Sell This House - Season 3

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  • Amesbury, MA - Chris Fleuriel & Merrill Kaitz
    A large and historic Victorian-style home in a quiet Massachusetts neighborhood. It had just about everything a person could want, but the commute to Boston was just too far, so it was time for Chris and Merrill to move closer in. This charmer had been on the market for over two months, with little interest from potential buyers. What was the problem? The weird wallpaper in the living room, the cat smell, or the dirty carpets? Or perhaps the bright orange walls in the entry. First, Roger and Tanya decluttered the entire house, removed books, toys, and excess furniture from all the rooms. They pulled up the dirty beige carpet to reveal perfect hardwood floors. The wallpaper in the living room was painted over with a suede-textured color called Classic Coffee. The inside of this home now matched the classic feel of the historic exterior.moreless
  • Boston, MA - Angela Victoria O'Neill
    Angela Victoria's classic three-bedroom town home was nestled in quaint Brookline, a family friendly area on the outskirts of Boston. She'd lived here for 30 years, but she dreamed of buying a little place by the ocean. First she needed to sell her current place. While the architecture was stunning, all the clutter and darkness were turning open house guests away. Years of accumulated stuff made the place seem cramped. People were also turned off by the old and dingy paint on the walls. Angela Victoria had so much stuff; the first order of business was to hire some movers to clear this place out. Then it was on to painting, and Roger chose variations on lavender as the unifying theme. And by using a few choice pieces of furniture and some tasteful accessories, Angela Victoria's house was finally ready to sell.moreless
  • Carlton, OR - Sarah & Jeff Martin
    Sarah and Jeff had been living in the tiny town of Carlton, Oregon, for five years. They wanted a bigger house for Jeff's home business, but before they could move, they needed to sell their current home. The entry to a home makes the first impression to homebuyers, but this one was scaring open house guests away with its unkempt deck, pet odor and stained walls. The living room was disorganized and dark, and the bedroom reminded people of being under the sea with its blue-green walls. Roger to the rescue! They revitalized the entry by removing unnecessary items, replacing the old seating with a handmade bench, giving it a scrub down, and eliminating the odor. In the living room, they brought in light by moving the couch away from the window, and Roger tied the room together with pillows and candles that matched the carpet. The bedroom was painted, and furniture was removed to open up the room.moreless
  • Oregon City, OR - Donald & Jenny McGregor
    Don and Jenny hadlived in their rustic three-bedroom ranch style home near Portland, Oregon for almost 15 years. They had four dogs, a love of motorcycles, and big dreams to own a horse ranch of their own. But first, they needed to interest a buyer in their current home. It was located on a quiet cul-de-sac, had a large backyard, and had great amenities such as a fireplace, and it was priced just right for the neighborhood, but it was looking just a little bit dog-eared. Could this explain why it had been on the market for an entire year? Tanya Memme guided them through the tough process of learning what people really thought of their place. Then, it was time for Roger Hazard to the rescue! His first prescription: bring some light into this cave! The ugly old curtains in the living room were history. Simple white window treatments gave the room an airier feel, and they peeled up all the dog rugs and did some steam-cleaning to unveil a fresh, odor-free carpet underneath.moreless
  • Virginia City, MT - Rose Mason
    Rose had been living in her house in rural Montana for a long time, and most of her children had moved to the city. She planned on joining them, but first she had to sell her house. With shag carpet and a bar in the living room, her place looked like it was frozen in time and, unfortunately, the time was the 1970s. Roger Hazard's plan was to update the house, but still leave the rustic charm. The shag carpet that covered hardwood floors was the first thing to go and the faux brick on the walls was painted a lighter color. The master bedroom needed to be neutralized, so Roger painted the walls and built-in cabinets Antique White. With a lifetime of memories it was hard for Rose to let go, but ultimately these changes were what it was going to take to get this place sold.moreless
  • Belgrade, MT - Sarah Blacher
    Sarah's house had a large living room, hardwood floors, and was surrounded by Montana's incredible natural beauty near Bozeman, Montana. So why couldn't she sell her two-bedroom townhouse? For starters, the place was a huge mess. The dining room had been neglected, and both the living room and bedroom were filled with clutter. Sarah learned from the hidden camera footage that buyers did not like her color scheme, her housekeeping style, or the missing knobs on her kitchen cabinets. The house was cleaned and painted to brighten things up. To add more curb appeal, weeds were removed from the front yard and replaced with bedding plants.moreless
  • New York City, NY - Lou Giacalone
    Lou Giacalone's 900-square-foot, one-bedroom West Village apartment in Manhattan had high ceilings, beautiful bay windows, great location. Buyers want only the best in this pricey neighborhood, and they just couldn't get past the clutter and crazy colors to see what this great place had to offer. And with a $950,000 asking price, this place had to shine before anyone's going to take the risk. Roger and Tanya removed all the clutter and painted the hallway a brighter color to highlight the artwork, and they brought out the best in the high ceiling with classic bronze tones. Tanya attempted to organize Lou's art collection.moreless
  • Brooklyn, NY - Gerry Campbell
    Gerry Campbell and his two children lived in a classic three-story, six bedroom home near New York City. All those rooms were hard to maintain, so it was time to downsize. Open house guests were turned off by the clutter in the entry, which seemed to be a closet and a computer room. The living room suffered from neglect and was dark and dreary. The kitchen was full of junk there was a big water stain in the ceiling from a previous leak. Roger had everyone remove the clutter in the entry and painted it. Then they tackled the living room and painted it a similar, but lighter color, to maintain continuity. The excess furniture was stored in the garage. In the kitchen, clutter and bric-a-brac was removed and a professional painter was hired to repair the water stain.moreless
  • Charleston, SC - Todd &Tracy Archambault
    A nice brick home on a quiet corner lot should be an easy sell, but Todd and Tracy hadn't received a single offer in the five months the house had been on the market. They were building a larger home to accommodate their growing family, but they needed to find a buyer for this one. Tanya showed Todd and Tracy what open house guests really thought of their home. First, it was time to bring a little more sparkle to the sunroom by repainting the brick wall white and taking up the carpet, then recutting the shades to fit the windows. Hanging baskets were added to the fence in the yard. Roger's goal in the kitchen was to bring some cheerfulness to the room and tie it in to the adjacent dining room and living rooms, which he painted the same color.moreless
  • Summerville, SC - Sallie Ramos
    Sallie's home has a big backyard with a swimming pool, over 2,700 square feet of living space and lots of charm. Other homes in the neighborhood often sold in less than two weeks, so why couldn't she find a buyer? Well, for starters, it could have been the 25-year-old wallpaper in the entryway. Then there was the matter of the two stoves in the kitchen, and lots of unused space that just didn't bring buyers in. Tanya and Roger modernized the kitchen, repainted the cabinets and, with a few clever tricks, Roger Hazard updated the hardware. Then he removed the extra stove. Next it was time to spruce up some old furniture around the house.moreless
  • Seattle, WA - Katie Heiser & Doug Sowers
    Katie Heiser and Doug Sowers were having a slight problem selling their Georgetown home. It was a charming rambler in a quiet neighborhood with hardwood floors, just minutes from Downtown Seattle. They'd already moved out, bought a home in West Seattle, and without the furniture no one was able to visualize anything in their old house. The lack of furniture and bad floors convinced everyone this place was a huge fixer-upper. Roger Hazard was ready to work his magic. By using some masking tape and painting the floor the same color as the walls, Roger was able to conceal the trashed hardwood floors. Cardboard furniture was creatively used to help people visualize where they could put their own furniture, and makeshift bookshelves also drew attention to the high ceilings in the living room.moreless
  • Mercer Island, WA - Teresa & Reed Collingwood
    The Collingwood family had lived at their large Mercer Island home for 12 years. It was in a desirable secluded neighborhood just over the bridge from Seattle. Homes in this neighborhood normally sold within two weeks on the market, but for some reason this house with its stylish living room, lush backyard and large deck had been on the market for over a year and a half. Roger Hazard was ready to step up to the challenge. He made Rob clear out the spare room he'd been crashing in. He took some extra furniture for the downstairs, and toned down the room's blue carpet with a strong gray drop cloth used as a linen. After a few furniture adjustments to each room, the place was ready for action.moreless
  • Austin, TX - Kate Joly & Sam Jones
    Kate and Sam had lived in their small Austin home for four years. They were expecting a baby, so it was time to move on. The house was in a quiet neighborhood, centrally located not far from the University of Texas. Perfect, right? Except for the three enormous, smelly cats, furniture reminiscent of an old dorm room, and a fish tank that hadn't seen any signs of life for a long time. Fortunately, Roger was ready to turn their place around. First, all of the cat hair and clutter had to go! Computer equipment can make a room look ugly to potential homebuyers, so Tanya asked Sam to hide it for awhile. Then it was time to spruce up the walls with some more exciting colors. A grass rug and some inexpensive white window treatments, and a little bit of furniture swapping made this place look great.moreless
  • Austin, TX - Nancy Anderson
    Nancy had two boys and a wedding coming up. She needed a bigger house for her growing family, but first she needed to sell the house she had. It had a comfortable living area with beautiful windows and three spacious bedrooms, but Nancy's home had been showing for over three months without an offer. Despite the space, open house guests felt trapped by the clutter in Nancy's dining room and the dark color of the walls. The living room was stuffed with furniture, blocking access to the bookshelves and the backyard. It also sported a bright orange Texas Longhorns color scheme! Roger decided the orange walls in the living room would be painted over and everything would be removed that was not a basic essential.moreless
  • Key West, FL- Ron Menezes & Frank Notarianni
    Ron and Frank had called Key West their home for eight years, but they were ready for a change of pace and wanted to move to Miami. Before they could do that, they needed to sell their two-bedroom home. The house had cathedral ceilings and French doors that led to a deck where with a backyard mini-pool. But the house had been on the market for over two months. The hidden cameras revealed the clutter, artwork, and too much furniture left open-house guests feeling crowded out. Roger livened up the living room by removing half of the furniture and replacing the TV with an antique desk. A few more tricks up Roger's sleeve helped make this house much more buyer-friendly.moreless
  • Key West, FL - Mimi & Ernie Oskey
    Mimi and Ernie Oskey had lived on Cudjoe Key for 12 years. These avid boaters and fishermen loved the relaxed lifestyle the island life represented, but with son Austin getting bigger everyday, they needed more space. Their house had bright sunny rooms, a wrap-around deck, and its own private canal with a straight shot to Cudjoe Bay. But four months on the market, and they hadn't gotten a bite. After an an open house, the Oskeys learned what people really thought. Austin's room was toned down with a lighter color of walls and less furniture. Roger decided the "margarita green" walls of the living room had to go. Roger had an ingenuous idea using trash cans.moreless
  • Palm Springs, CA - Michael Trefun & Tom Mendel
    Tom and Michael had been living in their Palm Springs four-bedroom home for 21 years, and decided the house was too big. It had a tropical backyard complete with a pool that was perfect for entertaining. The house had a spacious living room and bedrooms, plus an updated kitchen and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains - a perfect family home. So why had their house been on the market for five months without an offer? It was time for Roger to get serious with Tom and Michael about sacrificing some of their treasured belongings to storage and the built-ins to the garage so that they could finally sell their house. In the den, the tragic faux finish on the walls had to go.moreless
  • Cathedral City, CA - Reina Delgadillo & Deborah Deechan
    Set in the desert oasis town of Cathedral City, California, with a pool out back, and lots of living space, Reina and Debbie's place should have been a quick sell, but instead the house had been lingering on the market. In the den, the faux finish on the walls looked like smoke, so Tanya and Roger replaced the tired browns with a cheerful new shade of green. They then returned the living room to its original purpose by removing the pool table and creating a comfortable seating area. Quick staging work in the bedroom and some accessorizing throughout the house turned the house into a classy retreat.moreless
  • Los Angeles, CA - Arnauld & Marie-Laure Filancia
    The house had hardwood floors, a large yard, a patio - the perfect family home - but for some reason, the place hadn't attracted any buyers. The Filancias had lived here for just over a year, but they were being transferred to Finland for work, so they had to find a buyer, and soon. However, the living room stood in as the dining room and the dining room had become a home office. Roger devised a plan to declutter the office so it could be painted and turned back into a dining room. In the living room, Roger and Tanya cleared out the clutter and borrowed some furniture from the family room to return it to its original state. The fireplace had a case of the blahs, so they installed an entire mantel.moreless
  • Key West, FL
    Key West, FL
    Episode 3
    Mimi and Ernie have lived on Cudjoe Key for twelve years. Their house has bright sunny rooms, a wrap-around deck, and even its own private canal with a straight shot to Cudjoe Bay! But four months on the market, and they haven't gotten a bite.
  • 4/17/05
    Roy had lived in his classic Victorian in the historic West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles for 25 years. But his four-bedroom house was really more than this bachelor needed, and he was ready to downsize. Roger Hazard's first order of business was to clear out all the excess clutter from the various rooms. He had a bold plan to transform the dull pink rooms and make the beautiful architectural details stand out. Tanya convinced Roy to actually use his chairs remove the plastic that had covered them for years. Removing the carpet to expose the beautiful hardwoods was a multiple-person chore, which resulted in a near-wardrobe malfunction for Tanya. With a little effort, Roger showed a classic home can undergo a 21st century facelift and still remain true to its roots.moreless
  • Haiku, HI - Mark & Nancy Townsend
    Mark and Nancy Townsend had lived in their house for 15 years in the beautiful rain forest just off the North Shore of Maui. With so much going for it, you'd think someone would want to snatch up this piece of paradise. But one look at the downstairs ohana and it was obvious out why this place wasn't moving. The rental unit was inhabited by two surfers for whom housekeeping was not a top priority. The carpets were filthy, the kitchen hadn't been cleaned in ages, and the bedrooms were a disaster. Roger's new surf theme kept the place true to its roots and, instead of turning people away, the new ohana invited them to stay.moreless
  • Kihei, Maui - Vicki Lynn Vallis
    Vicki Lynn Vallis had lived in her Kihei home for three years, but she wanted to move back to the mainland to be closer to her family in Tahoe. Although her home had been on the market for six months, she had not received an offer she could accept. Vicki had so much stuff in the house that no one could visualize living there. Roger eliminated everything in the house that wasn't essential, which meant removing furniture, neutralizing the decor, bringing the million-dollar view of Hawaii into the living room, and putting away most of Vicki's clothes. But convincing Vicki to part with her belongings was a job in itself. In the master bathroom, the real-live jungle outside wasn't visible for the jungle inside.moreless