Serial Killers

Season 1 Episode 3

Big Hairy Balls

Aired Friday 9:45 PM Apr 30, 2004 on TVNZ
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Big Hairy Balls
Patrick's midlife crisis causes serious headaches for Heart of Hearts' writers.

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      • Pauline: Well now, then, where were we?
        Alan: Uh, the relative and hirsuteness of Dr Harrington's plums.

      • Pauline: You promised him, didn't you?
        Sally: You know what it's like with actors. You'd gnaw your arm off to get them out of your office!

      • Patrick: (when asked to explain what "big, hairy balls" means for his character) No, he'd be a strong, take no crap doctor, who'd finish his third triple bypass for the day, make love to a beautiful young woman, and still have time to go out with his mates and shoot goats.
        Matt: What's he have against goats?
        Patrick: Nothing.
        Simone: Why does he want to shoot...?
        Patrick: (interrupting) Forget about the goats! He wants to shoot because he's a man!
        Alan: With big, hairy balls.
        Patrick: Yes!
        Alan: As opposed to the shriveled raisins he currently has.
        Patrick: Gonads the of grapefruit. And a sports car!

      • Pauline: Look, we cannot just kill off core cast members whenever we feel like it! (everyone looks incredulous) Well, actually, yes we can, but we cannot kill Davis Harrington just because the actor is having a midlife crisis.
        Alan: We've killed for less.
        Pauline: When?
        Alan: Nurse Johnson.
        Pauline: Oh, but she was a bad, bad actor.
        Elaine: Oh, she was brilliant!
        Simone: She won an award.
        Pauline: Forgot to thank the writers.
        Alan: Bad, bad actor!

      • Pauline: (when Patrick complains that his character is a git) Can you tell me, what exactly do you want for your character?
        Patrick: What Sally promised me when she renewed my contract.
        Pauline: Sally promised you what?
        Patrick: Big, hairy balls.
        Pauline: Were those her exact words?

      • Pauline: We need a medical storyline this week.
        Matt: Why?
        Pauline: Because we haven't had one for a couple of weeks, and I'm scared that people are gonna notice, you know, it being set in a hospital and all.
        Matt: Okay, as long as it ends in kissing and stuff.

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