Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee - Season 7

Weekdays 5:30 PM on Food Network Premiered Sep 01, 2003 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Spring Picnic
    Spring Picnic
    Episode 13
    Sandra's preparing a breathtaking picnic in the park for her May Pole celebration.
  • Money Saving Menu
    Money Saving Menu
    Episode 12
    Sandra is looking out for your purse strings, and she creates a menu that’s inexpensive and super delicious. A few pre-packaged ingredients here and there can really cut down your grocery bill. The menu starts off with a bang — Beer Beef Fajitas — that brings cocktail time a little earlier. She creates her side dish, Smoky Spanish Rice, without overspending. Next se creates a simple and scrumptious dessert — Apple Raisin Betty, plus a Tropical Granita that’s sweet, icy, and so much fun to make. Then it’s cocktail time with a special Pineapple Fresca.moreless
  • Casino Night
    Casino Night
    Episode 11
    Sandra’s Casino Night pizza menu is no gamble!
  • Comfort Food Zone
    Comfort Food Zone
    Episode 10
    Curl up in front of the fireplace for this hearty meal with your family.
  • Ocean Breeze
    Ocean Breeze
    Episode 9
    Everything today is light and luscious.
  • Indoor Lake Side
    Indoor Lake Side
    Episode 8
    Sandra loves the sights and the smells of lakeside cooking, but doesn't like the hassle. So she takes her favorite waterside ingredients to create a chic and lively menu.
  • Holiday Cocktail Party
    The holiday season is the best time of the year. It’s where tradition meets modern, especially with Semi-Homemade. Sandra shows you how to create fabulous semi-homemade appetizers and cocktails right in your own kitchen.
  • Fall Feast
    Fall Feast
    Episode 5
    Sandra made a huge dinner last night for Thanksgiving, and she's stuck with a ton of leftovers. So she came up with a clever semi-homemade way to use them! This way there's no wasting food, and it's super cheap.
  • Fast/Slow Cooking
    Fast/Slow Cooking
    Episode 4
    Sandra loves her slow cooker and the way it makes meals tender and juicy. But she also loves quick and simple recipes. So today the menu is a mixture of both fast and slow cooked food.
  • Fountain Fantasy
    Fountain Fantasy
    Episode 3
    Today is a blast from the past! Sandra's menu is a tribute to the soda fountain shops of yesterday, and she's putting a modern, semi-homemade spin on all her recipes. Even though the kids don't remember the days of soda jerks, they won't be able to say no to good old burgers and fries!moreless
  • Creative Cakes
    Creative Cakes
    Episode 2
    Sandra is baking cakes today, colorful, whimsical and tie-dyed cakes. She takes the classic cake mix and adds a few tricks of her own to make them creative and delicious.
  • Sweet and Spooky Halloween
    Halloween is Sandra’s favorite time of the year! This year Sandra is getting decked out as four different divas: Cher, Madonna, Barbra Streisand and Liza Minnelli.