Sell This House - Season 2

Saturday 10:00 AM on A&E Premiered Jul 06, 2003 In Season


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  • Memphis, TN - Lionel & Latrice
    Lionel, Latrice and their three children had lived in their three-bedroom Memphis home for five years. They were hoping to move to a bigger place that would accommodate their growing family. Homes in their neighborhood usually sold within three months, but not theirs. After Lionel and Latrice watched the open house and discovered what people disliked about their home, it was time to start cleaning, decluttering, and painting. Tanya helped to transform the dark house into a brighter, cheerier home. The place went from drab and dark to neutral and sunny, and Roger had a few quick tips that changed the way people saw the house.moreless
  • Memphis, TN - Geri Maxwell
    Geri Maxwell's storybook home featured large rooms, a generous yard and had easy access to the golf course. She'd lived there 13 years, but wanted to downsize. Unfortunately, the house had been on the market for four months with no takers. The hidden cameras revealed her penchant for pastel colors and her fondness for fake trees had resulted in a style that was all her own. The transformation started with painting the dining room, living room, hall, and stairs. Roger's had a plan for rearranging the living room into an inviting place to relax and entertain.moreless
  • Tulsa, OK - Nicki Unertl
    Nicki, Laurie, and Laurie's two kids had lived in their three-bedroom Tulsa home for six years. They wanted to move to the country, so they needed to get their place ready to sell. Homes in the neighborhood usually sold within eight days, but not theirs. Nicki's preference for dark colors was reflected in the living room, dining room, and kids' rooms, and the whole house needed to be brightened up. Ashley's room was a magenta nightmare, and John's room had a mural with a baseball theme. In addition, the kitchen was outdated, and the carpet smelled like cats. Roger and Tayna were able to change the house from drab and dark to warm and inviting.moreless
  • Tulsa, OK - Bob & Donna Hohulski
    Bob and Donna's brick house had a large backyard and a great kitchen, but their perfect family home had been on the market for three months without an offer. In order to move to a larger home in the country, they had to reverse this trend. The hidden cameras revealed the dark paneling in the den, the dirty carpet in the living room, and the overcrowded dining room were turning people away.moreless
  • Hoboken, NJ - Joe & Helen Bergstein
    Joe and Helen Bergstein had lived in their three-family house in Hoboken for 20 years. It was time for a change, so they needed to get their place ready to sell. Their garden-level unit featured a backyard with Hoboken's biggest grapevine and a charming country kitchen, but no offers had been received. When Joe and Helen watched the open house, they discovered what potential buyers hated about their home. So they started cleaning, decluttering, and painting with the help of a group of real estate agents. Helen was surprised when she discovered something hidden behind an old cabinet. In the backyard, Roger had a surprise for everyone and Tanya learned how to operate a pressure washer.moreless
  • Hoboken, NJ - William & Nancy Harkins
    Siblings Nancy and Bill had decided it was time to stop rooming together in the condo they'd bought four years ago. The condo had four bedrooms with hardwood floors throughout and a large roof deck with great views. Roger defined the kitchen and living room with bold fall colors that make the area pop. A rented kitchen island created more workspace. Roger staged a dining area near the window to give the room a little more functionality.moreless
  • Boston, MA - Trudy Laslie
    Trudy Laslie wanted to sell her house so she could move closer to her sisters. She'd lived in her quaint colonial home since it was built 15 years earlier. Unfortunately, her house had been on the market for two months without any potential buyers. Although Trudy's house had the square footage, it didn't show that way. She had a lot of clutter and her personal taste was all her own. Roger determined the house needed some major decluttering, removal of outdated wallpaper and frilly curtains, lots of fresh paint, replacement of the artificial foliage with fresh fruit accents, and a new slipcover to attract buyer interest.moreless
  • Boston, MA - Rob Downing
    Rob had lived in his classic South Boston brownstone condo for four years, but he wanted to move to New York to be closer to his sweetheart. The place had a beautiful backyard garden, a bright, sunny living room with high ceilings, and lots of space, yet it had been on the market for four months. Tanya Memme held an open house and Rob learned what people really thought of his home. Then they began moving furniture and painting. Roger's injured knee was keeping him down, so his design assistant Megan stepped in to carry out his orders.moreless
  • Wilmington, NC - Tyler Daum
    Tyler loved his old Craftsman, located in the heart of one of Wilmington's historic neighborhoods. But he was willing to trade it all for life in an RV, which would give him more flexibility for his career in the film industry. But first, he had to find a buyer. And considering his home has been on the market for over five years, that was not going to be easy.moreless
  • Seattle, WA - Jonathan Franklin
    Jonathan had lived in his South Seattle farmhouse for nine years. He was building a new home and was ready to sell. But no one seemed interested in the place, and it had been on the market for six months. What was the problem? The colors Jonathan had chosen for the interior were loud and eclectic. The garden out front had languished in the hottest summer in recorded history, and an uncovered heating duct drew attention to itself in the dining room. Roger Hazard's plan improved this home's marketability.moreless
  • Seattle, WA - Juan & Mary Hernandez
    Juan and Mary had lived in Seattle's bustling Roosevelt neighborhood for 17 years. Looking forward to retirement, they were trading in their classic brick bungalow for a rambler just outside the city. Fortunately for them, many first-time homebuyers were snatching up properties in their coveted neighborhood. Roger Hazard was able to bridge the generation gap and make their home attractive to the younger set.moreless
  • Arvada, CO - Cindy Tomasi
    A beautiful garden, four bedrooms, a huge rec room - this perfect family home was in a friendly community just a few minutes from Denver. Cindy and her teenage daughter Darcy had lived there for 12 years, but Darcy was headed to college and there was no need for all the space. What was the problem? Cindy and Darcy watched the open house to see what buyers really thought of their home. Roger Hazard's basic plan was to transform the tired, outdated house into a bright, sunny cottage by removing excess furniture, cleaning the place top to bottom, opening up the kitchen by creating a new eating area, decluttering and painting the bedroom, and trimming the patio foliage.moreless
  • Denver, CO - Peggy & Dave Upton
    Located in a quiet neighborhood near the heart of Denver, Peggy and Dave Upton's house had a great backyard with lots of space for outdoor parties and kids to play. The Uptons had lived there with son Jason for 16 years, but as retirement approached, they wanted to move closer to family in California. It was time to sell the house and head west, but they had no buyers. The problem? The pink walls in the living room, which assaulted the eye and clashed with the comfortable furniture. In the kitchen, outdated wallpaper and cabinets dated the room. A cold and uninviting office had taken over the master bedroom. But designer Roger Hazard was inspired and his plan transformed the Upton home from bleak to chic.moreless
  • Madison, WI - Kit McCaffrey & Spencer Wood
    An historic home with great curb appeal, beautiful aged woodwork, and craftsman detail, in a popular neighborhood just minutes from downtown - the house had everything a homebuyer could want. So why wouldn't anyone buy it? Kit and Spence had lived in their home for eight years, and now that Spencer had finished his PhD, they were relocating to Colorado for his work. After listening to comments from the hidden-camera open house, Roger Hazard came to the rescue with plans for the sunroom.moreless
  • Madison, WI - Janet & Steve Buechner
    For six years, Janet and Steve Buechner and their son had lived in a quiet and affordable neighborhood along with four cats. The large house with bay windows created a sunny living room, but it had been on the market for eight weeks. This house built in 1968 looked every minute of its age, so Roger brought it into the present with some paint. He also updated window treatments and lighting fixtures, and he made covers for the futon and chairs. He also added a bamboo runner in the kitchen to cover up outdated countertops, removed excess furniture throughout the house, cleared out the clutter, and got rid of the bedroom rug to expose the beautiful hardwood floors.moreless
  • Severn, MD - Phyllis Travis Doggett
    This A-frame custom-built home owned by Phyllis Doggett and her daughter, Ashley, featured a large wooded lot, a pool, large rooms in an open floor plan, a finished basement, a high-ceilinged living room with a beautiful fireplace and a spiral staircase leading to a office loft. Roger and Tanya removed excess furniture, photographs and knick-knacks, painted the walls, repaired a hole in the kitchen linoleum, and repositioned the furniture to give this 1970s house a whole new look for only $140.moreless
  • Baltimore, MD - Jeff & Mollie Molner
    Jeff and Mollie Molner's tiny rambler was bursting at the seams with furniture, stuffed animals and collectibles, and their dog Hazmat ruled the roost. Roger and Tanya steam-cleaned the carpets to remove the dog and cigarette smoke, repainted the living room, dining room, hallways and master bedroom to lighten and brighten, and removed the clutter that gave this house a new look, although Mollie was extremely unhappy with Roger's color choices.moreless
  • Columbia, MD - Tammi McLeain
    Tammi McLeain and her two children had lived for four years in their large three-bedroom townhouse with a spacious floor plan located in a community known for its family-oriented design and great open spaces. But due to a new job, Tammi and her kids needed to relocate to Baltimore -and Tammi hadn't had any time to prepare her house to sell.moreless
  • Santa Fe, NM - Reggie & Melody Whitehead
    An adobe-style home with an indoor pool, Jacuzzi, three spacious bedrooms, and great living space, all located on a one-acre lot. What buyer wouldn't go for this? Now that Reggie and Melody's children were grown, the house was too big and they wanted a smaller space. So Tanya Memme sat them down to hear what the hidden cameras captured when potential homebuyers checked out their house. Roger Hazard worked his restaging magic to create a soothing spa out of a scary bachelor pad.moreless
  • Lamy, NM - Don & Owen Gray
    Don and his son, Owen, had lived in this traditional northern New Mexico pitched-roof home with beautiful woodwork for seven years, and now they were ready for a change. In the unique Art-Barn area of nearby Lamy, the houses have their own attached art studios surrounded by the solitude of the high desert. But their house wasn't moving and it was time for another try. Roger Hazard and Tanya debachelorized and dehippifed Don and Owen's desert getaway to get rid of that "used" feelingmoreless
  • Sherwood, AR - Kathy Raines
    Kathy Raines' custom-built home - with a spacious living room, lots of wooden porches, and a great pond - was located in the middle of a safe and quiet neighborhood in one of Arkansas' best small towns. After six months on the market, it was selling. Could the problem be that Kathy's office was being used as a bird sanctuary or everyone didn't share Kathy's taste? Kathy and her friend listened to open-house comments, then found out what magic Roger Hazard had planned.moreless
  • Conway, AR - Michael Meachum & Kaleena Gilbert
    Michael and Kaleena's home near Little Rock, Arkansas, had been on the market for six months without an offer. This brick home had a big backyard, three bedrooms, two baths, and a two-car garage. Roger determined the house needed some spackle, paint, stereo wire and wallpaper removal, new lighting fixtures, furniture rearrangement, decluttering and a good cleaning to get them an offer in less than a week.moreless
  • Gretna, LA - Dominica Adorno
    Dominica Adorno had lived in her three-bedroom house for 15 years, and she and her children were ready for a change. Although her house had a great layout and a huge yard, and was located across the river from New Orleans, the house lacked interest from buyers. Tanya removed the burglar bars from the windows to let in much-needed light, the old-fashioned kitchen was painted and updated, and the house was turned into a showcase.moreless
  • Auburn, WA - Roger & Mary
    Roger, Mary and teenage daughter Jennifer had called their place home for five years. Their 43-year-old house was located on a quiet, dead-end street in Auburn - about a half-hour south of Seattle - with a beautifully landscaped yard and great decks. Roger and Mary found out why the house wouldn't move while viewing hidden-camera footage of an open house. Roger Hazard's plans included updating the kitchen floor and cabinetry, cleaning the dirty stovetop, and modernizing the master bedroom.moreless
  • Tacoma, WA - Sandy & Gary Sample
    At the open house, Sandy and Gary Sample learn the shag carpet, Sandy's collectibles, and 31 years of clutter had prevented them from selling their house. Tanya and Roger address these issues to bring the Sample's house into the 21st century.
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