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Sensing Murder

Tuesday 8:30 PM on TVNZ Premiered Jan 10, 2006 In Season


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Sensing Murder

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Sensing Murder is a unique concept in which highly gifted psychics join forces with a team of private investigators to hunt for new leads in the countries most chilling unsolved murder cases - with startling results. Each case puts two psychics to the test to see what they can uncover with a team of private investigators analysing their findings. The program recreates the victims’ last known living moments in a dramatic and stylised production. The reconstruction is based on forensic information, extensive research with case experts and family, along with interviews from police who were involved in the investigation. With no prior knowledge about the crime, the psychics reveal astounding new information about the victim, case and perpetrator – groundbreaking information that has the potential to break these cases wide open. Presented by acclaimed Australian actress Rebecca Gibney, Sensing Murder is a 90 minute true crime documentary drama television series. The format rights have already been licensed to Broadcasters in Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Denmark, Sweden and Norway and optioned to producers in Europe, South Africa, Canada and South America.moreless

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AIRED ON 10/23/2007

Season 2 : Episode 7

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  • Good, not great

    I find the most interesting part of this show is learning about the cold cases.

    I honestly don't believe these women have been told nothing about the cases. Their "instincts" or whatever are too accurate. Almost everything they say is in the police reports. Then they add their "visions" which I see as their opinions based on the crime scene information. Out of all the cases they showed, every single one of them remains unsolved. Not a great track record.

    It's a very interesting and entertaining show but I don't believe the women are what they claim to be.

    To the people who want to know the outcomes, google the victims' names. These two so-called psychics didn't warm up any of these cold cases.moreless
  • i have been watching the show now for over about a year now and think it is brill .i would love too know if any of the poeple that do the show plan too do a tour az i live in the uk and would love too meet anyone off them az i have lost a loved one too xxmoreless

    i just would like 2 say i have been watching the show 4 over a year now and really enjoy it. but it would be nice 2 know the outcome off the cases there do and it az me thinking az any1 been caught because sometimes there say poeples names and what there look like .could u let me know if here are thinking off doing a show were there are updates about the cases there have done like the outcome of some off the shows .az i would like too know if poeple who have loset loved ones seen justice xxmoreless
  • These two women use there special sense that not everyone has to determine facts that the police or anyone is aware of. They share these facts with each other and the authorities with hope of inspiring a new lead or solving the cold case.moreless

    This is one of the worst. I can't believe they allow people to play with innocent lives of surviving victims. I do not see how this program is in the slightest entertaining. How about these two women stick to a real job instead of making those people hurt anymore then they already have. Hope is one thing but instigating false hope should be a crime. Please take show off the air. It wasn't worth being there in the first places. I do have hope myself that those cold cases be solved. Technology will solve or is the hope for these cases. Not two womens visions.moreless
  • A amazing show that will make you a believer.

    Any fans of the show Ghost Whisperer will love Sensing Murder. Unlike Jennifer Love Hewitt's show, Sensing Murder is based on real unsolved New Zealand and Australian murder cases, being solved with the help of psychics. Unfortunately this page is not in a good condition, so I've made some submissions, but they may take a while to be approved. The psychis are given a photo of the victim and are told no other information. They are under constant supervision so they cannot research the case. It is up to them to explain who the victims are what happened to them, each ending with chilling results. I think this show was brilliant, and I cannot wait until it returns, but I was very disappointed that at the end of each episode, they state that the police do not go by the information from psychics as they are not always reliable. If the police actually watched this and realised how much they were able to uncover, they would be amazed too.moreless