore, MD - Jeff & Mollie Molner
      Jeff and Mollie Molner's tiny rambler was bursting at the seams with furniture, stuffed animals and collectibles, and their dog Hazmat ruled the roost. Roger and Tanya steam-cleaned the carpets to remove the dog and cigarette smoke, repainted the living room, dining room, hallways and master bedroom to lighten and brighten, and removed the clutter that gave this house a new look, although Mollie was extremely unhappy with Roger's color choices.moreless
    • Columbia, MD - Tammi McLeain
      Columbia, MD - Tammi McLeain
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      Tammi McLeain and her two children had lived for four years in their large three-bedroom townhouse with a spacious floor plan located in a community known for its family-oriented design and great open spaces. But due to a new job, Tammi and her kids needed to relocate to Baltimore -and Tammi hadn't had any time to prepare her house to sell.moreless
    • Santa Fe, NM - Reggie & Melody Whitehead
      An adobe-style home with an indoor pool, Jacuzzi, three spacious bedrooms, and great living space, all located on a one-acre lot. What buyer wouldn't go for this? Now that Reggie and Melody's children were grown, the house was too big and they wanted a smaller space. So Tanya Memme sat them down to hear what the hidden cameras captured when potential homebuyers checked out their house. Roger Hazard worked his restaging magic to create a soothing spa out of a scary bachelor pad.moreless
    • Lamy, NM - Don & Owen Gray
      Lamy, NM - Don & Owen Gray
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Don and his son, Owen, had lived in this traditional northern New Mexico pitched-roof home with beautiful woodwork for seven years, and now they were ready for a change. In the unique Art-Barn area of nearby Lamy, the houses have their own attached art studios surrounded by the solitude of the high desert. But their house wasn't moving and it was time for another try. Roger Hazard and Tanya debachelorized and dehippifed Don and Owen's desert getaway to get rid of that "used" feelingmoreless
    • Key West, FL
      Key West, FL
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      Mimi and Ernie have lived on Cudjoe Key for twelve years. Their house has bright sunny rooms, a wrap-around deck, and even its own private canal with a straight shot to Cudjoe Bay! But four months on the market, and they haven't gotten a bite.
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