Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee

Weekdays 5:30 PM on Food Network Premiered Sep 01, 2003 Between Seasons


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  • Why is this show still on?

    This woman is phony, annoying, and her recipes are awful. Every time she says, "I want you she sounds like she's talking to an audience of five-year-olds. Sandra, I want you to go away, and Food Network, I want you to put a show worth watching in this time slot, please!

    Sandra seems so nice but not very entertaining. Not everything tastes "amazing".
  • terrible cooking show...

    I love to watch the food network, but this show is terrible. This is one of the worst cooking shows I've ever seen, and I'm sorry if I offend anyone by saying that. Sandra Lee makes recipes that are "semi-homemade", whoopie! I mean, seriously, it's an ok idea, but she delivers it so terribly. She seems over rehersed and fake. She's boreing and has a voice that puts me to sleep. She makes semi-homemade recipies which almost anyone can do. She buys store made products and adds some fresh food to it. How amazing! I can even do that! Seriously, boreing show, terrible host, and I will never waste my time again watching it...ever!
  • I can't stand to watch this woman!

    I'm hoping this doesn't offend anyone that actually likes Sandra Lee, but I cannot stand to watch this show! There is something really fake about the way she acts. When she's talking to the camera it seems like she doesn't really want to be where she is, like she has something better to do. Her facial expressions and hand movements only add to this. Her "table-scapes" are ridiculous. Who would actually dress up their table? The most recent show I watched had a black and white clock theme and the table was covered in stuff with almost no room for anything food related. As for the food she cooks, it looks good. I'd actually cook some of it and serve it to family and friends.