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Eight people in eight cities around the world are united by a single catastrophic event, linking them psychically. They come in contact with one another as though they are in the same place, and find that they share each other's emotions, language and other skills.

Evil people who are aware of their gifts begin to track them down, and they are in terrible danger. A man who understands them contacts each of them and helps them develop their gifts and stay ahead of those that hunt them.

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AIRED ON 6/5/2015

Season 1 : Episode 12

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  • Change the world

    I have never seen a series that had this kind of effect on the mass conscious watching it. You can love it or hate it but you can not deny something is happening. The acting is superb, cinematography is beautiful, the cultures you are becoming apart of is educational and enlightening. The writing and story lines are amazing.

    The biggest thing I get out of this series is the feeling of community, it takes down walls of ignorance and opens the mind and heart to the things that connect us, I may sound a little new age but the point is this there is no show like it and it needs to be continued because it is changing the world.moreless
  • And I say hey.... hey....

    Like some of the Sense8 English isn't my native tongue but you will read English (so excuse my grammar and spelling)

    I've binge-watched the series and by the end of episode four I knew I was hooked.

    The cinematography is splendid, the protagonists' background is superbly developed and they all play their roles beautifully, I just love them all.

    The scene when the cluster sings "What's up from 4 non blondes" was so great and how about the one when they all see their births, it was amazing.

    The conversation between Nomi and Lito was so emotional that I almost cried.

    I am hoping that Amanita is Capheus' sister. :)

    Maybe Ripley's "power"; is to give birth to a cluster like Angelica.

    I, though, can understand that some people may not like this type of show, and some may have been disappointed, hoping for more actions judging from the trailer. As always it takes all sorts to make a world and thank God for that otherwise it would be a very boring one.

    Nevertheless I'd like to go back to some of the negative points I read here and there, from people that did not like the show (mostly from "haters"):

    - "There's too much gay sex scenes and it's all about gay propaganda": The world is made of straights, gays, transgender, bisexuals, Caucasians, people of color, Protestants, Hindus, Christians etc. This is what makes our diversity and the human world. It is about time that all these differences were shown on the small screen, I do not see why a Sci-fi series, I personally would not classify it in that genre, couldn't have gay main characters. Furthermore, the gay characters represent only 25% of the protagonists and that is still too much? If we are talking about parity, I think we are not there yet, right?

    Sense8 is just a mix of everything, and it handles all the issues in a very beautiful way.

    I don't recall gays complaining about too much straight sex in TV shows, so I think it's about time you start being more open minded and the world can only benefits from it and be a greater place.

    As for the sex scenes, let's settle this once and for all. I have listed all the sex scenes whether they were gay, straight, bi (even the soft or suggested ones) in the first season:

    Episode 1:

    - Amanita & Nomi having sex and talking naked after: 1m30s

    - Lito masturbating against the wall: 5s

    Episode 2:

    - Wolfgang and girl having sex and talking naked after: 1m04s

    - Lito & Hernando kissing, talking and cuddling in their underwear: 1m53s

    Episode 4:

    - Riley's friends having sex: 29s (I have included the moaning even though we see Kala or Riley on the screen)

    Episode 6:

    - The orgy scene: 4m28s (I have cut out the scenes where we see Will and his friend talking and exercising)

    Episode 9:

    - Lito and Hernando kissing and a suggested BJ: 43s (I've keep the scene when Lito talks between the shoots)

    Episode 10:

    - Amanita & Nomi having sex: 48s

    So for a 660 minute season there is 11m of sex scenes, which turns out to be a huge 1.67% of the show. You're right that is way too much, it's a pornographic show LOL.

    - "There's too much nudity": Really? How old are you? I mean come on, we see a few pairs of breasts here and there, a few buttocks and one penis, but I can see how someone could mistake that for a porn LOL. You have to stop being so puritan. I myself live in Europe and true, nudity isn't as taboo as it can be in North America, but come on it's about time that you get with the program and realize that nudity isn't the devil's work. :P

    -"They're all young and beautiful no diversity": Firstly it is said in the series that they all took their first breath together so they have to be the same age. Secondly beauty is in the eye of the beholder and personally I do not find all the protagonists good looking, but like I said it's my personal opinion.

    Lastly I don't know what kind of shows you guys are watching but expect maybe on Netflix and HBO almost every main characters in shows are good looking and quite often regular looking ones are only secondary or recurrent characters. And why is that? It's only a marketing strategy!!

    -"The birth scene is too graphic": Again, how old are you? How can giving life be too graphic, it's how it is done and I'd rather see that and seeing a woman giving birth to a clean baby like we see in most shows. Grow up, giving birth might be the most beautiful thing in the world.

    -"They all talk in English": I am sorry to say that, even if I would have loved to hear them talking in their native languages when not with someone from the cluster, it's only a marketing strategy, again. Not many people in North America are used to subs movies so imagine trying to sell a series that half of it if not more would be subbed.

    I will conclude with this

    And so I wake in the morning and I step outside

    And I take deep breath and I get real high

    And I scream from the top of my lungs,

    WHAT'S GOIN' ON!!moreless
  • Excellent serie, but sometimes whining too much

    Surprising tv show. Lots of pleasure watching it. A bit of sex, a bit of violence, good stories and good actors. The only wrong side of it is that there is too much whining. Sometimes it feels like a whole episode is just whining ...
  • what is this how about?

    Ok I'm only 2 episodes in but does this story go anywhere other than people having sex? I'm all for gay pride and all that but it seems like that's all this show is about. I thought this was supposed to be scifi? I dont mind the slow burn story (ala breaking bad, best show ever!) but for pete's sake get to the point. yawwwwwwn!

    Episode 3 the cop walks into the prison and speaks korean and the guard replies in korean and says he's a balck belt in aikido and his sensei had a foul mouth? Aikido and sensei are japanese! For fuck sake get these simple things right! This isnt the 80's where you can get away with this kinda bullshit where all asians are the same! Are all white people the same? Fucking moron watchowshi's (i cant be bothered to spell their name right, why should I) ! 3 episodes in and the show still hasnt got to the point.

    If the show finally picks up and does something I may revise the scoremoreless
  • Amazing series on Netflix

    Another amazing Netflix series. Well directed, written, gorgeously shot, edited and acted. It will stretch your boundaries and push your thinking.

    "Sense8" introduces us to the bigger picture.
  • SEASON2?

    Sense8: Will the Wachowskis' Brain-Buster Get a Second Season?

    The producers weigh in on the potential future of the Netflix drama.


    Sense8: Who Would YOU Want to Share a Self With?

    Can we say Mario Lopez seven times?

    • Season 2
      I hope there will be a season 2, i am sucked into this show now, i want to know what happens next and what will our sense8's do????

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