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    Feels like a lot of ANAMOSITY-IN-THE-AIR and a bunch of DRUMMED-UP to say the very LEAST! I am so sorry to say it, because I LOVE home improvement shows! But, EXTREME HOME MAKE-OVER HOME EDITION puts you guys to shame so bad it's laughable!

    So, in stead of stepping it up in the vision & quality department, the show's directors or writer's or producer's obviously decided it was best to drown the audience in the horror of controversy and bickering and obviously fake and phony DRAMA QUEEN behavior! Which, neither broadens the interest or excitement and certainly not our respect for any of the crew or home owners.

    I hate it. The ONLY "EXTREME" level of anything being brought on to the show very OBVIOUS LOW-BUDGET drama and fighting is DISRUPTIVE and INCOHESIVE. And, it really gives the impression that the HOME OWNERS opinions are unimportant and their idea of style or desires for their own home, are totally not respected or given a second thought!

    On one particular episode I watched "San Antonio Texas" house gets a new kitchen, in which they actually did get much more, it seemed, they added SO MUCH PINK to the house, it was really unbelievable! Maybe, the families wife demanded it, but that fact was not made clear to the viewer. And, the finished product was an eye sore and puke-able! (Is that even a word? NO! But, that house wasn't handled by a REAL Design Team, either!)

    Anyway, I am just so disturbed and disgruntled by the show's episode, that I may never watch again! And, Home Make-over was a show I would DVR and watch on week nights and weekends and ANYTIME! I just found it that satisfying and enjoyable! But, I HATE your show.

    I may watch a few more episodes to critique them and to give it a chance for SHOW IMPROVEMENT, forget Home Improvement!

    Last but not least, the way they inform the home owners of the deflated VALUE of their homes, again feels like very unnecessarily treatment. There really has to be a more diplomatic and positively motivating way to go about that process.

    The whole show at this point, is just WRONG and needs a COMPLETE OVERHAUL itself!

    Good luck with that! I guarantee the show will be cancelled in no time. It seems "SELL THIS HOUSE" writer's and producer's need much, much more than a make-over, THEMSELVES! In fact, SOMEONE, should prescribe an ENIMA and a BATTERING RAM to the maker's headquarters, themselves!

    You need a wake-up call! And, I'm 1000% positive, you will have just NO TIME!

    I'm very sorry for my harsh comment. But, someone had to say it. And, I have no gain for saying what I have. In fact, I would lose, because I LOVE home improvement shows!

    Take good care & GOOD LUCK!


    Tina Chastain

  • Keep Sell this House

    I want the production company to know that we want them to keep Sell This House. This is one of the better design shows. And there aren't many design shows left. I hope that we can somehow get through to the producers that they really need to keep the original Sell this House, half-hour staging show. It's so much nicer than the new Extreme. And please put it back on Saturday mornings. We miss it so much!
  • Sale This House Extreme

    My husband and I have been watching the show and we were a little disappointed that Roger left. We have been fans of Sale This House. We enjoy the show but at times wish they would not try to be so goofy and just stick to the renovations. There are a couple things about the show that I wouldn't mind if they changed. The first one is to stop with the video of people walking through the house. They already know they will be remolding the house so to me there is no reason to watch what people say. Second is the designer Daniel Kucan, I wish they had more then one designer for the show. Kucan seems to be stuck in the 50's and 60's style. Although this style maybe the latest thing out there it doesn't always fit the house and is a real let down to see the same style in each home. Including and open kitchen floor plan. It's almost like you already know what they will do before they do it. The home owners express the same as they watch their house go back to the fifties. Although they claim to like it when the remodel is done, I don't buy it. It's one thing to put in fifty style furniture but cabinets, light fixtures and colors are not always easy to changes and that alone could stop someone from buying the home. My husband and I like Tanya she had always made us laugh and we really enjoyed how Roger and Tanya got along in each show. On Extreme I feel like Tanya has been pushed to the side a little and I wonder if that is the way she wanted it? I think Tanya has a lot of great ideals and learned a lot from Roger that can be used in the shows. We also like Charlie, his humor is good but don't see a need for the drama. After reading this I'm sure it sounds like I hate the show but that's is not the case at all. My husband and I enjoy watching the makeovers and if some of my suggestions were to be used the show would be even better!! :)
  • help me! watching Extreme sell this house..

    I am watching the show, and I am getting ready to get up and sleep in my car! I understand that it's important to have a bathroom on the first floor. I am currently in a hospital bed and I do have 1 bath, and it's on the first floor. So I am stranded on my first floor 24/7! And I'm going crazy! I don't have a means to fix this house, so I could just get back, the costs that I'm paying taxes on! I am watching the crew rip into cabinets and destroy tiling and other things that I would give anything to have at all:(

    I inherited the house from my parents. I am currently paying the mortgage, I inherited with the house! I am in a hospital bed currently downstairs and I don't think I've been upstairs, or in the basement in over a year.

    I am just unable to do anything to get the house looking livable, neither physically or financially,not to mention emotionally. I have asked for help from everyone I know, and including the Salvation Army,etc..

    I have a hard time getting up out of my bed, mainly because I don't have anything to do in my house. I am pretty much living on one floor. So I can walk 10ft, to the bathroom, or the kitchen( was add on she'd). So I can barely stretch my legs.

    I'm really depressed that I have no choice but to stay here, or I am homeless. So I am paying for the house and I only use the bed, and bathroom.

    **Personal: When I watch the show, and I always do(its ok to dream)? I usually get very depressed,because I am watching ppl rip out , tear down, and demo things that I would be so grateful for.. I'm going to die in this spot, in this house that I was born in, and I don't even want to stay here. I am pretty sure you are never going to get this message. But I am feeling better, just sending you a note on your page and I would be a seriously grateful viewer/ I bet that you never imagined that you might be able to save a I am pretty sure that I'm not going to be able to live like this too much longer, and I wonder if you have ever been to Philadelphia, in the hood! But next to the new casino,SUGAR HOUSE, PROPERTY HERE IS WANTED!!

    Maggie Razzi


  • Sell This House Extreme

    I used to look forward to Sell This House on Saturday mornings with Tanya and Roger. All of a sudden they have this big mouth and very annoying carpenter and phony "Oh no!" moments. It seems that they are following so many "reality" shows that are anything but real. I cannot even stand to watch it. It lacks the charm that it had before.
  • Where is my show?

    I love this show! I get up on Saturday morning early just to watch it and it has not been on!!! Where is my favorite show???? This show has giving me so many ideas for low cost. Please do not end this show! Tonya and Roger are the bomb!!!
  • Sell this House and Sell This House Extreme

    I have been watching this program for years and am just fascinated with how they can make a house look terrific with a little bit of time and money. It has given me so many ideas. Now with the extreme makeover it is unbelievable what can happen to a home in a matter of a few days. Keep up the good work Tanya, Roger and Charlie.
  • Shocked!

    My most favorite show, "Sell this House" has been replaced by crap! Thanks a lot, A&E.
  • Sell this House and Sell this house Extreme

    I have no idea what A&E is doing but I like this show it is my favorite and not many would get up at 7:30am to watch it. I think A&E is tryiing to kill the show. Flipping houses is so out of it for todays economy. But if you need to sell your house, This show will help you do just that. The tips and pointers are very valuable. I live in the Pacifc N.W. and we don't have shows like this here. Please put it back on . Feb. 25, 2012
  • What Happened to my favorite show?!

    I watch this show religiously every Saturday morning but for the last 2 weeks, there has only been one showing at 6 a.m. Too early for me. PLEASE bring it back. Thanks.
  • Very stupid show

    This is the stupidest show I have ever seen, people that arelooking at the homes are stupid they are there to look at the structure of the home not the peoples furniture, cosmetic things should be done by the buyer not the seller.
    You must really think that we are stupid well we are not.
    If I was looking for a home to buy I would be more interested in the structure then the peoples furniture. The show I watched today the people commented that it looked like grandma lived there well she did and when she moves her stuff will go with her the roof and the plumbing will still be there did they check this out or just the owners things. stupid stupid stupid show.
  • Homeowner Drew makes an impression, and Roger Hazzard's design assistnt Chad Wentzel makes an appearance.

    I thought homeowner Drew was very handsome with his shaved head and goatee. I enjoyed watching him kick the soccer ball around with his fiancee's son. Chad Wentzel was fun to watch, as he danced in the final scene to hostess Tanya Memme's self-composed song on the guitar. I hated that campy kitchen. It looked like something out of Disney World. The original colors that the homeowner chose were boring; too girly. I hated all the flowers, too. And why did she originally give her son the master bedroom? Was she a human doormat? I thought it was charming when she revealed that she only owned a full-sized bed because she and Drew weren't married yet.
  • Love, love, love this show. It is great how this show - shows how to put away your personal taste and crap in order to highlight the structure. I love to see the transformations and coments.

    Love, love, love how this show puts into play how to put away your personal taste and crap in order to highlight the structure. The open house coments usually are fun because they show the close minded traps home buyers get caught in and at the same time show the sellers that they need to organize,clean and priortize their stuff so their home will feel welcoming and clean to these buyers that are not able to look past the nose on there face. Tanya is so gentle and strong at the same time. She is so good to at working with what can be lazy and viewless people. Please continue this show! I could use help on staging an empty house too!!!!
  • Excellent Show!

    Sell This House is excellent and my # 1 choice when it comes to home shows! Tanya and Roger are an outstanding team! Thanks for your expertise, creative flair and fun-loving approach! Every episode is interesting and provides me with more tips to better present my home to sell, which is on the market in central PA the past four months without an offer! It would be absolutely amazing to be on your show! I really need your help and hope you want to feature my home, which is just minutes from the State Capital and Hershey's Chocolate, often referred to as the sweetest place on earth! In the meantime, I will continue to be a fan of your show!!
  • I love this show!

    I love this show! It gives great ideas for a seller or just a homeowner with a low budget. There are quick fixes that no one usually thinks of. Quick and inexpensive! It amazing me how much people focus on other peoples things then what they are actually there to buy! I just wish it was an hour long show. We are getting ready to sell our house and want to know how to be a part of your show. I can't find out how to do that on the website. Please Please Please let us be a part of your incredible show!
  • I desire educational information on this website so that I can apply what is presented in the episodes.

    I am not interested in being entertained. I am interested in being educated such that I can apply what I see to my own house. As such, I would like to see a comprehensive website with information presented that follows the ideas presented in the program. I'd like instructions on how to make the bed, how best to select paint colors, etc. I am disinterested in seeing photos of the case: I want to see photos that teach me how to do the things I see them do in the episodes. I'd like help applying what they do in their episodes in our own lives.

    I love your show. It's great. One thing I notice a lot are the comments of people coming to the open houses in the "before" renovations. Their #1 comment is "look at all the stuff." Had the same experience selling my mom's waterfront home-on the market for 3 years. The #1 comment was of course "look at all the stuff. I love the way you go for the minimalist look with pale colors so people can focus on the home. Would you ever consider coming to New England? I have a beach condo I'd love to sell, but they haven't been selling too well, about $100k under market. Keep up the great work. Roger and Tanya you ROCK!

    Maryann Brickett, Broker
    Maryann Brickett Real Estate Investments
    Hampton, NH
  • What happened to Tanya being in the show, she was cute and funny and the reason I watched the show!

    I usally watch this show every week, With the new day it has been harder to catch new episodes. Well, I just saw this episode and was dissapointed. I miss the old Tanya being fun and actually being in the show. It has gotten boring and I miss Tayna messing up or the banter with Roger. I hope that they go back to the way that it was. That is what made it special and different. Now it is just like all the other boring house decorating shows. Thanks and I hope everyone else agrees.
  • A cute show.

    Neat show that gives you design ideas but provides unintentional humor when potential home buyers can't get past the owners' furnishings and other personal possessions. It's hilarious to listen to home buyers comment on things that will not be staying after the current owners move and really aren't important when buying a house.

    I also agree with a previous reviewer's observation that the home buyers seem to be rehearsed or coached in advance to focus on the same things. They tend to use verbiage (such as "window treatments" as opposed to the more commonly-used "curtains") that many home buyers probably wouldn't and that are more appropriate to actual designers.
  • Sell This House

    Sell This House, Sell This House is an ok show. Its about these people who come in and help you of course sell your house. First they show you what customers think about your house. The the Sell this house team comes in and show pointers and helps out to sell this house.
  • I think this is a great show. It really helps us less gifted people to get ideas on what we should do to sell our house. Thank you for sell this house. Please help me sell my house. Do a show on my house we are in Hammond,La. Help!

    Great! Fully informative and helpful. We love it and hope you continue to air it for a long time. There are many insights and ideas we would not have know without it. It is down to earth, funny, and interesting. Keep up the good work and you will have plenty of viewers including me. I would like to see some homes here in the deep south like my home town of Hammond, La. for you to come and work your magic. Come do my house to sell. The people of Louisiana would love it. We are Katrina survivors. We all could use the uplift that doing a house down here would give. Come do my house to sell.
  • see review of last year's worth of shows. participants seem made up/rehearsed. the hosts have no bio's and the decorating themes and solutions are very similar to one another. white sheets, candles, up lights, drapes made from bed sheets.

    my wife and i have watched this show for over a year now and i find a few things a bit odd. first the open house "mystery" critics who tour the house all the while being secretly recorded. for some time now, we have suspected the producers are using ringers, that is, rehearsed folks to critque the house. the comments seem canned and following this line of thought, roger "creates" the new look which magically sells the house.
    the out of focus and muffled videos of the open house critics seems to allow for this deception.
    i noticed that neither tanya nor roger have bio's on the site. are these folks made up also???
    just some thoughts.
  • Staged my house according to Roger Hazard\\\'s \\\"rules\\\"; put little add in paper Saturday; lots of visitors on weekend; got 5 offers on Monday. Made 52,000$ profit on my house that I had bought 6 years ago. Thank you Sell this house!

    I have been watching and studying "Sell this house" to sell my own house. I staged my house according to Roger Hazard's "rules", clean, crisp, uncluttered inside and outside; the house looked so great that it was sold over the weekend. I put a little add in the papers on Saturday; I had lots of visitors on the weekend; 5 buyers were fighting over it so I got the full price I was asking on Monday morning. I made 52,000$ profit on my house that I had bought 6 years ago. I'm moving in 9 days. Thank you Sell this house!
  • This show is long overdue! It is sooo informative. Roger and Tanya work so well together. They treat the clients and their homes with natural, down to earth respect.

    I wish this show continues for a long, long time. I also wish it is shown at more times. Anyone, from any class of society can learn something from this show. Roger knows what he's talking about. And he has a cute sense of humor too. The colors and ideas used are original per home. Tanya adds the female girliness that brings ease to the show. The show does not come across rehearsed. The owners of the homes show they appreciate Roger and Tanya. Their approach is much needed in other makeover shows.These guys are about the best! Keep up the good work!!
  • I get a funny feeling whenever I watch Sell This House on tv.

    I get a funny feeling whenever I watch Sell This House on tv. It sends a chill up my spine in a way that I can't quite describe. This time, it's no exception. When I picked this up during my visit to Blockbuster, I knew I was in for a treat as I have been so many times felt before. I was right! If you haven't gotten this yet, beg, steal, buy or do whatever you need to get it. You won't regret it.
  • Our home has been on the market for over a year now. We have had offers but none worth accepting. Please help us with your expertise!! We are a family of 4 that really needs help getting into a larger house. Thanks!!!

    We watch this show almost every time it comes on. We get a lot of great tips from the show but have a hard time integrating them into our home. We need someone to come into our home and help us. With 2 children we are cramped inside this house. We are VERY ready to move!!! We spend our afternoons and weekends looking for other houses but ours just won't move. We are so FRUSTRATED! Please send your crew to Birmingham, Alabama and help us get our house sold! We don't know where else to go from here! HELP US PLEASE!!!
  • Great show, refreshing,informative and fun to watch. Thanks!

    I love this show! I have been working on fixing up my mom's 30-year-old run-down house to sell and I have been using so many of the tips I have seen on the show. Tanya and Roger are easy to watch and I learn a neat little trick or two with every episode. Hopefully, as soon as we get my mom's house on the market, it will sell fast thanks to this show. If not, we will be calling for help! While working in the house, my mom or I will joke,"What would Roger say about this paint color or these blinds?" and it helps us make better choices. Great show, refreshing,informative and fun to watch. Thanks!
  • Wished that I had watched this a LONG time ago! We are having a hard time selling our home (15 yrs.old) in a competitive market where buyers desire new construction. Can you help us please?

    This show is great! Will watch every episode to gain knowledge to help us sell our home.Have made thousands of $ in improvements already, but where do you stop???We want any and all input to learn how we can compete effectively in this very competitive market. Our home has been on the market for over eight months.
  • People are so judgemental!

    It blows my mind when I hear open-house visitors commenting on the color of the walls, or on the fabric of furniture, even the cleanliness of a stove-top!

    Worry about the size of the room and the general up-keep of the house!

    And what's with Roger? Does he own a bamboo company? Because I don't see why else he insists on putting those uber-retro bamboo blinds everywhere!

    But, enough ranting. This show is a guilty pleasure and I watch it every Sunday afternoon...
  • Please help me sell my house, had no luck last year and need to sell this or we may lose it. It located just outside of Houston, Tx 832-640-3409 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love this show but I really need your help in the worst way. PLEASE! My home was beautiful when we bought it, but after taking in people that needed help at the time, they really left my home in bad shape. I need to know how to repair and update on a very limited budget.
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