Serial Killers

Season 1 Episode 5

Product Placement

Aired Friday 9:45 PM May 14, 2004 on TVNZ



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    • Alan: (reading over Pauline's shoulder) Pookie, taking out all the swear words and reading between the streams of vitriol, that looks like a letter of resignation. (Pauline keeps typing) You can't resign.
      Pauline: Yes I can.
      Alan: But if you resign, they win!
      Pauline: Maybe they've already won.
      Alan: But Sally will control the show! Unchecked! She'll fire us all! Employ people that think that 'character development' is something that a plastic surgeon does! That a story is a floor of a building! That a vowel is a small, furry thing...
      Pauline: All right, shut up! I won't resign. But I reserve the right to resign after the meeting.

    • Simone: (preparing to tell Andrew that his character is about to come out of the closet) Wanted to run a story past you, something that will take Gilligan in a whole new direction.
      Andrew: Whoa, talk about synchro-meshing.
      Simone: What?
      Andrew: You know, where people are thinking exactly the same thing.
      Simone: Oh, I bet we weren't.
      Andrew: I bet we were! 'Cause I was thinking it's time we explored a whole new side to his personality.
      Simone: This would certainly do that.
      Andrew: Exactly! So, you agree. It's time he took up scuba diving!

    • Pauline: (referring to their new sponsor, fast food chain Rowlands) This is a joke, right?!
      Sally: No! What made you think that?
      Alan: Um, the total absurdity of the idea.

    • Kirsty: The bomb is ticking.
      Sally: Sorry?
      Kirsty: I delivered the memo.
      Sally: Why didn't you just say you delivered the memo?
      Kirsty: Well, I was just wanting to, you know, give it an edge.
      Sally: Can you not?

    • Pauline: (after Matt gets into a car crash going to see a mystery woman) Tell us the story, Matt.
      Matt: You never listened to my stories before, why should we suddenly start now?!
      Pauline: So not true, and you know it.
      Matt: Yes it is! I'm just the tall, funny guy who sits at the end of the table and opens his mouth and no one ever listens because there's always more important things to worry about!

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