Sell This House - Season 1

Saturday 10:00 AM on A&E Premiered Jul 06, 2003 In Season


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  • New Orleans, LA - David & Valencia Luke
    David and Valencia Luke had lived in their house since they were newlyweds. But with a growing family, they needed more room. Located in a great neighborhood, their charming bungalow had beautiful hardwood floors and a huge backyard. At an open house, the hidden cameras found out why the home was still on the market. Roger restaged the living room and created a dining area, and highlighted the sunroom by making it a breakfast area complete with cedar table and chairs.moreless
  • Gig Harbor, WA - Linda Berry
    With lots of windows, recessed ceilings, and three gas fireplaces, Linda's house was located in Puget Sound. An hour outside Seattle, Gig Harbor is one of America's most picturesque small cities. Linda and her sons had lived in this 3,750-square-foot house for 11 years and were ready for a change, but couldn't unload their place. It was time for the hidden-camera open house to see how potential buyers felt about Linda's pink living room - walls, carpet, and couches - and what Roger Hazard thought about pink in general.moreless
  • Coconut Grove, FL - Lisa & Cesar Verde
    After seven years and the birth of a son, Lisa and Cesar Verde had outgrown their cozy home in a fantastic neighborhood with a gorgeous front-yard jungle and beautiful hardwood floors. This tropical charmer had it all - all but a buyer. After an open house to hear what potential home buyers had to say, Lisa and Cesar found out how Tanya and Roger planned to address issues that seemed to be driving people away, such as getting rid of the clutter and brightening up the house with a fresh coat of paint.moreless
  • Coral Gables, FL - Pam Gonzalez
    Pam's house had Mexican terra cotta floors, a sun porch, and a water feature out back, all shaded by tropical Miami palms. The open house revealed potential buyers' thoughts. First, there was the clutter and the paint some people thought looked like mold and there was an odd smell in the house. Pam and her daughter Marcela, who had come home from college to help her mother move, listened to the comments, then learned what Roger Hazard had planned for them.moreless
  • Granada Hills, CA - Jim & Donna Jackson
    Just miles from Hollywood, this spacious ranch house with four bedrooms and 2-1/2 bathrooms was perfect for raising a family. So why were Jim and Donna Jackson having such a hard time selling their house? Maybe the bright green carpet, reminiscent of a golf course, and the master bath that had a "grimy" feel? Roger Hazard's plan was to draw attention away from the carpet and make people forget the house was built nearly 30 years ago.moreless
  • Van Nuys, CA - Laura Nelson & Collene Swanson
    A big house full of country charm on a huge lot on a quiet dead-end street was what Laura and Collene had called home for nearly 12 years. But they wanted to move to northern California where they would have more room for their pets. Potential homeowners were being turned away by the wrinkled carpet in the living room, very low ceilings, pet odors, and a teal kitchen. Roger Hazard was able to address these issues that had been driving people away.moreless
  • Kaneohe, Oahu, HI - Brian & Suzanne Parnell
    For the past 11 years, Brian and Suzy had lived in their 3,600-square-foot home with a bay and mountain view, six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and it was in Hawaii. Why had it been on the market for three months? The Parnells had so much stuff that this huge house felt cluttered! After an open house, Roger Hazard unfolded his basic plan.moreless
  • Honolulu, HI - Sean & Kyong Chang
    Located on the island of Oahu, Sean and Kyong Chang's home defined paradise with a tropical pool and patio, vaulted ceiling, and breathtaking ocean view. So what was the problem? The huge TV, too many tables, odd furniture, and the fireplace (an unusual feature in Hawaii). After an open house to hear potential buyers' opinions, the Changs learned how Roger Hazard planned to address issues that were driving people away - and he taught the first-time painters some tricks of the trade.moreless
  • Scottsdale, AZ - Pam Hoffman
    Pam Hoffman's house boasted a newly remodeled kitchen and family room and a huge backyard with a swimming pool in a picture perfect Scottsdale neighborhood. So why wasn't it moving? After an open house to hear what potential buyers thought, Pam and her daughters Caitlin, Elli, & Jordann found out Roger Hazard planned to make the back of the house match the front.moreless
  • Scottsdale, AZ - John & Martha Cornely
    After five months on the market, nobody seemed interested in John and Martha Cornely's home. With five bedrooms, nearly an acre of land, and a spectacular mountain view, one would think this would have been an easy sell. So what was wrong? Maybe bad use of a good space? After an open house, Roger Hazard revealed his plan for great things. And he made the Cornelys part with some things that cluttered their house - things they don't really want to see removed.moreless
  • Manhattan, NY - Nicole & Dan Robinson
    Located on Manhattan's much-sought-after Upper East Side, Dan and Nicole's apartment was a find. Despite the fact that it didn't have a view, this one-bedroom got lots of light and had a decent amount of closet space - a rare commodity in New York. But it had a dated kitchen that seemed to be a real issue. Plus Dan liked modern and Nicole preferred antiques - and they were scattered throughout the apartment. Dan wasn't sure about some of Roger Hazard's planned fixes, but he approved when they were finished.moreless
  • New York, NY - Derrick Hussey & Anastasia Daniel
    Derrick and Anastasia's two-bedroom condo in the heart of New York City on Madison Avenue wasn't selling. With a huge amount of space and beautiful hardwood floors, it was a great deal at $610,000. So what was the problem? Derrick attended the open house alone to see what potential buyers thought.moreless
  • Bellevue, WA - Dennis & Becky Mefford
    Dennis and Becky Nefford had raised three kids in this house. Located minutes from Seattle, their 3-bedroom rambler, nestled in a quiet neighborhood and surrounded by evergreen trees, wasn't moving after three months on the market. After hearing what potential buyers have to say about the gold carpet and fish wallpaper in one of the bathrooms at an open house, Roger Hazard devised a plan to turn the negatives into positives.moreless
  • Seattle, WA - Christopher & Jennifer Taylor
    Chris and Jen bought their condo five years before they added two daughters to the family. Their place had two bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, a prime location, and amazing views and asking price so Tanya and Roger helped them find out what was wrong. The problem seemed to be lots of clutter, a cat-odor problem, and rooms that served too many purposes.moreless
  • Los Gatos, CA - Russ Hoffman & Heather Sorensen
    Russ Hoffman wanted to move from his home of 33 years into a smaller house. With a spacious living room and vaulted ceilings, why wasn't this four-bedroom, two-bathroom house selling? Russ and daughter Heather Sorensen listened to open house comments, then found out what designer Roger Hazard thought. Roger played up the house's architectural strong points, removed most of the artwork that crowded the walls, got rid of the shag carpeting, and removed a huge chandelier to provide a great view of the backyard.moreless
  • Saratoga, CA - Tom & Judi Crosley
    After 20 years, Tom and Judi Crosley wanted to leave their four-bedroom Bay Area home to move to Arizona. Comparable homes were selling for around $1 million, so why wasn't theirs selling? Tom and Judi listened to what potential homebuyers had to say then learned what Roger Hazard had planned. Roger spruced up a bedroom that smelled like smoke and exposed its hardwood floor, cleaned carpets, and painted the bathroom.moreless
  • North Barrington, IL - Chris & Kathy Brady
    With their children finally out of the house, Chris and Kathy wanted to move to a smaller home. Their five-bedroom house with cathedral ceilings, formal dining room, and spacious kitchen was just 30 miles northwest of Chicago. Why was it still on the market? Kathy and Chris listened to comments from potential buyers secretly taped at an open house. Then Roger Hazard determined what was driving people away, mainly the flowered wallpaper in the master bedroom and blue tiles as well as their daughter Jenny's cluttered bedroom.moreless
  • Chicago, IL - Carol Francis & Melissa Hill
    Carol and her husband were moving to Florida, but after a year of having their Chicago home on and off the market, they still didn't have an offer. That's why Carol, with the help of daughter Melissa, needed to do something to the house. A chopped-up floor plan and a dated kitchen appeared to be the two biggest issues. Roger Hazard decided to tackle the multi-purpose kitchen and living room.
  • Alpharetta, GA - Doug & Patty Skinner
    Big rooms, cathedral ceilings, and beautiful decks overlooking a wooded backyard combined to make Doug and Patty Skinner's 4-bedroom house appealing, but it was still on the market after three months. And it was priced below other homes in the desirable area north of Atlanta. The problem was it just felt old. Roger Hazard decided to highlight its architectural elements - French doors and a sun porch - while neutralizing other things such as the mauve carpeting and flowery wallpaper.moreless
  • Atlanta, GA - Sherry & Preston Hays
    Sherry and Preston spent their weekends in North Carolina and wanted to sell their house and get a condo in Atlanta for the work week. But they were having trouble - their home had been on the market for two months. After a secretly taped open house, the Hays found out how our Roger Hazard planned to address issues that were driving potential buyers away, such as a carpet with a serious problem with pet odors.moreless
  • Sugar Land, TX - Paul & Laura Jacobs
    The Jacobs needed to sell their house in Sugar Land, Texas. Located 20 minutes from Houston, Paul and Laura's home had four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a breakfast area, and a big backyard. So what was the problem? After an open house to hear what potential buyers have to say, the Jacobs found out how Roger Hazard planned to address the issues.moreless
  • Houston, TX - David & Jane Steadman
    The Steadmans are trying to sell their house so they could move back to Canada, but weren't getting offers. The four-bedroom, three-bathroom home backed up to a park and was close to all Houston had to offer. So what was the problem? Roger and Tanya held an open house to get an idea of what potential homebuyers were thinking. After David and Jane listened to the comments, Roger revealed his plan to address the issues that had been revealed.moreless
  • Yorktown Heights, NY - Joe & Lisa Pagilaro
    Joe and Lisa were relocating to Missouri for Lisa's promotion. After their home had been on the market for two months, the few offers they had received were less than attractive. The house was a 1,500 square foot split-level house in a quiet New York City suburb with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and had a pond in back. It seemed perfect for a young, growing family. Roger Hazard had a plan to make the "country" cool.moreless
  • New York City, NY - Joe & Daria Zawadzki
    Joe and Daria Zawadzki were ready to start a family and needed a bigger home. Their apartment had been on the market for four months, but there had been no offers. Their 973-foot loft apartment with 20-foot ceilings was near Lincoln Center. So what was the problem? They didn't know how to keep their house clean! After an open house, where some potential homebuyers' thoughts weren't so nice, designer Roger Hazard helped the couple clear the clutter and transform the apartment.moreless
  • Kirkland, WA - Tasha & Jeff O'Day
    With two active boys, Tasha and Jeff O'Day had outgrown their house in Kirkland, Washington, and needed to sell it and move to a larger place. To find out why the house isn't selling, an open house with hidden cameras was held to get an idea of what potential homebuyers thought about it. At the suggestion of designer Roger Hazard, Tasha and Jeff put in drapes, painted the fireplace, added small touches like cookies and plants to brighten up the kitchen, and then tackled the problem of the huge mirror in the master suite.moreless
  • Seattle, WA - Candace & Mark Ives
    Candace and Mark Ives were having trouble selling their house in Seattle because the living room was dark and cluttered, the bookshelves and tables were crammed with figurines and pictures, the kitchen looked dated, and the master bedroom had red walls, giving it a closed-in feeling. Candace was eight months pregnant, and the couple wants to move to Minnesota to be closer to family once the baby is born.moreless
  • Kirkland, WA - Zach & Secunda Rogers
    In the pilot episode, professional designer Roger Hazard helped Zach and Secunda Rogers, whose house in a very desirable Seattle suburb had been on the market for months with no offers to buy. After an open house to hear what potential purchasers thought, Roger recommended painting, moving furniture, and putting new bed linens in the master bedroom to attract buyers.moreless