Serial Experiments Lain

techtv (ended 2003)




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Serial Experiments Lain

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Welcome to the Serial Experiments Lain guide. TV Rating: TV-PG Genres: Anime, Psychological Drama, Science Fiction Serial Experiments Lain is not your typical sci-fi/drama anime. This unusual anime builds slowly as Lain, the lead character, goes deeper into the WIRED. More thoughtful then action-oriented, this anime is targeted more towards science fiction and mystery fans then action fans. A good frame of reference is to think of The X-Files crossed with The Matrix. It follows the life of 14-year-old Lain Iwakura, an introverted school girl who generally keeps to herself. She has few friends, a distracted father, a distant mother and a typically self-absorbed teenage older sister. Although most of the people around her are computer savvy and connected to the WIRED, Lain herself has never shown any interest in her own Navi. However, that all changes when Lain receives an email from a dead classmate. She is quickly drawn into the a dark and mysterious world of the WIRED. As she goes deeper into this world, the line between reality and the WIRED blurs; until, finally, a question is asked: "Who Is Lain?"

Characters: Lain: Although introverted and quiet at first, as she gains confidence in the WIRED she becomes more outgoing and self-assured. However, there is a dark secret about herself that she does not know about. It is this secret that could threaten the fabric of reality. Yasuo Iwakura: Lain's Dad. Although apparently distracted and obsessed with his computers, he does love Lain. As Lain goes deeper into the WIRED, his concerns grow. Miho Iwakura: Lain's Mom. She seems distant towards her children but shows affection for Yasuo when they are alone. Mika Iwakura: Lain's older sister. Although self-absorbed, she nevertheless becomes concerned for Lain as her younger sister goes deeper into the WIRED. Alice: Lain's true friend. Alice is the only one who tries to keep Lain grounded in reality. She is also the one that always sticks up for Lain and tries to keep her included in the group. As they grow closer together their friendship is what helps Lain to hold on to her sanity. Julie: A part of the group of Lain's school friends, she nevertheless is unsure about Lain. She often makes thoughtless remarks about Lain that Alice needs to correct. She is also one of the other school children to receive an email from Chisa, although she was too frightened to answer it. Reika: Also a part of Lain's group of school friends, she usually stays neutral. She is interested in rumors and gossip on the WIRED and likes to ask Lain if she had heard of anything new. Chisa Yomoda: The girl who commits suicide in the beginning of the series. She is very much like Lain, shy and quiet. Although they attended the same school, Chisa and Lain never met in life. However, it is the email that she sends after her death that opens a whole new life for Lain. Taro: Usually hanging out at Cyberia with his two friends, Myu-Myu and Masayuki, Taro considers himself quite the ladies man, often flirting with Lain. Nevertheless, he is also very knowledgeable about the WIRED, Navis, the Knights and so on. He helps Lain in her investigations Men In Black: Also referred to as the MIB. They are a mysterious, shadowy group of strongmen hired by the Tachibana General Laboratories to observe and protect Lain. Often seen with lasersights, Carl and his fellow MIB are often seen watching Lain from a distance. The Knights: A shadowy organization of hackers. At first, Lain is intrigued by their reputation. Later, she comes to believe that they are responsible for the suicides and deaths. Eiri Masami: An ex-researcher for Tachibana General Laboratories. Fearing that Eiri's research and development of hidden protocols would cause serious problems with the WIRED Tachibana fires him. However this only frees Eiri to pursue his true purpose: to bring down the walls between the WIRED and the real world.

Parental Notes: This series has a TV rating of TV-PG (V). For the DVDs and videos, the distributor (Pioneer) recommends that this series is for audiences 16 and over. Needless to say, this series is meant for mature children, teens and adults. There is some strong language, nudity (although it is done tastefully) and some violence that can be realistic. That being said, the warning is more for the mature themes explored in this series; they will be disturbing to young children, especially those under 7. These themes (the meaning of life, death, suicide, sex, etc.) are targeted for an adult audience, so please use your discretion.


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