Sell This House - Season 5

Saturday 10:00 AM on A&E Premiered Jul 06, 2003 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Tucson, AZ - Les, Gordon & Juan
    Les, Gordon and Juan have so much stuff cluttering up their home that potential homebuyers are too distracted to see what a beautiful house they actually have. Roger is able to help them pack their belongings and showcase the house so it can be sold.
  • Tucson, AZ - Cathleen
    Roger helps Cathleen stage her home in the desert so it will attract potential buyers, who can't see beyond the clutter and multiple paint colors in the bathroom.
  • 6/14/08
    Cheryl's home in Wilmington, North Carolina, is filled with antiques, but they distract potential buyers from seeing the architectural details, such as the beautiful hardwood floors and wainscoting.
  • Wrightsville Beach, NC - Greg & Amy
    Roger Hazard stages Greg and Amy's home in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, by painting three rooms and removing overgrown plants from the solarium.
  • Miami Beach, FL - Randall
    Although dated, Randall's condo in Miami Beach has charm and is located near the Historical Art Deco District. With new construction as competition, Roger Hazard's plan is to preserve the charm, but appeal to a buyer with more modern tastes by using accessories and color.
  • 5/17/08
    Joel and Dana have just gotten married and need a larger house so they can start their family. They don't understand why no one is interested in buying their condo until the hidden camera reveals buyers aren't attracted to their hot tub, the cluttered patio, or the dorm-room style of the master bedroom.moreless
  • 5/10/08
    Gigi's house in Orange County is so crammed with furniture that the only thing potential buyers can see is how cramped and crowded it is. The second floor is outdated and looks different than the downstairs. Roger's plan is to bring the two floors together with paint and different furniture arrangement.moreless
  • Long Beach, CA - Michael & Rick
    Michael and Rick are trying to sell their three-bedroom condo that has high ceilings and a huge patio, but no one is interested in the southwest décor or the ugly wall paper.
  • Palm Springs, CA - Maria & Joe
    Maria and Joe want to sell their house that is located on a private golf course community, but no one is interested in the subdued white and beige colors.
  • 4/19/08
    Roger Hazard comes to the aid of Tim and Andy, who had been using their home in Palm Springs as a B&B for several years. They had decided to sell the house, but it needed new paint and removal of the antiques and clutter.
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL - Nicole
    Nicole and her husband need to find a larger house after starting their new family that is close to better schools. Roger's idea is to create an orange Florida room to take the house from average to outstanding.
  • 3/15/08
    Kevin would like to sell his home in Fort Lauderdale, but he had decorated it to his own tastes with stuffed birds, frogs and small animals everywhere. Roger must convince him the clutter must be removed if the house is to be sold.
  • Philadelphia, PA - Dmitry
    Roger and Tanya help Dmitry turn his cold and uninviting condo, including the huge mirror in the living room, into a home that is different from every other house on the block so it will appeal to homebuyers.
  • 2/23/08
    Shelia lives in what was once the swankiest neighborhood in Philadelphia, but a lack of time and money have caused her house to fall into disrepair. Roger Hazard wants investors to see the amazing architecture, but the clutter and dirt as well as the cat urine are turning buyers away.
  • 2/16/08
    Christy and Drew have been trying to sell their house for quite while and have already bought their next house. Roger Hazard determines the colors of the rooms are turning buyers away as well as the appearance of their kitchen, which is decorated like their favorite restaurant.
  • 2/9/08
    David and Shannon's home lacks culture, style or sophistication, although David is an opera singer. The house is very small and the mother-in-law suite is very outdated. Roger's plan is to make the living room look larger with better furniture placement and orange paint on the walls.
  • 2/2/08
    Roger and Tanya give a house in Atlanta, George, a more contemporary appearance so it will attract buyers.
  • 1/5/08
    Roger Hazard and Tanya Memme take on the challenge of preparing a sparsely furnished home for sale in Marietta, Georgia, in which the walls are painted black.
  • San Diego, CA - Michelle & Kenny Wynn
    Michelle and Kenny are trying to sell their house in San Diego that has plastic on the furniture and burn marks on the ceiling. Roger's plans include rearranging the entire house, swapping furniture in every room, and highlighting the house's best features.

  • 12/15/07
    Roger and Tanya help Phil Edwards change his beach house in San Diego from boring to hip and stylish so the million-dollar price tag won't turn away potential homebuyers.
  • 12/1/07
    Roger uses calm paint colors to tone down the stylized look of a home in Pasadena, California, as well as storing an art collection to make the house more appealing to potential homebuyers.
  • Altadena, CA - Frances & Gordon Stong
    Potential homebuyers do not find the retro look of Frances and Gordon Stong's home in Altadena, California, appealing. Roger tears down the patio monkey cage and rearranges the furniture to bring the house into the 21st century.
  • Bridgeport, CT - Elaine Lezniak
    Elaine Lezniak's multi-family colonial style house in a historic neighborhood has plenty of New England charm, but some of the unusual design elements are turning away buyers. Roger Hazard restores the house to its original look and gives it a coordinated design theme.
  • Roger Hazard and Tanya Memme help Norina and Anthony Santana depersonalize and add style to their Connecticut home so they will be able to sell it.
  • 10/20/07
    The plum and cranberry colors in Dusty and Joannie's house have made selling their houe difficult if not impossible. Roger addresses the unusual paint situation in the bedroom and living room, and makes the patio more appealing to potential homebuyers.
  • 10/13/07
    Mike Byron wants to sell his condo in Sacramento, but the tropical colors that remind him of Bali are turning away potential buyers.
  • Linwood, WA - Tom & Dedra
    After seeing their own attempts at staging their home for sale, Tom and Dedra learn they have turned their house in Linwood, Washington, from warm and cozy to cold and uninviting. Roger's solution might be considered the weirdest feature ever used.
  • 9/29/07
    Bryan and Tiffany Stites have had their house located in a Seattle suburb on the market for months without receiving any offers. By using stylizing rather than staging, Roger is able to turn a very dull house into a hip and trendy bungalow that will attract buyers in one of the biggest transformations ever.moreless
  • 9/15/07
    Although it's the biggest house on the block, Dennis and Gina haven't been able to sell their house in Burbank, California. Roger sees too much shabby and not enough chic, so he creates a plan that utilizes the furniture the couple already owns.
  • 9/8/07
    Roger and Tanya have their work cut out for them as they convert bachelor Matt Ross' dirty and outdated home in Burbank, California, by redefining nearly every room in the house. Roger selects bright orange paint for the kitchen walls.
  • Las Vegas, NV - Barrow Family
    The Barrow family is trying to sell their huge house just minutes from the Las Vegas strip, but the house is described as average. Roger and Tanya make over the fireplace, create a spa in the master bath, and turn the patio into a desert oasis.
  • Las Vegas, NV
    Episode 2
    Roger and Tanya stage a very messy townhouse in an unbelievably boring development that is very difficult to sell, especially with all the other for-sale signs in the same development.
  • Hayward, CA - Angel
    Roger and Tanya accept the challenge of updating a huge five-bedroom house in a new development with a huge backyard near Oakland, California. First they remove the pool table from the living room and add a couch and chairs. Then they tone down the bright orange walls and neutralize the leopard decor in Angel's mother's room.moreless