Serial Killers

Season 1 Episode 5

Product Placement

Aired Friday 9:45 PM May 14, 2004 on TVNZ



  • Quotes

    • Simone: (preparing to tell Andrew that his character is about to come out of the closet) Wanted to run a story past you, something that will take Gilligan in a whole new direction.
      Andrew: Whoa, talk about synchro-meshing.
      Simone: What?
      Andrew: You know, where people are thinking exactly the same thing.
      Simone: Oh, I bet we weren't.
      Andrew: I bet we were! 'Cause I was thinking it's time we explored a whole new side to his personality.
      Simone: This would certainly do that.
      Andrew: Exactly! So, you agree. It's time he took up scuba diving!