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Serial Experiments Lain: Submissions FAQ

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    Hi all.
    Contributions to the Serial Experiments Lain Guide is always appreciated; however, there has been some confusion as to what would be accepted to the guide. Needless to say, a FAQ was sorely needed to keep everything in order. I hope this clears a few issues that have come up in the past and make submissions easier for everyone.

    1. Definition of Spoilers
    2. Submitting Episode Notes
    3. Submitting Episode Allusions
    4. Submitting Episode Trivia
    5. Submitting Episode Quotes
    6. Submitting Episodes and Movies

    1. Definition of Spoilers:
    Spoilers are anything that reveals a plot point in the episode or the show as a whole. In the case of Serial Experiments Lain, many shocking events take place as the series progresses: characters are killed, twists in the plot suddenly appear and revelations about Lain are made.

    In trying to determine if a certain bit of information or quote is a spoiler, ask yourself these questions: When you saw this particular event happen or bit of dialog was spoken, did it surprise you? If you told other fans of the show who haven't seen this episode, would it surprise them? Does this bit of information reveal a major plot point? If the answer to any of these questions is a 'Yes', it is a spoiler.

    Spoilers are not allowed in the Episode Notes, Allusions, Trivia and Quotes areas. However, they are allowed in the Episode Recap -- obviously because they can't be avoided.

    2. Submitting Episode Notes:
    Episode Notes are off-camera info about an episode and are usually events that deal with the show's production. They are not events that happened on-camera. The exception would be notes about the changes in the Opening and Closing Themes.


    Correct: Parental Note:
    This episode features some sexual content that is not suited for children under 13. Parental guidance is advised.
    Incorrect: This is a Cool SHOW!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Submitting Episode Allusions:
    Allusions are references to another TV program, movie, music or a book. In the case with Serial Experiments Lain (and anime in general) allusions to Japanese culture can also be made. When submitting an Allusion, include the source of your reference if possible.


    (From "Love: Layer 10")
    Source: "They say you can trace the origin of the Knights of the Eastern Calculus all the way back to the Knights Templar."

    The Knights Templar, or "Knights of the Temple" are a group that was founded in the early 12th Century. Taking a vow of poverty (in French they were known by the title "Pauvres Chevaliers du Temple" or "Poor Knights of the Temple"), they were a military order, answerable only to the Pope, who protected Christian travellers in their journey to the the Holy Land. They also played a very large role in the Crusades which were the battles for control of the Holy Land between Christians and Muslims.

    4. Submitting Episode Trivia:
    Episode Trivia includes small details, Goofs or any other interesting bits of information relevant to the episode. For this guide, this also includes relevant references to the manga series. Please keep in mind that the information should not reveal any major plot points; information such as naming a character who dies in a particular episode, if one character kills another, what the Philosopher's Stone is made of and other major plot points are all considered spoilers.

    5. Submitting Episode Quotes:
    Episode Quotes is significant, poignant, humorous or interesting dialogue between two characters specific to the episode. They should be no more then four dialogue lines in length; three (3) dialogue lines is the norm. They must be accurate to what was said in the dubbed version of the episode, not the fansubbed versions from the Japanese episodes.

    When formatting the quote, use bold tags <b></b> on the speakers name and place the colon outside of the bold tags.


    (From "Love: Layer 10")

    <b>Dad</b>: I wasn't really given permission to tell you goodbye. But then I had to. Because, you see, I loved you.

    6. Submitting Episodes and Movies:
    Please do not submit episodes to the guide. Serial Experiments Lain ended it's original run in Japan in 1998. There are no plans to continue the series as the storyline is essentially over.

    There are no plans for a movie at this time. However, if you have verifiable proof that a movie is in the works, please PM me first. If and when the movie is shown in the US, it will be added to the guide.
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