Sell This House - Season 4

Saturday 10:00 AM on A&E Premiered Jul 06, 2003 In Season


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  • San Francisco, CA – Claire Urdahl
    Claire wants to sell her home filled with 50 years of family memories in San Francisco, but potential buyers think the house is too outdated. Roger and Tanya intend to paint over growth charts, remove the bar, and bring Claire’s house into the 21st century.
  • Honolulu, HI - Agnes & Ray Guerrero
    Agnes and Ray have a penthouse overlooking Diamond that has received no interest from potential buyers. The hidden camera reveals the house is dull and boring, and is too cluttered. Roger and Tanya brighten the house with fresh paint, downsize the furniture, and open up the lanai to reveal the view.moreless
  • Honolulu, HI - Vanessa
    Vanessa had been trying to sell her modern four-bedroom house in Honolulu with a downstairs apartment for four months, but there was no interest from potential homebuyers. Roger removed the oversized furniture and her son Isaiah's fish tanks from the living room and kitchen, and eliminated the boxes of clutter stashed all over the house to make the house more appealing.moreless
  • Everett, WA - Jason & Cory Stark
    The Stark family's older, three-bedroom rambler in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle hadn't drawn the attention of any potential buyers since it had been on the market. Roger and Tanya updated the house with new paint, eliminated heavy furniture, replaced the broken mirror in the master bathroom, and returned the kitchen cabinets to their original white to give them a more modern look.moreless
  • Tukwila, WA - Dave & Jackie
    Dave and Jackie were having problems selling their four-bedroom home near Seattle, Washington. The open house guests thought the house was too dull. So Roger and Tanya declutter and add splashes of color to make the dullest house in town the most desirable to potential buyers.
  • Phoenix, AZ - Michael & Cozette
    Michael and Cozette want to move to Portland to start a family, but need to sell their two-bedroom townhouse in Phoenix townhouse that has a spiral staircase, exposed beams and two fireplaces. Roger works his magic to transform the place so it will attract buyers and finally sell.
  • 3/31/07
    Johnny wants to sell his three-bedroom townhome that potential homebuyers think looks like a bachelor pad. Tanya and Johnny's sister change the decor to one that will appeal to women and make the house more appealing to families. With the help of Johnny's sister Michelle, Roger restages with additional furniture and updates the rooms with minor painting.moreless
  • Los Angeles, CA - Carolyn
    Carolyn's spacious home in Los Angeles was too large for one person to manage, so she decided to sell it and buy a smaller place. There was no interest from prospective buyers, so Roger uses some simple staging and fresh paint as well as the addition of new shelves in the master suite, with some assistance from Chad, to help make Carolyn's house more inviting.moreless
  • Edmunds, WA - Linda & Jose
    Linda and Jose are finding it difficult to find a buyer for their large five-bedroom home located in a popular suburb of Seattle. They had been living in the house for nearly 30 years and need to downsize because their children have moved out. Roger, Tanya and design assistant Chad update the house, pack up the collectibles, add new paint, and rearrange the furniture.moreless
  • Burnsville, MN - Ryan & Julie Crafton
    Roger and Tanya help Ryan and Julie Crafton prepare their three-bedroom tri-level house for sale by updating the living room to make it look less like a garage sale, changing the green bathroom with the frog decor, and repainting the master bedroom.
  • 2/10/07
    Roger and Tanya add distinctive touches to Craig Ramundt's three-bedroom house with very little furniture that resembles every other house in the neighborhood to make it more appealing to potential buyers.
  • Dallas, TX - Beverly Good
    Beverly Good's three-bedroom house in Dallas has a formal dining room, large family room, and a great background. After hearing the feedback from open house guests, Roger declutters, restages and creates an updated look so potential homebuyers will be interested.
  • 12/16/06
    Roger and Tanya help Rita and her son, Chris, renovate the three-bedroom, two-bath home in which they have lived for 12 years so the house will appeal to potential buyers. Staging involves tearing down Rita's "wallpaper" wall and painting over the unusual wall design in the dining room.
  • Buffalo, NY - Jackie Mullen
    Jackie Mullen wants to sell the home that her parents built in the 1950s because it is too big for one person to maintain. The house, located in Orchard Park, has a big kitchen, large yard, and a mother-in-law apartment upstairs. Potential buyers think the place looks too old and dated. Tanya's father joins Roger Hazard, who stages the house by removing the black lacquer furniture and fake flowers in the bedroom, restaging the sunroom, and painting several rooms.moreless
  • 12/23/06
    Shani and Mark Hunt need help selling their three-bedroom home near Niagara Falls that has hardwood floors, a fireplace and porch. Roger Hazard stages the house to make it more appealing to potential buyers by pulling apart shutters, removing carpets, painting, and upholstering.
  • Louisville, KY - Todd & Joanna Sheehan
    Newlyweds Todd and Joanna want to move out of Todd's bachelor pad and into a larger house, no one is interested. Roger tears down wallpaper and adds new pieces of furniture to give new life to their tired three-bedroom, two-bath house.
  • Louisville, KY - Tracey Purifoy & John Moneypenny
    Roger and Tanya travel to Louisville, Kentucky, to help Tracey and John renovate their three-bedroom home with hardwood floors and get the house ready to sell.
  • Tacoma, WA - Marci Howells
    Marci Howells asks Roger and Tanya for their help in updating her three-bedroom home with a sunroom in Tacoma, Washington.
  • 9/10/06
    Nancy and Wayland want to downsize into a new home after their wedding, but need to sell their three-bedroom rambler outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Roger and Tanya help them pack up storage boxes filled with canned goods in the kitchen and stow away their many collectibles. Roger painted the walls with updated colors and added bright lighting so the house would appeal to younger homeowners. Roger's sister, Tracy, who lives in Charlotte, and assistant, Toby, show up to give the team a hand with the painting.moreless
  • 8/20/06
    After living in their home for 10 years, the Pilot family purchased a new house and need to sell their old house, which is filled with antiques. Roger and Tanya move over half the furniture to storage and use paint to add some color to the entry.
  • 8/13/06
    Located in the Sugarhill District, Faeth's little cottage near downtown Salt Lake City needs to be updated so she can sell it and marry Scott. Roger and Tanya declutter her overcrowded dining room, deal with the unfinished kitchen, and remove the black furniture from the living room.
  • Salt Lake City, UT - Todd & Heidi
    Todd and Heidi plan to be married and combine their two families into one. They need to sell Todd's tri-level house and buy a new one that will accommodate a family with eight children. Prospective buyers see an outdated house with a small kitchen, wood-paneled walls, and poor lighting. Using fresh paint and new lighting, Roger and Tanya help the couple update their home.moreless
  • Phoebe and Margaret's country home in a Savannah, Georgia, suburb lacked color and personality, and needed new wallpaper. Roger and Tanya helped them store their personal items, paint rooms, and make the place look less like grandmother's house. Tanya also showed everyone how to make a bed to hotel standards.
  • 6/4/06
    Billie had raised her family in three-bedroom home with a huge yard. Now that the kids had left, she wanted to downsize, but the house wasn't easy to sell. The inside of the house resembled a flea market. There was too much stuff in every room, and the house appeared to be stuck in another decade. And then there was the pet odor. So it was time to pack up the knickknacks and pull up the old carpets. Although the hardwoods underneath were stained, they would impress homebuyers who might think twice about shag carpeting because a hardwood floor can be refinished. Roger chose fresh, neutral tones for the paint to replace the outdated colors.moreless
  • San Diego, CA - Michelle & Josh Mason
    Josh and Michelle's two-bedroom condo, with hardwood floors and a swimming pool, was located just a few minutes from downtown San Diego. They needed more room for themselves, their dog, and their new baby. Roger repaired the screen door, then got rid of an unused fish task and the pet odor. The walls were painted blue and a sandy color in a beach theme, and the extra furniture was removed to add more space.moreless
  • Dave Alstrand was a retired firefighter who loved to play pool and his wife Nancy loved her dog and birds. They had designed their custom home in the hills to live out their retirement, but realized it was just big for two people. When they decided to sell the place, they learned all the personalized features that meant so much to them when they built the place was a liability in selling it. Roger quickly banished Dave's beloved billiards table and created a comfortable TV room in its place. Roger added fresh paint to the other rooms and turned the living room into a combination dining and sitting area.moreless
  • Miami, FL - Ema & Ingrid Forgeron
    Ema and Ingrid Forgeron wanted to sell their house in Miami because Hurricane Wilma had hit and business in their beauty supply store had slowed. Roger and Tanya helped them clean, declutter and update so buyers could see the potential in their home.
  • Arthur and J.C.'s place had been on the market way for too long. Their beautiful and classic bungalow featured lovely hardwood floors and a huge living room. However, their personal style tended toward a heavy, Roman theme, and their home was so full of collectibles from their travels there was hardly room for open house guests to turn around. Their solution was to move to a larger home with more space to accommodate their passion for art, but first they had to find a buyer for the current house. Roger discovered the den was really a hidden bedroom, a fact that would please space-conscious buyers, but he needed to find a creative way to draw attention to this overlooked detail.moreless
  • Los Angeles, CA - Chastity Bono
    Chastity Bono lived in Los Angeles for much of her life and had called West Hollywood home for eight years. But she was upgrading from her modest two-bedroom home to a place with a little more space, and she needed to sell her old house. L.A. homebuyers are very discriminating and many want a modern, hip look that this charming bungalow lacked. And without any furniture, the place seemed like a shapeless box. Roger Hazard redefined the space in Chastity's home to create a new, modern look. Tanya's mother appeared to give a hand and Chastity reveals her mother, Cher, is a fan of the show.moreless
  • 3/26/06
    Greg's tenants were moving out of his Santa Monica home, so he thought it was time to sell. The place was a little run down, but property values in the area regularly ran into the low millions, so it was not surprising that, even with a dark interior and some pet odor issues, this place was priced at $850,000. But potential homeowners weren't going to bite unless there was a carrot at the end of the stick. The living room was dark and cramped with outdated furniture, and the master bedroom was overflowing with furniture. Roger had a plan to give the living room a fresh new tropical-beach feel. By removing the bulky furniture, the space was opened up. He removed the smelly old carpet, decluttered the boys' bedroom, and added some new bunk beds to spruce up this room.moreless
  • Los Angeles, CA - Steve & Susan Wasser
    Steve and Susan Wasser, their son Chris and two dogs lived in a charming Spanish style villa just minutes from the heart of Hollywood. They were hankering to live closer to the beach, but first, they had to find a buyer. In the hot L.A. market, their home should have been a cinch to sell, but that wasn't the case. The open house revealed their growling dogs weren't giving potential buyers a warm welcome, the dark and cavernous living room was turning buyers away, Chris' bedroom smelled bad. Roger and Tanya tackled old wallpaper, re-invented Chris' room, painted, replaced pleather drapes, and the list went on and on.moreless
  • Frank and Kimberly Blackburn had lived in their three-bedroom rambler on the outskirts of Sacramento for 10 years, but they were moving out of the area to be closer to the rest of their family. Buyers were grabbing up other homes in the neighborhood, but their home was suffering from a case of the blahs and couldn't attract a buyer who appreciated its spare design. Roger had a plan to break up the vast living room space and use warm colors to make it cozy. He gave the dining room a café-like feel and banished the jungle theme in the bedroom in favor of something a little more romantic.moreless
  • 3/12/06
    Joe and Tiffany and their two young children lived on a quiet cul-de-sac in a quiet neighborhood just outside of Sacramento. But their three-bedroom home was becoming too crowded for the growing family, so it was time to upgrade. The open-house guests quickly pronounced Joe and Tiffany's house to be over-cluttered and dark. The dining room had been taken over by craft supplies and exercise equipment. Roger Hazard stepped in to turn the place around. Clutter was banished and the dark accent wall in the living room was painted a cheerful light green. The dining room was returned to its original purpose and the bedroom was brightened up with window treatments.moreless