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  • Lain, a shy girl gets into computers, literally.

    I like this series but I never understood what was going on. Does Lain exsist or not? It doesn't make any sense. In the beginning for the series Lain was just an ordinary girl who has a sudden interest in computers and stuff, but then somewhere in the end, she doesn't exsist. How did that happen? Are her parents and her older sister virtual too? And speaking for her older sister, somewhere nearing the end of the series, she looked like she had a lobotomy. Creepy right? Despite the plot of the series, I thought the Japanese culture and pop culture was wicked cool, especially the night club scenes.
  • The kind of show that you sit still to watch and keep your eyes focused on the screen at all times because its just so interesting.

    I saw the first episode of Lain and just thought it was amazing, the animation is rather different to any other anime, heck everything about Lain is different to any other anime, this of course doesn't mean is silly or too wierd (even though it is quite strange) it just means its far more interesting than your typical 'main character must get stronger in order to save the world via fight scenes'. The only other anime I can liken it to is Ghost In The Shell, so by rights we are looking at a psychological and distopian science fiction. Lain is well thought out, well imagained and well animated. The plot is great as well and as I said makes a nice change from action orientated shows, this one really gives you something to think about.
    Would I recommend this show? No probably not. 'Why?' I hear you ask, because its just too different, I personally thorougly enjoy the show, but the majority of people I have shown it to dislike it and would sooner watch stuff like Naruto. Bottom line is if you have reached this review then you should like the show (on the basis that someone with similar interests to you recommended it, or you were led here while looking at Noein or something), but this is very strange and abnormal. 'All the better' I hear you say, fantastic.
  • The first episode drew me in without me even noticing it, and after I watched it, I was left dazed...

    The first episode drew me in without me even noticing it, and after I watched it, I was left dazed. The rest of the episodes hold a similiar power but not as great as the initiation to the show. The other episodes left me satisfied but unsatisfied all the same. My mind tried to form a theory but I was left even more confused than the begining, I tried to grasp what the show was saying and by the end I was left waiting for the next episode. The end really hit hard too. The last episode I was left even more dazed than when I first even glimpsed at the show. I truly felt conected with it in a different since, but yet I was left wanting more. I felt there were a lot of questions left to be answered and yet some answers ineed of questions. I truly enjoyed this series even though its animation was a bit old, not like the more modern animation, it was a brilliant creation. I was extremely thankful I was graced with being able to find this series. I also recently introduced the first four episodes to one of my friends, who has no interest in anime. She was also pulled in and left wanting more, we discussed the episodes we watched and she was left just as I was. This anime is a great work of art, and if you grasped the show I know you would agree its a wonderful creation.
  • You don't stop watching this till you've seen the end.

    Lain is a quiet girl who doesn't know much about computers. Till she connects to the wired and gets a mail from a girl. A girl who committed suicide a while ago. While the connection with the wired is getting stronger worlds starting to fade and nothing is what it seemed to be.

    The show has a exceptionally good plot which unfolds in the most unexpected ways. Included is a lot of philosophy, a little science and a reasonable link to the reality.

    The anime itself is kept quiet and slow with a lot of still images so your attention is mostly going to the conversations and other strange sounds. That doesn’t mean the anime isn’t worth watching, it’s beautiful drawn with eye for detail.

    Definitely worth a 9, although I’m not going to shout “bring it back!”. The show has 13 episodes and a satisfying ending. If they made more, it wouldn’t be Lain anymore.
  • An excellent, intelligent, and exceptionally weird anime.

    I will begin this review by telling you this, you don\'t see storylines like this every day. Not only is this anime demented (Like Paranoia Agent) but it is also chock full of philosophy1 Eachepisode throws a message at you if you look deep enough, and even if you ren\'t a philosopher, the large amount of \"WTF.... Did I just see that?\" scenes should still s\\appease you. This Anime is well voiced, beautifully drawn, and extremely well plotted. It is truly a pity that like other great animes that flew under the radar 9like Dual!) this show died with Tech TV. I would recommend this anime only to people who want to think instead of hearing \"KAMEHAMEHA!!!\" every episode in an anime, and while you don\'t have to be a phlosophy major to understand this show, it certainly would help.
  • “Are you as lost as I am?” That’s the first thing that most people say about Serial Experiments Lain – it’s not the type of anime you watch expecting Goku/Dragon Ball Z high jinks or comic relief like Slayers.


    Although I’m at risk of sounding clichéd it’s serious, thought provoking and provides insight about something that we use everyday, most of us and we’re using right now. The internet is a phenomenon, few know its beginnings and fewer still know all there is to know about it.

    Lain delves into the world of the unseen and the concept of life and death as well as non-existence and questions of our origin as humans or as beings (terrestrial or otherwise). I suppose you could sum it up in the words, Who am I? Where did I come from? and Why am I here?”

    It also deals with contemporary issues such as “escape” as is evident in many episodes. There are also episodes centered on the idea that there is another world within our own and sometimes the lines are blurred and the wired is one means of communication. It also deals with the search of Humanity to find a purpose and when “God” appears in the wired he is that “cause” and everything falls apart and falls into place for Lain.

    I think the power of this anime has largely been ignored by most.
  • Lain was one of those shows that, back when Tech TV was on basic cable, I would stay up till 1:30 AM to watch. If it were on today, I'd stay up later.

    The first thing you'll note about the philisophical si-fi is that it's not exactly in a distant future. In fact the words "preasent day, preasent time" might be a hint that it doesn't matter when it takes place - now or later - the message stands. The second thig you'll notice it that there's one hell of-a message implanted in this show.

    Throughout the serries Lain moves through a rollercoster of philisophical whimsy about our culture and technology. Imbendded in each episode is some thought-provoking illumination on how we fuction and live. Lain tackles our constant media worship by suggesting a burred line between fiction and reality created by this engulfment. After watching an episode after seeing all the others, you'll see the message even more clearly as symbolism is used tenfold.

    All-in-all though, I couldn't recomend this to the average TV watcher. It moves at an elliac pace swaying in deep thought and mindful thinking. If you watch this, be ready to turn your brain on, it might work better that way.
  • a truly astonishing anime series

    well wow.
    it has been a while since i watched lain and i'm pretty sure i was confused the first time i watched it but i can still remember how good it was.
    a few years back my friend gave me a loan of his dvd's after a night out. i decided to watch an episode before bed to see what all the fuss was about and sat up all night watching the entire series.
    the anime's direction was superb with a lovely musical score complete with an incredibly captovating story.

    it doesn't take very long to get through the dvd's so anyone with a bit of spare time thet likes anime or computers should sit down and enjoy.
  • Ever wondered what the Internet would look like,if it were a human?Well,you'd find your answer in the form of a Japanese schoolgirl named Lain.She has your normal problems...dead friends sending letters,parents that aren't hers,huge arguments with God...a

    If you're looking for an anime filled with suspense that will keep you watching,wanting to find out more,look no father.This is the show for you.Lain is a wonderful girl,but has a hidden secret....she is actually *the wired* (the Internet) in the form of a schoolgirl.She has tons of fun,talking to dead friends and battling God,and functioning as the Internet.
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