Sense8 - Season 2

Netflix (ended 2018)




Episode Guide

  • Amor Vincit Omnia
    Episode 12

    The Sensates take the fight to the BPO to trade Whispers for Wolfgang, and eliminate the threat to their existence and that of their kind.

  • You Want a War?
    Episode 11

    The cluster helps Sun go after her brother at the gala. Afterward, Rajan tells Kala what he's been doing, Amanita and Nomi propose to each other, and Whispers captures one of the sensates.

  • Lito tries out for the role of a lifetime, and Sun prepares to take a life. Meanwhile, Will mourns the end of his father's life, and Capheus begins his new political life.

  • 5/5/17

    Special Agent Bendix breaks into Teagan's wedding to arrest Nomi. Meanwhile, Capheus discovers that Silas has assigned a guard to him, and Dani finds the ideal role for Lito in a new movie.

  • Lila pits Wolfgang against Sebastian, while Capheus receives a warning from an old friend and Kala realizes that Rajan is holding something back from her.

  • Riley travels to Chicago on the Old Man's instructions. Meanwhile, Lito confronts Joaquin again, Kala confronts Rajan, and Sun confronts her pursuer.

  • 5/5/17

    While Riley learns more about the origins of BPO, Nomi and Amanita pursue the research that Angelica and Whispers worked on. Meanwhile, Will learns that something bad is coming, and Lito makes a confession.

  • 5/5/17

    The cluster decides to stop hiding from Whispers, who meets with Will and claims that his actions are justified. Meanwhile, Lito considers his spiraling career, Kala discovers something wrong at her husband's company, and Capheus learns something about Zakia.

  • Polyphony
    Episode 4

    Lito investigates Raoul's disappearance, while Kala, Nomi, and Capheus share the common experience of mob vijolence.

  • 5/5/17

    A faction within the BPO removes Whispers and contacts Will. Meanwhile, Sun escapes from prison after an attempt on her life, and Wolfgang meets a member of another cluster.

  • Who Am I?
    Episode 2

    While Will and Whispers try to work out each others' locations, the rest of the cluster go about their lives. Nomi and Amanita vestigate the origins of Homo sensorium, and the press confront Lito about the revelation of his sexuality.

  • Happy F. New Year
    Episode 1

    In the aftermath of Whisper's linking with Will, the cluster returns to their lives except for Riley. She goes into hiding with Will, keeping him strung out on heroin to make sure the BPO doesn't connect with him.