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Netflix (ended 2018)
And so Sense8 ends, with more happy endings than Once Upon a Time.

Anyhoo, there's not much plot to the final 2-1/2 hour Netflix finale movie. Or finale. Or final episode. Or gift to the fans. Or whatever they call it. They basically pick up where they left off. The cluster has Whispers, and the BPO has Wolfgang. The BPO really wants Whispers, so they're willing to exchange Wolfgang for him.

The remaining seven members of the cluster have shacked up in a flat in Paris. And they have Neets, Hernando, and Dani (and eventually Bug) with them. Kala's husband Rajan soon shows up, and when the BPO learns where the sensates are hanging out, they launch a raid on the flat. Will, Sun, and Nomi take them out. Then the group relocates to another place that looks a lot like the first one. Then they come up with a plan to make the exchange with the BPO.

At the same time, the BPO is going after other sensates. Including Mr. Hoy (Sylvester McCoy).

The cluster gets Wolfgang back, but Lili and her band of sensates manage to grab Whispers, kill the BPO Secretary who has been supervising the operation, and head out. I think they plan to trade Whispers back to the BPO in return for the BPO guaranteeing them that they'll have Naples for themselves.

The cluster has met with the Mother, who apparently "birthed" Whispers. She tells them that Whispers is in Naples, and they go there. Despite the fact that earlier they refused to kill Whispers, when they track him and Lili, Wolfgang (via Will) shoots the helicopter carrying them with a rocket launcher and blows them out of the sky.

Jonas reveals that he has been playing a long game with the BPO and pretending to be on their side. All so that he could get to Whispers' sensate zombie-drones and blow up the facility. Which was all part of Angelica's plan since she started working with the BPO decades ago. Jonas also uses a drone to kill the Chairman.

And... that's it for the actual story.

During said tracking, Kala gets shot in the stomach. But she talks Wolfgang through saving her life.

The last half hour is taken up with the marriage of Nomi and Neets atop the Eiffel Tower. Pretty much everyone who has been affiliated with any of the eight main characters is invited. That includes... Capheus' partner Jela, his family, his business partner Silas. Nomi's family, including her disapproving mother. The Green and Purple Fairies from San Francisco. Gunnar and Sven. Hoy. Diego. Rajan, who has been along with Kala most of the time. Felix. Detective Mun. The BPO is apparently under new management, and they provide a fireworks show for the wedding.

At the end, all of the sensates get together in the honeymoon suite for a shared orgy. Because Sense8, am I right? The last lingering shot is of Nomi and Neets' rainbow-colored strap on dildo. The end.

If you're looking for deep insight into Lito, Capheus, or Whispers, don't look here. We never find out anything much about their individual plots. Terrence Mann as Whispers just smirks and taunts a lot. There are a few interesting bits that are never really explored. At one point he tells Neets that sensates view humans as pets. But then before that, he talks about how he's looking forward to getting together with his (presumably) human wife and daughter. So he views humans as pets but he doesn't? He's just taunting Neets? I hate it when characters spout contradictory bullshit and other characters don't call them on it.

It's primarily the Nomi, Neets, and Bug show. Nomi and Neets do a lot of magical computer hacking, Michael Somers as Bug is still one of the best things that came out of the show, and he manages to upstage everyone every time that he's onscreen. Dani and Hernando get a few minutes, and even Felix as Wolfgang's buddy gets a moment to shine. The finale is as much about the human "sidekicks" as the sensates themselves.

As for the other cluster sensates, we find out a bit about Wolfgang's childhood and his abusive father. But nothing comes of it. The other main plot is Kala deciding whether she wants Rajan or Wolfgang, and ends up with both. Fortunately, both men are comfortable with being in a threesome.

Will and Riley get their happy ending, Sun ends up with Detective Mun and gets her happy ending. Like I said, who knows what happens with Lito's revived acting career or Capheus political efforts. As for Riley, she still doesn't have much to do other than to connect Hoy to the cluster and provide a contact: a French club owner, Georges, who doesn't do much either.

Overall, "Amor Vincit Omnia" provides closure to the show. It wraps up most of the loose ends. Seeing it, it's hard to imagine how they could have dragged out whole Whispers/BPO thing. As it is, it seems a little bit rushed but the two hours of final scripting helps ameliorate that in a way that cramming it into a single episode wouldn't have. The plot is still a bit rushed, as the cluster goes from refusing to kill Whispers to blowing him away. And a new sensate organization, the Lacuna (it's a wonderful phrase and a passing craze), get introduced just to provide a convenient lead to Whispers' location.

But most of the characters get closure: primarily Kala and Sun. Max Riemelt is still the studliest stud on the planet. Everyone else gets little moments, even if it's wigging out (Lito) or dancing while spray-painting a van (Capheus). I've always liked Bug and Dani, so watching Michael Sommers and Erendira Ibarra ham it up is fun.

Heck, even Dr. Salvo, the guy who treated Rajan after his honeymoon "injury", makes a brief appearance.

There's not really anything else to say about the finale. It's very... finale-ish. If you're a casual viewer, you won't be interested. Like they say at the end, it's for the fans. The finale basically reminds you that Sense8 is a show that shouldn't have been canceled. The cast was fun (and yes, they get another musical number), the concept was interesting, and the story was mostly interesting. Whether they could have sustained it for five years or however long they planned, who knows?

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?
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Aug 16, 2018
To be honest, I really didn't like much of the second season. Which is why it took me forever to finally watch the finale in the "dry" season.

I couldn't agree more. Most of the Lito \ Capheus was dropped but I suppose you could say they already had their affairs over. Lito made a switch from being a major cheesy action star to some gay romantic idol - something which I personally despised the show doing. He even said he doesn't want his life to change when he comes out of the closet, couldn't they have kept him a cheesy action star that's just out of the closet in real life?

The point is, his story is pretty much over anyway. Capheus the same. So is Sun for that matter, the only thing that's changed is shoving her love interest - a detective that flies half across the world to track her down even though he only met her for 5 minutes on screen?

Riley was pretty much always useless and didn't even have a story. Season 1 she was a damsel in distress and season 2 she was Will's nursemaid. So nothing to wrap up.

Yeah, things are rushed. But what can you do, they got a last minute 2 hour finale.

I agree about the Whispers killing \ not killing thing. It's not just a flipping of things that bothered me as much as the - wholly whatever, they just freaking assassinated Whispers and Lila and they are all cheerful about it? Heck, Rajan even jumping up and down with joy that his wife is a killer? Say WHAT?!?

Then there's the whole Lakuna which we know nothing about (they weren't even at the wedding?) and suddenly poof... BPO is under new management. By the way, why are their people constantly walking around in Hazmat suits? I get the "let's hide the face of the minions" stormtrooper style, but seriously, they aren't exactly dealing with deadly chemicals and don't need to walk the streets in those things. Nevermind, forget I asked.

I did love how they worked out Kala's story. Her story was always about past vs modern. Even in the background there was always things like the modern Indian and the religious historical Indian society clashes in her story.

Essentially that was her confusion. To be with a man who represents the perfect husband she was taught to look for - loving, romantic, rich, honorable - or the modern roughly studly bad boy.

I loved that it was Bug that flat out told her - normally you can't have both. But you're not normal girl... Enjoy it.

I thought it was a very good send off after all.

Which leaves us with the 2 biggest stories that went nowhere - Wolfgang and Will.

So did Wolfgang stay a crime lord? I still find it baffling this never rose up. Not even some nod that he's going to go straight or something.

And Will? What's going to happen to him? Back to be a cop or what?
Seems like they really could have addressed those two issues at the very least to really cover things up.

Heck, they could have added a line that both are now head of security for BPO or something, to ensure it stays a good place.

Still, it was a decent send off I suppose. A bit rushed, but honestly, the second season went nuts enough that it's good they stopped when they did.
Aug 17, 2018
Pretty much all of their personal stories are over. It's not like Will and Blue had much. Wolfgang took out his uncle or whoever.

I suspect that it was intentional: we got the personal stories to introduce the characters, and then they moved on to the big Sensate and BPC conspiracy stuff.
Aug 18, 2018
I actually think it's the other way around. They were going to drag the personal stories longer - For example, Lito never actually told Dany or his boyfriend about the whole sense8 thing, yet they jumped straight to it in the finale that they know.

No way to know, of course. But I assume if they had another 10-12 episode season, they would probably do a couple of episodes of the interrogation of whispers and jonas, another couple of episodes about the Lakuna \ Whispers zombie plans or whatever and the final ones about Whispers assassination.

And to slow things down in between, they'd go more into the personal stories of each character. Like we'd see some actual plannings into Nomi's wedding and such.

But I'm just guessing of course.

Still think they could have thrown one(!) line about Will\Wolfgang since we have no idea what their future holds. Heck, even Once Upon a Time threw a single line about Lily's father...
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