Sell This House - Season 6

Saturday 10:00 AM on A&E Premiered Jul 06, 2003 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Santa Monica, CA - Tanya Memme
    Tanya Memme is getting married, but is having trouble selling her house in Santa Monica. Roger Hazard knows just what to do. This special episode features Tanya's family and friends as well as her fiancé.
  • Culver City, CA - Jerry & Deena March
    The March family has outgrown their small bungalow in Culver City, California, and they want to buy a larger house. It's Roger's task to remove the clutter, which makes the house seem even smaller, and add two new colors so potential buyers will see the home's charm rather than the size.moreless
  • Lawson, MO - Robby Stark
    Deer heads and grape-colored wallpaper are turning potential buyers away, so it's Roger to the rescue to restage this country-chic house so Robby Stark's house can be sold.
  • 11/22/08
    Heather O'Brien and her two sons purchased a new home so they could fix it up, but her old house is in such bad shape she can't list photographs of the house online. Roger Hazard's design plan deals with splotchy walls, giant sectional sofa, and the old navy blue counter tops.moreless
  • 11/15/08
    John Lennon impersonator, Gary Lanz, has been trying to sell his small house for months. Roger Hazard has a plan to update the kitchen, which resembles a middle school cafeteria, and show potential buyers the functionality of a small house to first-time purchasers.
  • 10/25/08
    After 15 years of running a bed & breakfast that had been an historic church in Vashon Island, Washington, Marnie Jones has decided to sell her home. Potential home buyers think her house still looks too much like a church, so Roger's challenge is to change their minds.
  • 10/18/08
    Jean & Rocky's house is filled with baskets and they believe the decor adds charm. However, potential buyers think it's bizarre. Roger Hazard adds modern sophistication to Jean's country taste and brings wood paneling back into style.
  • Port Washington, NY - Brian & Diane
    The house Brian and Diane are trying to sell is too colorful for potential buyers, so Roger tones down the outlandish paint scheme and removes the wallpaper from the ceiling.
  • 10/4/08
    Roger helps newlyweds Brenda and Jeremy bring their boring house, that is stuck in the eighties, to the present day.
  • 9/20/08
    Ric and Gayle want to move to Kentucky, but no one is interested in buying their house in Boulder, Colorado. Roger Hazard assesses their situation, and removes excess furniture from the living room and updates the rainbow-colored walls with a more neutral paint scheme that will appeal to potential buyers.
  • 9/13/08
    After becoming engaged, Mike and Danielle decided to begin their new life together in a larger home. Roger discovers their current house is called "man cave" with good reason - it resembles a bar rather than a place where a family might live. His plans include neutralizing the entire house with warm beige paint and relocating Mike's pool table that currently resides in the middle of living room.moreless
  • Manchester, NH – Dongus Family
    Roger Hazard has his work cut out for him as he neutralizes a house that has been overly decorated by a family of Greek ancestry. He tones down gold accents, removes large furniture, relocates a giant chandelier, and repaints three rooms.
  • 8/23/08
    Roger restages Leslie and Patrick Otto's loft in a converted shoe factory so it can be sold. The loft is the smallest of three that are for sale, so Roger removes furniture and artwork so it will appear to be larger. He also improvises a formal dining table with a large piece of plywood, and fabricates window treatments, a table cloth and a bed skirt from rolls of burlap.moreless
  • 8/16/08
    Roger uses clever staging and paint to make JoEllen's small beach house appear larger so she can sell it and buy her dream bungalow in Ocean Park, Maine.
  • 8/9/08
    Roger Hazard helps Bill Tormey neutralize the colors in his house, which is a tribute to his military career, and remodel the spare bathroom so buyers can see the potential in his split-level home.
  • 8/2/08
    Roger Hazard and the Pine Bluffs High School Agriculture Club help Jon and Ashley turn their house on a horse ranch, complete with rodeo memorabilia, into a chic home that is more appealing to potential buyers.